LIONEL PODCAST: Weiner Blows It — Hillary’s Doomed by Sexting Perv Facing 30 Years

Lionel’s take on Weinergate II and Hillary’s self-inflicted October surprise.

  • The unique and cosmic irony of the October surprise being Hillary destroying Hillary.
  • They’ve exhausted the Putin excuse and are plumb out of scapegoats and media diversions.
  • How the latest Huma emails were found via Preet Bahrara’s investigation into Weiner’s sexting with  minor. Who is this man he call The Terminator?
  • Mass poll correction that will occur this week. Lionel explains how polls that have been horribly off will be miraculously corrected this week to save what’s left of face.
  • The internal FBI mutiny that’s occurring as we speak.
  • How Comey finally grew a pair and is trying to desperately save his image and reputation.
  • How AG and the MSM claim that Comey’s veering from accepted protocol as to the last days of the election.
  • Why this latest controversy’s different than the others.
  • Huma’s expansive federal criminal liability and possible perjury exposure.
  • How MSM search parameters were cleaned to remove Hillary email references.
  • The MSM were hemming and hawing his weekend to explain away the negligible significance of this most serious development.

Weiner?! Jesus, we thought that horror story is over. Nope. The seemingly impotent and effete FBI has reopened their investigation into Hillary Rodham Felon after discovering new information on the electronic devices of virtual perv and hitech flasher Anthony Weiner. Many asked Friday could this be the end of HRC’s fetid campaign or is it a rodeo clown diversion to draw attention away from more serious crimes and corruption within an already rancid government?
Podesta to the rescue. On Monday thousands of new emails from Clinton Campaign Chairman and Hill shill John Podesta were published by WikiLeaks. Within that new data dump and doc drop was smoking gun proof that the White House was in fact colluding with Hillary to cover up the fact that Obama had lied to Congress and the American people when he said he learned about the email scandal from the news. Those new emails stirred outrage within the FBI and took the ostensible ongoing mutiny to a new alert level.
Comey responds to the FBI mutiny. The day before the F.B.I. director, James Comey, sent a letter to Congress announcing that “new evidence” had been discovered that might be related to the completed Hillary Clinton email investigation, the Justice Department strongly discouraged the step and told him that he would be breaking with longstanding policy, three law enforcement officials said on Saturday.
Enter Preet. Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, a prosecutor known as one “tough hombre,” issued a subpoena for Weiner’s mobile phone and other electronic records after his sexting with a 15 year-old girl came to light in September. It is believed this sparked the reopening of the closed investigation. The new investigation into Weiner could be a way for the FBI to compartmentalize the larger issue of Hillary and Obama’s collusion inter alia or to signal that Comey’s finally grown a pair.

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