LIONEL PODCAST: Wikileaks and the Destruction of the Media

Take a gander infra. Go ahead. This is monumentally amazing for even the mildly sentient. Why? Because the mainstream media have covered absolutely nothing of the matter. A worldwide story of indescribable import and it’s ignored altogether because the information contained therein is embarrassing to the Clinton regime.

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans.”

Where’s the LGBT love? The HRC acolyte has labored under the delusion that she was for inter alia gay marriage and the full panoply of LGBTQIA legislation. Well, Sparky, that just ain’t so.

And you thought Billary were in favor of LGBT and same-sex marriage?

And this bit of statistics that indicts the interference mistress Martha Raddatz incredibly. The idea that a moderator should not interfere with the debate and should certainly not participate against one of the parties I would think would be axiomatic. Well, not so fast.

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