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LIONEL PODCAST: The Destruction of Critical Thinking in the Name of Gawd

It’s the quiddity of human nature. To think and to dissect and to parse that which is apparent and real and not which is gift-wrapped and force-fed via mythology and folklore. While the world burns, while terrorism infects humanity, while hate and dissension and distance rule the day you can always post some syrupy and saccharine pic about peace and sunsets and bunnies and feel like you’ve done something. Forget historicity, e.g. that the Easter story comes from inter alia the Sumerian legend of Damuzi (Tammuz) and his wife Inanna (Ishtar), an epic myth called “The Descent of Inanna,” that was found inscribed on cuneiform clay tablets dating back to 2100 BC. Forget that. That involves though and more than a drive-by conversance of recorded fact.

Look up if you want to be amazed. Look up and open your eyes and heart. They’re here, Sparky. They’ve been here. In the multiverse.

“I’ve been convinced for a long time that the flying saucers are real and interplanetary. Another words we are being watched by beings from outer space.”

– Albert M. Chop, deputy public relations director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration,(NASA) and former United States Air Force spokesman for Project Blue Book.

LIONEL PODCAST: On Bad Plastic Surgery, Psychotics on Buses, Pathetic Media Coverage on Everything, Incredible Brazilian Music and Myriad Miscellany

Stream of unconsciousness. No précis or proem or prolegomenon or introduction or summary or adumbration or skeleton or outline or pithy phrase or reference can or could possibly describe what this podcast is all about. But Charles Manson comes to mind. “Look down at me and you see a fool, Look up at me and you see a god, Look straight at me and you see yourself.” See?

LIONEL PODCAST: Hitler Ain’t Trump. But Mussolini’s Another Story.

Fractured.  What appears to remain of the Republican Party as we know it – or knew it – is now being rended by internecine wars, feuds, squabbles, infighting and mutineering cabals. How delicious. The pro-Trump and anti-Trump factions, each desperately pursuing their own agendas and platforms, are nevertheless coalescing to advance the “overarching social goal of sending the GOP antisocial and dysfunctional political congeries once and for all into the abyss,” as my friends from the Tax Wall Street Party recently wrote. Delicious, indeed.

LIONEL PODCAST: It’s Not That I’m Not Voting – I’m Fasting This Election

The 2016 Presidential Election

Isn’t this grand? The rodeo clowns are out in full force. Politically disabled delusionals have replaced millennials as the magical demographic and are clamoring for the most surface level, echo chamber chant as to Hillary or even the hoary Bernie or Trump and that other guy. Nothing specific. No details. No hits, no runs, no errors.

Agents provocateurs infiltrate Trump rallies and pull off classic COINTELPRO antics they’ve dusted off from the 60s and no one bats an eye. No clue as to history.

Hillary lauds the first closeted couple’s criminal refusal to acknowledge AIDS even as their Hollywood friends, whom they more than socialized with, withered away in hideous death throes. Meanwhile Hillariots look the other way as she flaunts and flouts every conceivable security statute, hiding a series of illegal and immoral payoffs and payouts through her sexual predator husband’s NGO.

Bernie touts and champions vague references to Scandinavian Malthusian gobbledygook while his doubletalk on the questions of war and peace reveals a clear intent to deceive voters as the opportunist Bernie attempted to straddle both sides of the issue on the Syrian no-fly zone.

Cruz, the evangelical Elmer Gantry, who can actually make Dungeons & Dragons religiosity seem even more intellectually untenable, only hits commentary pay dirt when a globule of lip jam coagulates into a disgusting sphere. That’s what the media focused on. Oh, and his uncanny resemblance to Al Lewis.

And as for Trump, the self-proclaimed mentulate wannabe, the Mr. Haney of boxed meat and Crazy Eddie of American retail politics, he completely hijacks and unplugs what’s left of any semblance of critical thought and adult concern.

We are doomed. And I blame not these folks. I blame Americans. The unwitting American sheeple consumers of this dreck who labor under the phantasmagoric delusion that this in any wise resembles what we used to recognize as reality.

