LIONEL PODCAST: America at War – The Hillary Clinton Campaign and Grand Swindle

Hillary Clinton’s attendants and handlers prepare her for her “press conference” later in the day. She assures us she’s fine.

When has she ever told the truth? Tell me. She’s avoiding coming clean as to her health, platform, plans, server controversies, classified information, Benghazi, her concussions, collapses, fainting spells — name it. Mendacity has taken to an artform. While America’s at war with terrorism, HRC talks of Putin and Russia. Please explain that trope to me. I’m begging you. Figuratively. The distortion knows no surcease. No finality or cessation. She’s an endless font of mendacity and illusion. And all the while the mainstream media refuse to so much as question the veracity or authenticity of her claims, position, platform and position. I can say with some authority, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life or professional career. There was always media bias and, frankly, connivance. But this is unfathomable. And dangerous.
Keep an eye on this story. And watch the narrative. Watch what Trump does and how he handles this next week during their first debate. Hillary Clinton labeled the Chelsea explosion “apparent” terrorism and vowed to “not rest” until those responsible are brought to justice. Not to rest?! Bwahahahahaha! “I strongly condemn the apparent terrorist attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York,” Clinton proclaimed. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Mr. Cuomo described the events as “obviously an act of terrorism” but noted they were “not linked to international terrorism.” New York City’s loutish mayor by contrast, on Saturday evening and throughout Sunday deliberately avoided any slight reference to terrorism, saying instead the bombing “was intentional—it was a violent act.” Why the euphemistic parsing?

Doctor, my eyes have seen the years
And the slow parade of fears without crying
Now I want to understand

As the worm turns. But, as the WSJ notes, on Monday morning, when asked about his reluctance to use the term terrorism, Mr. de Blasio said it is “definitely leaning in that direction the more we know.” By afternoon, after Mr. Rahami had been apprehended, Mr. de Blasio amended his analysis. “Based on the information we have now,” he said, “we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror.” Hallelujah!

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