LIONEL PODCAST: How Trump Can Destroy Hillary in the Debates

“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” — Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili

Will she endure the event? Pray tell, is the Entitled One physically equipped and in fighting trim to permit, allow and enable her to withstand the first debate much less than the significant rigors of the office of POTUS? Her health is certainly in question. Herein is my handicapping the handicapped debate that America will observe firsthand on 26 September 2016 CE, a date that will live in psephological infamy.

Trump’s strategy. The checklist.

  • It’s all about optics, image and perception. Not facts or issues or history.
  • The debate is about undecideds and the middle-of-the-road uncommitted. Tack center-left.
  • No below-the-belt sniping and juvenescent barbs. You’re an adult. Act like one.
  • There’s no political left today. Hillary supporters are actually anti-Trump factions. No issues or platforms they address; they’re centering on the anti-Trump, viz. Queen Hill.
  • The handshake and address are critical. Look at her as though your putz what you’re about to do to her. Nod, smile but don’t grin. Think the boxing standoff.
  • If HRC’s crazy enough to reference Trump University bury her and Bill with Laureate, a corruption scheme that dwarfs any Trump reference in comparison.
  • If she’s likewise crazy enough to reference Atlantic City bankruptcies, return reference the number of powerhouses that also went belly up including the city itself . . . and then introduce the folks again to Whitewater, the mother of bankruptcies that included a convicted governor and dozens of indictments. Memory lane’s a bitch.
  • Get under the radar the fact that you’re physically able to endure the office as opposed to an enfeebled and gravely ill Hillary. Don’t address it directly but make not-so-veiled references to stamina, strength, energy, fortitude and the like which contrast Hillary’s coughing spells and anti-seizure eyewear.
  • You have to emphasize that this is an election of trust and Hillary has provided many examples of how she’s not to be trusted through Comey’s bill of particulars as to her server irregularities, pay to play, lying anent Benghazi and other matters international along with her own sordid history via the Clinton Global Initiative — an organization that makes the Gambino crime family look like the Junior League in comparison.

Hillary’s health decline. A dark look back at how the Ted Baxter sockpuppet media have distracted the public away from the obvious and troubling realities of a gravely ill Madame Clinton.

I’ll tumble for you. Steady as she goes. And remember, we mocked mercilessly Gerald Ford for the slightest of his trips and stumbles. Ford, by the by, might have been the most athletic POTUS we’ve ever had. Yet Princess Pratfall here, in her umpteenth banana peel moment, is excused altogether.

The 9/11 horror. Revisited. Pneumonia? Overheated? Pollen? You be the judge. And notice the accounts as well of her physician on site doing an impromptu neurological test on Mrs. Clinton. This was not a whoopsie daisy moment by any stretch of the imagination. This was full-blown and full-tilt meltdown and collapse.

Yet another hacking controversy. Her incessant and seemingly unrelenting bouts with persistent and uncontrollable coughing, which has been suspected of being related and connected to everything from myriad neurological disorders to their attendant medication side effects, have been chalked up to the proverbial frog(s) in her throat to an allergic reaction to Herr Drumpf.

Doctor my eyes. In January 2013 then-Secretary of State HRC wore Fresnel prism lenses, designed to counter double vision (diplopia) after serious head injuries. Her myriad known and reported health problems include the concussion she suffered in December 2012 that was widely reported yet miraculously removed from the collective memory base of the media and that reportedly led to a serious blood clot requiring hospitalization. It was also reported to have caused her to suffer post-concussion syndrome with symptoms including confusion, headaches and dizziness. But she’s fine, folks. Nothing to see here.

What’s with the Don Was specs? For many people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures. This condition is known as photosensitive epilepsy. Carl Zeiss brand Z1 blue lenses are highly effective in treating photosensitive epilepsy and are seen here being sported by the Entitled One.

And what the hell was this? Still the most frightening image of an almost seized and paralyzed Hillary stuck in that Angelo Bruno frozen maw. All over . . . balloons. Oh, she’s just dandy, all right.

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