LIONEL PODCAST: The Destruction of Everything by All That Is Evil

Isn’t that a great title? It’s an even better disquisition herein. Some notes follow.

  • It is now beyond critically obvious that a fundamental and basic understanding of fascism has now become an indispensable part of the conceptual equipment needed by the average voter to be able to cast a reasonably responsible ballot in the upcoming elections. Fascism is not a throwaway pejorative, it’s a studied and applicable position framework that is being presented to you but you’re too worried and busy and sidelined with extraneous intangibles to notice. Dust off the books, children, Benito’s back with a vengeance.
  • Listen to the breathtakingly incoherent platform of the GOP as to the minimum wage inter alia. In short, the net effect of their myopic tax reform proposals would simply be to yet again help the uber rich (not you!) get richer at an exponentially expanding rate: “As Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) has shown, the benefits of eliminating both the estate and corporate tax and lowering the capital gains tax rate would go overwhelming to the wealthiest Americans. In addition, the lower tax rate structure would provide the wealthy with huge tax cuts on top of the already large tax breaks just mentioned.”
  • Hillary supporters can’t name a single platform or position of hers. Not a plan, precept or accomplishment. They know nothing about her parasitic world where she’s been the perennial political dung beetle, latching on to her “husband” and performing her role as understudy and policy shadow. She’s devoid of mission and substance, a Wall Street shill and horrid warmonger. A dastard who’s running on the entitlement ticket. You owe her, she reminds incessantly.
  • Donald Trump lives in his own gravity field. The rules don’t apply. He’s tapped into a raw nerve and the more you take pot shots at him the more powerful and impenetrable he becomes. You created him. You made him. You need him. The media owe their very existence to him. You secretly love him for enlivening this boring and necrotizing race. He defines you chirally.
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