LIONEL PODCAST: Behold the Systematic Destruction of Our Republic

Ignorance and nescience will kill us. Be not mistaken. It won’t be an extraneous force, nothing outside or foreign or beyond. Not Russia, China, imaginary terrorsists or intel-crafted bogeymen who hate our freedom and wish us ill. No, it will be through the concentrated and orchestrated mis- and disinformation efforts that occlude and obfuscate our worldview, that reduce elections to mindless popularity contests and voter initiatives on the irrelevant and inapposite. And who fuels this? Our Ted Baxter sockpuppet echo chamber cookie cutter bumper sticker media. And when it comes to distract and redirection, no one comes close to CNN. No one. Just look at the hoops they’ve jumped through just to cover up for Hillary’s obvious failing health, how they’ve systematically thrown everything at the American public in a pathetic attempt to distract, dissuade and divert. The personification of media rodeo clown.

But you already knew that.

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