There are few things more dangerous than taking one’s position or fate for granted. Next to making the case for Judy Tenuta scoring a Nobel. Anyhoo. Look, overconfidence is lethal. When a movement forgets how it got there and what the issues were and the climate was that enabled its momentum in the first place, that spells certain doom. The movement sputters. Slows. Grinds to a halt. I’ve seen it happen. Just look at Judy Tenuta. But I digress.

That’s precisely what I fear anent #Election2020 and President Trump. I fear that Americans will feel that Trump’s reelection is in the bag and in the cards and that there’s nothing to worry about. That when any rational, sensible voter looks at what he’s done, certainly Trump will be the only possible consideration. Right? He’s a shoo-in. That was Hillary’s problem and mistake (of many). And if you think that Trump’s hand-picked coterie of advisers are up to snuff, that makes one of us. I love that man and the cause and our republic and I know what I’m talking about. Maybe ex-Fox News honcho Bill Shine’s sayonarawas the hint that he’s wised up. I trust that media whiz Brad Parscale will unload and unleash his genius at the critical moment that will render the Dems and their presumptive candidate, Creepy Joe Biden, paralyzed, immobilized and crushed. Dear Gawd, I hope. I trust that Americans will understand that the level of prosperity and record unemployment across all demos they now enjoy is due to the political muscle and know-how of DJT. I trust a lot of things, er, I mean I hope a lot of things.

But, yes, these are fascinating times as times always are. And no, this is not the end of civilization as we know it and, no, we aren’t on the brink of civil war. But we are facing new cataclysms and fissures and revolutions within the political systems of our republic. Just look at how we aren’t even remotely conversant with actual terms of art anent policies, politics and platforms. Take socialism. Please. What you’re hearing spouted and pushed ain’t socialism. What, you say? Let me ‘splain.

Somewhere post-Bernie, nescient American commentators confused Democratic-Socialist for Socialist. I mean, who’s really surprised? The words are similar and we’ve this strained idea of what economic theories are compared and contrasted with totalitarian regimes and the like. Maybe. Neither he nor AOC remotely represent anything socialist. Trust me. What they promote is welfare state capitalism. Now, stop. Did you just read and hear what I said? Do not move on without understanding what that means. This caca del toroand the proliferation of such by Bernie et AOC and these seemingly endless polls stating that Gen-Z’s (of which I don’t believe) are leaning towards socialism miss the boat. “Free stuff ≠ socialism.” Remember that.

And speaking of monumental ignorance, FNC’s Judge Jeanine knows as much about Shariah as AOC knows about supersymmetry. What was she thinking with her latest protestations? Does she think Roger is still alive? Has she forgotten that Disney controls her puppet strings? The days of Fox as we knew it during Ailes is over. Got that, Tucker? If you think Fox’s 6thAvenue fortress is the Presidio of conservative protection, you’re out of your mind and off your meds. It’s all changing drastically. Everything from top to bottom and what I fear is that some folks don’t seem to get it.

Even the once relatively rational DNC seems to be outdone and outmaneuvered by new cliques and covens of neo-Dems. Ilhan Omar dusted off every classic anti-Israel, anti-Semitic trope and what did they do, the Dems, that is? Nada. Nancy Pelosi, who’s lost all control of her partyand caucus, along with Chuckles Schumer agreed upon some watered down something or other that addressed generic thoughts and ideas anent and regarding “hate,” a word that has been diluted to such levels never thought imaginable. What’s happened? These are new time and new players and a new country and I don’t believe most have noticed such. What was then ain’t current now, Sparky.

And with that, let me return to what POTUS must do immediatelyto win again in 2020. First, forego and abandon any ideas of debating anyone. Second, starve the #FakeNewsMedia of ad revenue by avoiding said dates. Third, focus on town halls versus anachronistic and otiose debates. Third, TrumpTV — a privately-owned 24/7 accessible video platform that allows voters and opponents access to what’s new, planned and pertinent as to myriad issues of note. Fourth, boycott all #FakeNewsMedia by any and all White House personnel, advisers, staff and the like. And finally, MAGAzine (coined by others, note attribution) that highlights FLOTUS Melania. A full-color, glossy masterpiece that will sell out in seconds, privately funded with proceeds directed to a charity of note, all in compliance with election laws and the like.

This is war. War plain and simple. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” spake Sun Tzu. It’s real and happening. Now.

Until next time, patriot.

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