LIONEL PODCAST: The Trap of the American Vote

This mesmerizes me. The perfect allegory and metaphor for the voting process. We’re lured by its promise as was this now very dead and bloated and decomposing New York Hell’s Kitchen rat. We’re hungry for not change but improvement and we’re being baited and tempted by an inviting promise. Look, someone has left food for me. Look, they are asking me for my opinion, my vote. They care about what I think and believe. I have a say; my input matters! This system invites for my input and my perception and my desires and worldview. And no matter how many times I am warned that my opinion in the scheme of things does not really matter, I fall for the same trick every time. I fall for it hook line and sinker. I trusted you. As for Mr. Rat, his primitive brain did not allow him a moment the suspicion as to why this contraption mysteriously provided a wonderful mélange a rodent victuals. Behold the American voter. Suckered again.

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