LIONEL PODCAST: The Most Thorough Analysis of the Orlando Massacre You’ll Ever Hear

That about sums up my feelings. I will not try and compete with your own disgust or claim that I’ve somehow tapped into a greater appreciation of the horror than you have. I’m not for pithy hashtags or filters. I don’t send thoughts and prayers out as I’ve never understood what that even mean. What I do is try and dissect the issues and apply a healthy dose of critical thinking to a horror that’s been coopted by every faction and ideological mob. the usual suspects.

The gravamen. This disquisition addresses the following 20 questions that comprise the usual, the rehashed, the misunderstood and the regurgitated. I commend to you this systematic approach and trust that you will forward same to that pesky thickheaded friend who seems to not grasp a clue of this post complicated and tragic story.

1. Why did Orlando happen?
2. What caused it?
3. Who’s responsible?
4. Explaining correlation versus cause versus motivation.
5. Did gun laws fail?
6. Is it a matter radical Islam?
7. Is it homophobia?
8. How will Trump and Hillary play it out?
9. Why do we need assault weapons?
10. What are they exactly?
11. Can guns ever be eliminated?
12. What does the Second Amendment have to say about this?
13. The goal of governments: disarmament.
14. Why mental illness and the role of psychmeds are never discussed out of fear of Big Pharma.
15. Why won’t Hillary or Obama call it radical Islamist terrorism?
16. Explain the social media reaction.
17. Explain the mainstream media’s reaction?
18. How can we prevent this from happening?
19. Premises liability and security failures.
20. Beware of the conspiracists who allege false flag, crisis actors and staging without any evidence.

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