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The Most Hateful Anti-Dreamer Immigrant Hate Sentiment Ever. (You’ll Never Guess From Whom.)

Talk about cold-blooded.

How Has Hillary’s Post-Election Favorability Ratings Compare to Others?

How did the Oven Mitt Fashionista fare? This says it all. Res ipsa, baby.

Just Who Controls the Ted Baxter Sockuppet Mockingbird Media?

This might help somewhat. It’s merely an approximation but gives a most critical overview as to the complexity.

The Prolific Shit: The American Lexicon’s Most Protean, Versatile and Expressive Word Full Stop.

The Shit List. It’s been suggested (incorrectly) that the most utilitarian F-word is the most versatile word in our collective lexicon and argot. Wrong. You’re full of shit if you think that. No, it’s shit. In fact, shit’s the shit. It’s derivation and etymology prove interesting in this thinly-veiled inclusion to give this coprolalia disquisition a flavor of linguistic panache. 

The word is likely derived from Old English, having the nouns scite (dung, attested only in place names) and scitte (diarrhoea), and the verb scītan (to defecate, attested only in bescītan, to cover with excrement); eventually it morphed into Middle English schītte (excrement), schyt (diarrhoea) and shiten (to defecate), and it is virtually certain that it was used in some form by preliterate Germanic tribes at the time of the Roman Empire. The word may be further traced to Proto-Germanic *skit-, and ultimately to Proto-Indo-European *skheid– “cut, separate”, the same root believed to have become the word shed. The word has several cognates in modern Germanic languages, such as German Scheiße, Dutch schijt, Swedish skit, Icelandic skítur, Norwegian skitt etc. Ancient Greek had ‘skōr’ (gen. ‘skatos’ hence ‘scato-‘), from Proto-Indo-European *sker-, which is likely unrelated. [WIKIPEDIA]

Behold this most versatile word. It ain’t shit, I assure you.

  • Shithole
  • Bullshit
  • Horseshit
  • Apeshit
  • Batshit
  • Chickenshit
  • Jack Shit
  • No Shit
  • Dipshit
  • Full of shit
  • Scared shitless
  • Shit storm
  • Shithouse
  • Brick shit house
  • You’re shitting me
  • Shithead
  • Shit for brains
  • Dumb shit
  • SOL: Shit out of luck
  • Shitfaced
  • I shit you not
  • Good shit (Carlin)
  • Don’t know shit from Shinola
  • Shit a brick
  • Take or give a shit
  • Shit eating grin
  • Shit happens
  • I couldn’t give a shit
  • Shit or get off the pot
  • I’m the shit!
  • Shit or wind your watch
  • Shit or go blind
  • Shits and grins
  • Shits and giggles
  • Eat shit and die
  • In deep shit
  • Shit hit the fan
  • Shit’s going down
  • Crazy as a shithouse rat
  • Shit on a shingle
  • Hot/cold as shit
  • Hot shit
  • Shit’s creek
  • Shoot the shit
  • Shit for brains
  • Shitfaced
  • Shit show
  • Holy shit!
  • Oh shit!
  • No shit!
  • Shitlist
  • Shitload
  • Shit yeah!
  • Piece or pile of shit
  • Give a shit
  • Deep shit
  • Dipshit
  • No shit, Sherlock
  • Shitcan
  • Don’t shit where you eat
  • Shit just got real
  • Get your shit together
  • Lying sack of shit
  • Shitter
  • Shitty
  • Shitkickers
  • Talking shit