LIONEL PODCAST: The Banality of Blather — How the Mainstream Media Killed the American Dream

Learn to work the saxophone • I play just what I feel • Drink Scotch whiskey all night long • And die behind the wheel

In my years I have never seen anything quite like this. And for good reason.

Who am I? I spell out simply.

I started off in the mid 80s as an underwear model and parlayed my love of small engine repair into dissemination of the holy word of truth. As a young man I was abandoned to wolves and thereafter abandoned by the wolves themselves. I lived a sheltered life. I was blindfolded whilst being breast-fed. I’ve always been frightened by the size of Lincoln’s ears and often go to bed without saying goodbye. I am a student of astrology and being born under the sign of Feces you can understand why. Industrial Klezmer is my music and Harold Stassen my political inspiration.

Don’t lose that number. A Truth Warrior subscriber to the Lionel Newsletter wrote me this exquisite piece whose style I love.

Cultural fascists calling him a fascist, sexual predators calling him sexist, people oozing hatred calling him a hater, idiots calling him stupid, social justice warriors committing the most unjustifiable acts of violence, retards calling his son autistic, Hollywood actors calling him phony – that’s the distorted reality Donald Trump is facing right now. But even the Master of Distortion himself, George Soros, who built his fortune by capitalizing on distorted views of the market, knows that no distortion can last forever. Yes, sometimes you win, György, (and the more spectacular the distortion, the more spectacular is your payout), but this time you lost. Markets tend to find equilibrium. What Trump needs now – is momentum, and I think he is building it superbly. 

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