LIONEL PODCAST: Turkey and Trump for Dummies

Behold the dumpster fire that is the GOP. The Grand Guignol of American political theatre, as my great friend Webster Tarpley refers to it. The march of the incompetents. Herr Drumpf’s explication of ISIS and Turkey was breathtakingly incoherent. More so than ever. And that’s saying something. What is the coup about, you ask? Historicity counts. “Rogue” Turkish military units were seen as acting to cement the historic pledge of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to keep Turkey modern and secular and not to allow it to revert to the obscurantist horror of the late caliphate – which is precisely the object of Erdogan’s increasingly oppressive Islamist dictatorship. But you’d never know that after sampling Mutt and Jeff’s rote recitation of bumpersticker prattle. What country is this again? 

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