How America Handles Terror Versus Israel – A Thought Experiment

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter of this piece.

If Bibi Netanyahu dispatched a contingent of Shin Bet agents to assist American law enforcement types in investigating the Orlando terror horror, they would invariably and most assuredly ask inter alia who the shooter was, his ties to terrorist organizations, his travels, his family, his writings, FBI and CIA monitoring and who handlers were if any, his social media accounts, passport and credit card activity along with banking and the like. Also psychiatric history along with all medications prescribed, taken or stopped. Prior criminal history, job and employment affiliations, peer and employer reviews. Interviews with immediate family and religious and clerical connections. In short, a full spectrum analysis of the shooter.

Here’s what Americans and their social and mainstream media would provide. A legislative history of firearms legislation, anti-NRA memes and postings. A series of hashtag selfies. Social media filters. Late night comedian rants. A misapplication of terms assault weapons and the ubiquitous and dread AR-15. Ribbons, phrases and more memes. The discussion of the abrogation and repeal of the Second Amendment. Calling into question the psychosexual behaviors of gun owners, with a recurring theme of penis envy, penis size and penis referencing in general all sublimated through weapons purchase along with the attribution of homophobia as the sole motivation for the carnage.

That’s how we handle terror.

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