LIONEL PODCAST: Trump To CNN at Press Conference — Drop Dead! You’re FAKE NEWS!

This is the long goodbye. The adios. The toodle-oo. To the MSM, party pols and pusillanimous posturing — not to mention excessive alliteration. Trump is the catalyst. The revolutionary cofactor. You’ll see. reluctantly perhaps.

Agonist of Antiestablishment Agitprop. Reporting for duty. 

In response, I suppose, to their parent’s 60’s libertinism, many vocal millennials have become suffocatingly moralistic, minus a religious basis for it.  Condemnation of sinful acts has extended to sinful speech, and from there to sinful thoughts, to sinful attitudes, to sinful predispositions, to sinful unconscious urges, to sinfulness of skin color, mostly white.  Original sin has returned with a vengeance.  Millennials seek to out-Jesus Jesus, while denying Jesus.  And there is no Adam and Eve to blame it on.  And certainly no redemption.  How shall we be saved from all our sins millennials? What about a new medievalism?  Let’s see.  Bring back delation (look it up). An inquisition would be good; oh sorry we have that in the universities and schools.  We just need to extend it into society at large.  And now I see we have a new asceticism.  Danish wooly socks=xenophobia.  Who would have thought it? So let’s put on the hair shirt, or no shirt and get that good old suffering going.  Well, that’s all very well, but it’s just not good enough to wash away our guilty stains.  Look, let’s try indulgences.  Those really worked. Don’t worry about a backlash.  We’re very capable of doing that ourselves. (A LionelNation denizen)

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