LIONEL PODCAST: Sanguisugent Hillary’s False Flag Trump Protests and Contracted Violence

Myriad miscellany from my Facebook latrine wall. Brain farts inter alia.

  • When we as nation validate even the most inane of feigned feelings we invalidate its legitimacy and authenticity of thought.
  • Name one fact that establishes Trump as a racist. Just one.
  • Please provide more of your syrupy schmaltzy saccharine reviews of how this election touched you. Please.
  • Blessed are the sophrosyne. Hear that, CNN?
  • You will see major bloodletting among one mainstream media news organization in particular after their post-election disaster.
  • Perspective is a concept that parents must teach their children. Provided they understand it themselves.
  • SNL is the perfect exemplar what happens when children try to mimic and replicate Will Rogers in a coloring book medium.
  • CNN has now doubled down on schizophrenic coverage and mindless reportage.
  • Remember, the names that you hear floated for various cabinet positions are never the ones who are ultimately selected.
  • How monumentally boring is the St. Pete Times!
  • These snowflake twits need a monstrous Backpfeifengesicht.
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