LIONEL PODCAST: Pillow Talk – Scalia’s Mysterious Death, No Autopsy, No Investigation, No Nothing

The evidence being carted away. The most high profile Supreme Court justice of the past quarter century is found dead, and the cause of death is determined by a Justice of the Peace without seeing the body?! Let me repeat – Without seeing the body! And no autopsy was performed. The deaths of transients found in a dumpster behind a liquor store are investigated more thoroughly than this. And Scalia was arguably one of the most powerful individuals in the nation, the conservative SCOTUS polestar. Hello! Nothing to see here, kids. Nino Scalia died from a heart attack or natural causes. With a pillow over his face, later changed to head and then later to near his head.

Does anyone seem to care? Is this a message? It would be if I were writing a murder mystery. Think Grisham. Where are the media? No autopsy, no murder investigation. Being taken to be embalmed, buried and forgotten. This case stinks to high heaven. And look who are now claiming conspiracy. Fascinating. Listen.

Questions. Paul Joseph Watson provides the following inquiry that I find worthy of note and mention.

  • Why did law enforcement personnel tell Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara that there was no evidence of foul play when Scalia was found alone in his room with a pillow over his head?
  • Was the immediate clampdown on any suggestion of foul play an attempt to prevent an autopsy from taking place?
  • Why did Guevara initially tell the media Scalia had died of a heart attack before hastily changing her mind and saying he died of natural causes?
  • Why did Guevara pronounce that Scalia had died of natural causes without having actually seen the body?
  • Why is no autopsy taking place despite Guevara’s confusion as to how Scalia died – a decision disputed by other officials?
  • Why was it necessary for no less than 20 police officers to escort Scalia’s dead body to the Sunset Funeral Home in El Paso?
  • Why was Scalia’s body quickly embalmed, a process that would destroy toxicology evidence?

My Scalia eulogium. For your perusal and review.

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