Happy 242nd Birthday, America

Happy Fourth of July, fellow patriot. Celebrate with me this glorious day. Let us fête together this hallowed moment. The day of our country’s birth and genesis. When we were hatched and grew thereupon exponentially to a status and form that’s nothing short of miraculous and beyond belief. Look at our immane wealth and bounty and power. Awesome, in its actual sense and not as the overused interjection today, the millennials’ verbal Hamburger Helper. Consecrated in blood, born of an unmitigated audacity demanding to be free from the tendrils and shackles of Britain’s strangle. La perfide Albion! (But that’s for another time.) And still we the patriotical fight every single day not against invading challengers and vandals but the internecine forces that seek to corrupt and contaminate internally. Behold the Deep State, the police state, the intel state — those who seek to wrest from us our Constitutional protections in order that they enjoy a dangerous and treacherous control. Well, we’ll just see about that.
Here’s some trivia. Do you know how many countries have a Fourth of July?
All of them. But I digress.
If pamphleteering and sloganeering had a baby. Please indulge me with this opportunity to regale you with my myriad musings and miscellaneous maunderings anent and about this country that I love with all my heart and some of those elected whom I loathe and detest mightily with every fiber. Ahem.
Start spreading the news. Today marks 242 years of our noble experiment and thanks to our current POTUS we may be actually witnessing another revolution. Not in the technical sense of the word as our Republic was really not the product of a true, actual revolution, but in the sense that we might be witnessing the destruction of our otiose two-party illusion and left-right paradigm hallucination. Have I rankled the legions with what appears to be a paean to POTUS? Have you cursed these words as you’ve been bitten by the TDS bug? Trump Derangement Syndrome’s real and has been known to shred friendships and splinter families. Ain’t free thinking a beaut? In my 30 years of professional performance legal and media analysis I’ve never seen anything like this.
Warmongering for fun and profit. “A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny,” Solzhenitsyn reminds. And adding to the mix is the military industrial complex lavishing and larding its treasury at the cost and expense of innocents and innocence. Blood is green and when it comes to war profiteering we’ve the ’27 Yankees in none other than NATO. Remember Victoria Nuland’s “Fuck the EU.” I must admit, she may have a point. But we soldier on.
Shillary, the Oven Mitt Fashionista still lurks. What would a disquisition on tyrannical psychopathy be without a mention of this horrid termagant who did more to disrupt and interrupt public faith in the franchise than anyone in current history? She’s a mendacity machine, able to spin Brobdingnagian whoppers without batting an eye — which is often how she appeared on the campaign trail whilst being tended to by her burly sidekick ready to jump onstage and jab her with a Diazepam Auto-Injector at the ready when she blanked out, freaked out, seized, froze or went into one of her frightening head jerks or mouth agape overreactions to balloons or flashing lights. This woman couldn’t even come clean as to the source of the mysterious reptilian exoskeleton back brace that she sported mysteriously under her Mao jacket and bunker gear. She was responsible for everything that evolved from RussiaGate, PissGate, DossierGate and her monumentally insane conjecture and fantasy that she actually didn’t lose a rigged election. Let me repeat: Everything today from Strzok to Page Lisa to Page Carter to Rosenstein [RR]. Comey, Mueller — all of it, the result of this woman’s inability to lose with dignity and an organic disrespect for the will of the people. And believe me, I mean really believe me, she’s nowhere near these events being ignored or forgotten and her criminality shelved.
And now a word about nomenclature. We’re not a democracy. This drives me nuts and admittedly it’s not a very long ride. We are a constitutional republic and not a democracy, so let’s agree to get that straight once and for all. To compromise somewhat, we’re a democratic constitutional republic. Never a slave to tyranny by the omnipotent majority. Ben Franklin said that democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch while liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. Ah, yes. Well-armed.
#QAnon and the recussitation of hope. Nothing’s more exciting than Q. Than-Q. My days start with a quick look at the phone to see if Q’s dropped. New Q? I think I’ll pen a haiku for Q, thank you. Anything new? Have the decoders and autists and anons pored over such accordingly? And while members of the #LionelNation Conspiratorium, clerisy regulars all, review and parse and dissect the marvelously coded crumbs, orts and morsels other contingents of the perpetually disgruntled and incurious disregard and disparage this phenomenon that has inspired and electrified millions worldwide. The frenzied crowds bray and bleat LARP! for reasons that confuse and confound. You really can’t blame them, or rather some. Q destroyed their unique gig, their exclusivity to the truth. I’m long gone and infected with Q. Q-bitten and smitten. Addicted and tethered. Unabashedly I hereby proclaim: Q’s it. The bomb. The future. The ignition switch, the connection, the conduit. It’s like having your own personal Deep Throat, your own Mark Felt. Just imagine that. Better, where Commissioner Gordon summoned Batman through the bat signal, here our Batman summons us when he, she, it or they feel it necessary. Do you believe in coincidences? #WWG1WGA.
Tench Coxe: Genius of the Republic. Of our forebears, Mr. Coxe might be my favorite, especially as he enunciated with surgical clarity the role of arms and the rudiments of the Second Amendment in his words. Yet, amazingly, he’s perhaps the least known. He’s even been relegated to alleged second-tiered status among the Constitutional heavyweights, but to me, TC remains preeminent. Do yourself a favor. Research his mighty words.
As spake Coxe: “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an Americans.”
Sexual predation and wholesale trafficking exposed and illumined like no time ever. Something happened and what that something is I’m unsure. We could attribute it to Trump per usual, but that’s too easy. For the longest time — decades, centuries — there’s been a system of impunity and cover that’s hidden from view and inspection the most inhumane and psychically inconceivable examples of sexual predation and ritualistic child rape, torture, cannibalism, organ harvesting, name it — in channels and covens and cabals all over the world at the highest levels. Pedophilia, ephebophila, chronophilia, hebephilia and pederasty on steroids. Horror like we’ve never seen or even imagined. And it was that horror that provided the perfect cover. It redefines sick and vile. Oscar Wilde reminds us that “[t]hose who look beneath the surface, do so at their own peril.” And that’s being exposed and uncovered and while it horrifies, it must be addressed lest these monsters enjoy further cover undercover. You can also thank Trump and #QAnon accordingly. Though expect nothing from corporate media shills, accomplices and abettors. We shouldn’t know what adrenochrome is. But ignorance protects the monsters. And we are #woke. Permanently.
The valedictory. Enjoy the day. Thank you for your patronage, support, encouragement and most importantly, thank you for your continued committed involvement and vigilance in fighting to maintain the integrity of our great Republic. Those are mighty lofty to be sure but they’re real and true to my heart. And I know yours.

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