And you wonder why I don’t vote. I’m fasting.

To my friends who claim to be Libertarian, let me be blunt. You’re not. You most probably have an idealized sense of freedom (usually surrounding or involving smoking decriminalized weed) and this vague intellectual concoction about less government. That is the beginning and end of your depth. Libertarianism has as its Bilderberg the Mont Pelerin Society and a committed fealty to the Austrian School. It’s neoliberalism plain and simple and a ghoulish advocacy of austerity. Understand the fundamentals. Stop using the term as your calling card into hipness by confusing it with a celebration of freedom. It’s anything but.

Verity. You most probably can’t name five platforms and positions of the candidate you ostensibly support. You’re in love with an image, a history, a statement. You wear politics like you do a designer item. You’re too busy for issues. You vote as your daddy did, for a pol’s gender or religion or even race. You’re surface level and synthetic, tissue thin in your political comprehension. Your vote is almost juvenile and baseless but it still counts. Unless Diebold gets ahold of it.

One more thing. You probably haven’t notice how the sockpuppet media and pols in general never mention ISIS or al Qaeda any more. Putin and Russia are off the table as are Wall Street derivatives and synthetic instruments. You’ll never hear about GMOs, Monsanto, Big Agra or Pharma for that matter, hydroimperialism, surveillance, the NSA, the hyper-militarization of the police and 1033 programs, globalist imperialism and asset-stripping jackals In fact, you’re hearing absolutely nothing about anything and you’ve duped yourself into thinking you’re adept and sentient. I don’t worry about the country; I worry about you.

Positive thinking is one thing. Delusion’s another. No, you can’t do anything you set your mind to or dream. That’s fanciful and sheer lunacy. There are many people smarter and more talented than you who were born the wrong race or gender or in the wrong country or during the wrong time and a series of forces that have nothing to do with worth or competence militated against them. Prayer and sticktoitiveness won’t do a thing. Life’s a crapshoot and luck, entropy and circumstance are critical.

Admit it. Your vote is based on candidate appearance, temperament affect, delivery, speech, style, looks, fashion, age, sex, demeanor, comportment, affect and your father’s politics, your tax bracket, geography, friends and self-image. But absolutely NOTHING to do with candidate or party platform, politics or policy.

LIONEL PODCAST: Lionel In “House of Cards,” Mentulate References on the Campaign Trail and the Demise of Relevant Politics

Lionel is in Season Four of “House of Cards.” It’s classy, brilliantly written and possesses one of the most diabolically elegant plot lines ever to grace any screen anywhere. And then it occurred to me – If it actually contained a character portraying the GOP candidate for POTUS who held up his hands and assured the world that his phallus was indeed gargantuan, no one would believe it. It would be too low brow and coarse for fiction! Think about it; this is what we’ve become.


LIONEL PODCAST: Chris Christie’s Silent Scream and Nationwide Self-Immolation

Chris Christie. I’ve seen hostage videos that looked more expressive and inviting than this poor schmuck’s. Relegated to DT’s rear, starting distantly, cluelessly and wondering, “What the hell have I done?” Soon, Double-C, you will find out.Charles Manson said it best. “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.” A long time ago elections meant something also. Today, they mean nothing save for the catastrophic results of the usual suspects who keep getting recycled and regurgitated through the meat grinder we call elections. Super Tuesday’s over and the only thing super about it was how supernally irrelevant the illusion and mirage of substance and choice really was and appeared to be. Ahem. Amen.

LIONEL PODCAST: Super Bluesday, Illusion of Choice, Mindless Sycophancy, Patellar Obeisance and a Multi-Dementia-nal Electorate

Super Tuesday. Bluesday. A sad day. Distorted and disconnected. The worst popularity contest in the world with no bases of platform or positioning. The politics of entitlement and obfuscation. Wall Street shills and warmongers. Egomaniacs with an ax to grind and a chip on their soldiers. (You read that right.) Go ahead, Murica! Vote, select. Enjoy this twisted franchise. You’ll see. You’ll be sorry. You’ve been duped again by the illusion of choice.