LIONEL PODCAST: RED ALERT — Obama Silently Signs a Propaganda Bill Federalizing the Media

#LionelNation in Northern Ireland

The world mourns yet another celebrity who dies prematurely over and lifestyles, decisions and deadly habits. Enter automourn. 

AUTOMOURN: A tribal, collective and mass exhibition of feigned grief, lugubrious mass hysteria and excessive expressions of inexplicable sadness or loss typically over any celebrity or sports figure usually and typically seen in social media fora and platforms. The goal is to out-mourn and out-grieve other proponents of such in order to show that the sense of loss to you is greater than that of the world in keeping with a pathologically solipsistic worldview and frame of reference. 

Meanwhile, these stories have been overlooked altogether and completely. I mean, by the Ted Baxter, sock puppet, cookie cutter playbook, echo chamber mainstream media repeaters and not reporters, corporate whores and company slatterns and info-trollops.

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