It’s time to review some of the basics. The rudiments. The essential and abecedarian elements of that which every and any sentient and woke patriot must know. It’s not about party or labels or the usual schmaltz. It’s about attending to the issues that matter and that count. Issues and causes and stories that impact our lives and us directly. Issues that, sadly I report, virtually no one in office or in the usual fake news bowels are addressing or even dealing with remotely or otherwise. You won’t hear of this on MSM corporate news platforms (right or left) and you certainly won’t hear any of the usual suspects (right or left) even broaching the subject matter. It’s too hot, too controversial and too true for their tastes. Don’t kid yourself, my fellow patriot, the media left and right are cons. They’re a work. An angle. A vaudevillian troupe. An opera buffa. The cult of personality meets Ted Baxter. The only thing going for us now is the greatest President in my lifetime, Donald Trump. Period.

Now let’s begin. But, ask yourself if you’re able to handle this. Seriously.

The left-right paradigm is dead and beyond irrelevant.The notion that there are identifiable and palpable and tenable differences between parties is a joke. A bad joke. Left-Right. Conservative-Liberal. Two sides of the same coin, contrived and arranged and orchestrated by brilliant people who long ago tapped into the intramural and provincial politics that Americans so enjoy. Trump, I’m happy to report, is a delicious anomaly. He redefines and recalibrates the political fulcrum and resets the pendulum and none of the Deep State [DS] curs and hounds have the slightest clue as to what to do. This was a man no one saw coming and no one could have ever predicted would be so destructive to the status quo and the “business as usual” crooks and felons who inhabit our beloved republic. He’s the real deal, my friend. And as real a deal he is, sadly neither he nor either party nor any of the bobblehead media poltroons can go nigh certain subjects near and dear to my heart. Here are but a few inter alia.

Vaccines.You have to be in a coma or the victim of mind control (perhaps administered via vaccine) to have missed the multitudes of research, reports and data anent the (at least) need to investigate the causal connection between some of today’s strains of vaccines and resultant (putative) spectrum disorders and autism. In fact, POTUS proudly announced his understandable concerns. It needs to be readdressed. This is not an indictment of immunology, inoculations or the mechanics of disease suppression, this is called research. It is the very real need to investigate whether yet again innocent Americans have been victimized and damaged by a pharmaceutical industry that has shown virtually no interest through the years in keeping us safe from myriad drugs, potions, witches brews, concoctions and, yes, vaccines. Just look at how even suggesting that something might be amiss generates frenetic overreaction and censorship. What’s the problem here? What is everyone so afraid of?

5G horrors.Excuse me, but have we lost our sentient minds by not so much as questioning what being bathed in and by 5G towers — already here, by the by — means? Do a cursory review in various periodicals and literature and you’ll be slammed by the suspicions and (warranted) fears enunciated and explicated by numbers of experts and industry watchdogs. If you’re going to read or watch one introductory piece as to and anent the potential health hazards that 5G represents start with this: Dr. Sharon Goldbergtestifying at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018. Just watch her testimony and ask if perhaps we’re from some other parallel universe that considers this important. Because no one’s talking about it other than the singularly sentient. Just last week I was stuck in a green room and had to endure Newt Gingrich on Fox News laud the magic of 5G technology and how it would prove indispensable to autonomous driving contraptions. The anchor nodded almost hypnotically as Newt waxed incoherent as to the marvels of new citizen radiation saturation. And not to be outdone, President Trump last month tweeted that he can’t wait for 5G and . . . wait . . . 6G technology instanter. The man’s still greatbut needs some pointed remedial instruction as to these horror towers.

China and BRICS.Look, I’m all for cinching down on a ravenous China via tariff applications but you have got to be kidding me if you have no fears or concerns as to the enormity of what this surveillance dystopia means to us. China is an Orwellian Disney World. Coupled with BRICS coalition partnerships and methinks we’ve a chimera that knows no equal in the annals of modern times. And remember, they’re socialist or “socialist with Chinese characteristics.” Not bad for a country after 70 years post-Mao revolution. The next time some armchair economist throws you the usual line about the horrors of socialism as an instrument of economic disaster, remind him of China. Not that I’m hankering for a Beijing pied-à-terre, mind you, but listen carefully to anyone who suggests for a moment that socialism necessarily spells economic doom.

