LIONEL PODCAST: The Bloodthirsty Candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton

The very fact that referenced piece supra is not immediately recognized by 98% of the electorate shows you the cosmic disconnect that the aforementioned and its lapdog media have as to this more-than-critical issue. Warmongers — a sovereign or political leader or activist who encourages or advocates aggression or warfare toward other nations or groups. Remember? Apparently not. When did we go amnesiac.

The Dreadful Kagan Clan——Hillary’s Warmongers In Waiting

And that brings us to the deplorable Kagan clan—–Washington’s leading resident family of war-mongering neo-cons. The odds are that, if elected President, Hillary would likely choose one of them——her protégé during her stint in the Obama administration, Victoria Nuland—– as Secretary of State.

Yet that would be lights out for any hope of caging Washington’s imperial ambitions and reducing the massive and utterly unnecessary burden of current defense spending. The truth is, there are fewer greater menaces in the Imperial City today than Victoria Nuland.

Not only does she happen to be married to Bob Kagan, the leading neocon guru of global interventionism and regime change, but she earned her spurs as a key aid to Dick Cheney.

Hillary’s health? For years I’ve repeatedly and steadfastly referenced and mentioned #HRC’s obvious failing health concerns and the looks and comments I received were per usual speckled with allegations of lunatic conspiracy theories and the like. The evidence was and is overwhelming after the media publicly reported concussions, blood clots, diplopia, Fresnel lenses and the like. She ditched Benghazi testimony over her health. Conveniently. Even with the latest FBI doc drops Friday the evidence was and remains overwhelming. But her acolytes refused to budge and you think they’d care abbey her and her well-being. But that’s not the case. What they care about is being wrong and trying to tamp down the simmering hate they have for all things Trump.

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