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I trust this finds you and your family sound, hale, well and in fighting trim.

Prolegomenon. Twenty years ago today the impeachment trial of William Jefferson Clinton began. Rapist, philanderer, liar and co-Defendant and accomplice to consummate crook Hillary Rodham Felon, the Oven Mitt Fashionista. Notice that I specified the impeachment trial. Quick. How many Americans think that impeachment means immediate removal? By the tone of the subject matter that I’m forced to endure, I’m thinking 85-90%. And here’s the best part. The election for POTUS is next year — 666 days to be exact. I know. 666. Do the math, Anton LeVay. They can’t wait until next year to try and oust him. Why? Because they know he’s going to win reelection. That simple.

America’s Trump. Last evening my wife and I saw a musical review of sorts with one performer who shall remain nameless. Let’s just call him Marc Cohn of “Walking in Memphis” fame. During the set where he appeared with the Blind Boys of Alabama (try assembling a modern-day version with that name today, Buckaroo) he looked at the beauteous heterogeneity and diversity of those on the stage and marveled at its, well, diversity. He remarked that it was not reminiscent of Trump’s America. It received tepid applause, a pathetic smattering by any and all accounts. And it hit me. No, Mr. Cohn, it’s not reminiscent of Trump’s America, it’s more like POTUS is America’s Trump. Cohn had it backwards. Remember that the next time you refrain from stabbing some Trump Derangement Syndrome clown in the heart with a pencil. Ahem.

You can’t make this stuff up. Newly-minted Freshman Representative loon, the off-the-wall Rashida Tlaib declared Thursday night that the installed Democratic majority in the House will “go in there and impeach the motherfucker,” hours after her debut. Classy, huh? She speaks like that anent our POTUS. And a note to mainstream media types: Stop with the abbreviations, editing and sanitizing. We know what she said. Openly and clearly. MOTHERFUCKER. Not Motherf—er. Stop it. We’re adults (technically) and know exactly what was said. This vile coprolalic low-rent obstructionist is just what the doctor ordered to drive a wedge between and among Pelosicrats trying to hide behind the myth of the left-right paradigm. Meanwhile Alexandra Ocrazio-Kotex must be climbing the walls seeing that her pole position of Democrat front runner and cutesy tyro is being sidestepped and diverted by the foul-mouthed #RavingRashida. It gets even more delicious, sports fans. Haystacks Jerry Nadler, whose House Judiciary Committee would be handling any potential impeachment investigations, is trying to tamp down the fire that the rabble-rouser ranting raving ranks have been encouraging. Remember, these are the adults, the actual pols. Those who’ve successfully negotiated the political labyrinth throughout their lengthy and seemingly interminable tenures. They know how the game’s played and who’s in charge. Try telling institutional heritage monied Dem contributors how Nancy and her crew have not been able to control a few paltry poltroon pols.
Transgendered, transcontinental, transmogrified, transcendently transitioned whatever. The degree of insanity that’s been inspired from the complete and utter collapse of reason is monumentally off the charts. You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear that someone somewhere somehow is trying to shutter and scuttle everything that’s remotely associated with rational thinking and the fundamental basics of family, gender and sexuality. There’s not anyone reading this now who truly believes that gays and transgenders should be shelved or jailed or removed to some psych ward. Those days are over. We know great folks of every conceivable racial permutation and sexual orientation from straight, gay, bi to quadrisexual (those who’ll do anything for a quarter . . . it’s an old joke but may in some circles actually reflect the truth more than one could imagine). But virtue signaling crackpots are going out of their way to strain the levels and parameters of credulity to artificially muddle and muddy the sexuality waters by refusing to acknowledge that there’s any certainty as to chromosomal verity. Sex and gender, I understand the difference. What one feels and believes often overrule what “nature” has stamped. But to go so far as to suggest that no gender can or may or should be assigned redefines ludicrous. To suggest, as many states now do, that you can leave off gender on birth certificates, not because of any legitimate and medically recognized uncertainty (which on occasion happens), but through the introduction of a socio-political statement. What we’re now seeing are people deliberately refusing to recognize genitourinary obviousness as a statement of cultural inclusion, to be pudendally and penile posh. It’s sad to say and worse to note that so much valuable time to understand and coalesce has been lost entirely by those who’ve co-opted and kidnapped the issue and now hold it ransom.
And now a word about the Golden Globes. Bollocks.
RBG’s MIA. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg I fear is not as well and on the rebound as the corrupt Ted Baxter media would suggest. I happen to admire her in many respects for what she represents and has accomplished. Notwithstanding that some of her decisions have not been exactly consistent with my constitutional worldview. And how the faux hipster wannabe has embraced all that is Ruthie is yet again an example of faddish obeisance to the pop star du jour. Most of these folks can’t spell Bader Ginsburg much less understand what she’s written, held and holds to this day. But the corporate news media distort like there’s no tomorrow. They still repeat and never report. It’s just a matter of fact that when it comes to the truth, American corporate propaganda sockpuppet news media are not to be believed, followed, trusted or even noticed. Their days are over, their time finished.
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