YouTube Shooter: The Latest Installment and Victim of Mental Illness Won’t Stop the Blame Game

Assigning Blame and Causation to the Inexplicable

Monumental complexity evinced yet ignored by mainstream playbook media. There’s no such thing as the YouTube Shooter. It’s the mentally ill shooter. The latest installment of our maddening and madding criminal theme, our inability to appreciate the causal nexus of the non compos mentis with crime. This is axiomatic and sadly forgotten. Every shooter, everyone manifesting mental illness through the instrument of crime has a reason but not a justification, a valid one, i.e. They are sure to spout a litany of objections and protesters — animal rights abuses, Trump, the media, the Illuminati, GMOs, #QAnon, name it. But such do nut justifications and defenses make. This platform inspires and potentiates a host of psychopathologies that are either dormant or inspired. Such has always been the case. Every medium has its Father Coughlin. Every platform inspires its own contemporary loon. But such is not a reason or justification.

Who is Amanda Sutherland?

Textbook case unfolding. Amanda Charlene Sutherland is a tragic case and emblematic of social media’s stylization and comedicization of mental illness. Her antics and threats understandably inspired campus drills and safety fora at LSU and LSU-Shreveport. Stories chronicling her decline are replete. Sutherland was arrested for making threats online and her arrest and arraignment covered extensively with, as you can imagine, many taking delight at this pathetic woman. She compiled and collected her discursive rants on her YouTube channel Druid Focket and her timeline of self-destruction chronicles her plight. Mister Metokur’s compilation provides a thorough yet painstakingly painful peroration of her psychotic fugue.


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