LIONEL PODCAST: America Loses Its Mind. Again.

The troika. The calculus has changed yet again. Some Facebook ideations of mine are provided infra.

  • “The best part about being a Hillary supporter is that you don’t have to know anything about her because there’s nothing to know in the first place.”
  • Hillary won 4% fewer female voters than Obama did in 2012. It seems that the “I have a vagina” pudendal connection isn’t the best platform.
  • Hillary was playing nuclear brinkmanship with Putin and I didn’t see any of these little snowflakes crying about that.
  • Facebook is filled with atesticular geldings. Little snowflake babies who cry with their therapy dogs and make me want to retch.
  • America is teeming with impuissant effete little snowflakes with their crying rooms, therapy dogs and oversized images of self-importance.
  • One of the glories of being a human being is to live under the delusion that we somehow enjoy a superiority over our fellow creatures. That we understand the elegance of subtlety and the complexity of the universe’s script. But after watching carefully the reactions to our elections I am convinced we are profoundly inferior to our simian brother.
  • Trump protesters are likened to the person who’s never seen a cricket match but nonetheless insists upon screaming and yelling in the stands.
  • What you should be terrified of is the fact that there is no balance between Congress and the Executive.
  • There is no left or progressive or liberal factions left in this country anymore. Just a bunch of profoundly ignorant loudmouths.
  • Americans who follow incoherent protest platforms are like those who chew but never swallow.
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