LIONEL PODCAST: The Myopic and Intellectual Incoherence of the Alt-Left

Myopic modern day liberalism never scared the imperialists. And why should it? The corporate state and statism are the enemies. The infantilized alt-left with its preoccupation with social issues of no consequence like multiculturalism and diversity and transgender bathrooms subverted the argument. It’s not politics. It challenges nothing of consequence. Not neoliberalism, imperialism, globalism, nada. They are the party of not-Trump. They’re defined in the inverse. Corporatocracy, the military and prison industrial complexes remain sacrosanct, inviolate and unchallenged. This is a non-party, a non-movement. A slumgullion of SJWs and societal castoffs, bitchy and whiny trolls doubling as the party and ideological vanguards. Donald Trump poses an existential threat not to them but to the right. They’ve missed the point completely. Intellectuals and liberal panjandrums all but abandoned the chance for mass traction initiatives to help and assist women — feminism is all but dead. The election of the first black POTUS served as a symbolic simulacrum for advance in civil rights. He was the perfect cover for Wall Street ghouls and warmonger imperialists. But don’t blame Barry. Just as you don’t blame Olivier for Hamlet; he’s but the actor handed a script. America is sliding into a new level of McCarthyism wherein alternative and foreign media are victimized. Left, alternative and the now dread “pro-Russian” media vectors are under attack.

Cue taps. The left is moribund, necrotic and dying on the vine. And the right is in no better shape. There are no sides, no parties, no directions. The illusion of the left-right paradigm.

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