LIONEL PODCAST: Assange, WikiLeaks and the Death of Mainstream Media Pretend Journalism

Julian Assange is a planetary hero.

A hero. Of the first stripe. Were it not for Mr. Assange what would we know today? And what would we remain ignorant of still? But what’s more intellectually is how we still fail to understand the relevance of the revelation. And how the media would have been doing heir job by at least reporting on the drops the way it did the Pentagon papers. Proudly, no less. And remember, they were in effect stolen as well. Whither  journalistic curiosity?

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it seems like a series of events during the last couple of days are related.

Before the tweet went out saying his Internet had been cut off, Wikileaks disseminated a series of hash codes which are most likely meant to verify the authenticity of documents contained in “dead man’s switches”, which Assange has previously planted. So if something further happens to Assange, we’ll be able to verify that the documents that eventually get released have not been tampered with. [The Ralph Retort]

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