Geoengineeringand (what you might incorrectly call) chemtrails.Dear Gawd, just look up. Look at those gauzy, hazy streaks that hashtag the sky that were never here before. Listen to me, they are not contrails or water vapor or innocent exhaust. You don’t have to be an aeronautical genius to know that. So why won’t anyone, and I mean anyone, pretend to be remotely interested in at least calling out the obvious? What the hell are they spraying? Even Moonbat the Ditz AOC never mentions a word. Don’t you think Solar Radiation Managementwould pique her capricious interest? No, you see what this has been subsumed under is the rubric of the dread conspiracy theory. I even had a local TV weatherman (I know, who waits until 6 PM for the weather to be read by a guy in a bad suit?) still confuse water vapor and true contrails with geoengineering. Look, I’m wasting my breath. Or finger tips. Alas.

Robots and AI. Whenever the subject arises folks get all goofy over the idea of some cute little R2-D2 looking out for them and keeping them company. Some new hi-tech pal. Or they’ll snicker and snigger over the notion of sex robots that channels into their juvenescent mindset. But listen and listen well, patriot. It’s not robots you should focus on but the AI part. The intelligence that they claim is artificial. For now. This is mindboggling, Sparky. And the implications I know have not been considered by anyone and I don’t expect them to be. It’s who we are.

The bloody wall! Where is it? How’s it coming? What’s the level of completion? When will it be done? Hello? Anyone home? The wall. Remember the wall? (Help.)

Hillary’s still not indicted. So long as the Oven Mitt Fashionista remains free, liberty is one step closer to extinction for every day hers remains intact. Dig? This weekend she was traipsing about and parading as some expert in civil rights as Selma was remembered. Good Gawd, Mr. President, have you know pull? Have your DOJ charge her with something, anything. Something that involves a mugshot. Nothing fancy. No Gitmo (though #OvenMitt4Git is kinda catchy), no treason. Just treat her like an ordinary criminal and thief which is precisely what she is. Now, sir.

Grid fears and EMP cataclysms. The day we get hit with a massive Carrington-Class Event or solar superstorm haymaker (natural or deliberate) this place will go into first class, full-tilt apeshit meltdown. You know it and I know it. And the level of calamity that such will inspire is inexplicable and immane. We are not equipped to handle it, deal with it or remotely address same. Imagine every ATM, computer, TV, appliance, light, air conditioner or heater, refrigerator — get the picture — out. Indefinitely. Darkness. No order. Mayhem, looting. Riots, anyone? Are you listening? What’s in play? What’s the drill? Infrastructure, anyone?

Social media recategorized as a utility.Imagine if your cellphone carrier suspended your phone line because you made some anti-vaxxer comment during a conversation. You’d scream bloody murder and deservedly so and you would claim censorship that requires and warrants immediate attention, anddeservedly so. Why? Because mobile phone lines are in effect a utility. Think electricity. Power. Well, what do you think search engines are or social media platforms? Don’t give me this business about their being some privately-owned amenity that you voluntarily engaged in and with. Social media are critical to business, expression and are in effect communication utilities that require protection and legislation to prevent your being bounced or tossed because you dared utter the wrong conspiracy theory.

Human trafficking and domestic violence. Nobody’s saying anything and I think we know why. The level of sex trafficking involving women, men and children, the degree of systematic and systemic predation at the highest level and tiers make some folks rather loath to howl about the problem. From Bergoglio and the Vatican to Weinstein to Nxivm to Hollywood to the halls of Congress to Epstein and the Lolita Express, the levels of sin and abuse are incomprehensible so a lot of folks figure that everyone might be best advised to just lay off the subject matter lest they inspire further inquiry as to the depths and degrees of depravity that have been heretofore honored.

Until next time, patriot.

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