#IStandWithJudgeJeanine. I know you heard the news that Fox News last week preempted Sixth Avenue’s answer to Learned Hand, Judge Jeanine Pirro, from her weekly show for reasons I’ll and you’ll never know or understand. And she was replaced, er, preempted for reruns of “Bowling for Sportshirts” or some Gawd awful remnant and retread ostensibly after her not-so-well-received comments anent and regarding newly-minted Congressperson Ilhan Omar. Seems that JJ’s quips and witticisms as to the compatibility of what Ms. Pirro viewed as Sharia with a member of Congress’s allegiance to the Constitution were not well-received. So what, I say. This while quislings Shep Smith and Judge Nap crank out interminable anti-Trump blather daily on what was Roger Ailes’ creation. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because Fox News sold out. Big time. The Mouse is in the house, kids. ABC . . . Disney . . . Iger. The same TV Boeotians who shitcanned Roseanne FROM HER OWN SHOW and kept on board that vile and despicable James Gunn, whose Twitter feed could be used as Exhibit A in a symposium on improper, unhealthy and sick child predation fantasies. That’s right. The not-so-wonderful world of Disney has reinstated sicko slime slug James Gunn as the writer-director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. No, he stays on. In fact he was theoretically shelved for a bit while Disney pretended that he was 86’d. But it was all a con. He was never jettisoned. Not for a moment. For some reason this sicko gets a pass whilst TV legend Roseanne gets the heave-ho FROM HER OWN SHOW! So, how demented were his Tweets, you ask. Google them on your own time. But not on an empty stomach.
Gawd, how I loathe them. Words cannot describe how delicious I find elite Hollyweird nincompoops caught in the delicious dragnet of one of the most far-reaching, dastardly yet incomprehensibly stupid scams ever. Well, maybe not that stupid in retrospect when you consider how long it’s been going on and at what levels. But here are a few questions that particularly piqued my interest. Next to who were the geniuses who thought they’d get by with photoshopping and superimposing their miserable seeds’ mugs on the bodies of actual athletes actually performing.
Why wasn’t William H. Macy charged but Felicity ux. was? Macy wasn’t charged with anything. Yet. From the looks of things it seems almost shameless not to include this feller in the snare. I mean, the feds allegedly have him on tape assenting to and ratifying the conspiracy to violate a veritable endless litany of Title 18 offenses. And not one charge?! Now, the possibilities and reasons for his separate treatment are multifold. This may in some wise act almost as an analog to the innocent spouse provision. (I said analog for good reason.) He may also have provided incredible evidence against and anent others in return for charges not being filed, all of which seems improbable beyond description. The chance to claim the scalp of a bona fide Hollyweird big shot is something most prosecutors couldn’t and wouldn’t pass up for anything. I mean, who can claim notoriety better? The guy who nails Jerry Lundegaard or the one who bags Lynette Scavo. Think about it, Sparky.
Clawback as another analogy. The phrase and concept refers to a bankruptcy law provision where the trustee voids transactions thus returning property back for the benefit of unsecured creditors. The context and application I speak of is as follows. Say that it’s determined that a college admission was fraudulently obtained, say further that that degree or matriculation record is expunged, quashed and killed. Assume arguendo further that by the time the fraud is discovered, the con kid has completed law school or medical school or any endeavor thus requiring initial and honest and actual and legitimate acceptance into a baccalaureate degree program. Are the postgrad degrees clawed back? Undone, stripped, revoked? Is the subsequent professional career void ab initioin that it was never legally or properly obtained? And if so how far back can and could authorities go? Not to criminally charge, mind you, but administratively?  
When minor players sing and heads roll. Those of us who’ve been in the criminal law trenches have seen all too often seemingly insignificant pinches turn into the critical thread pulled that destroys the entire fabric of the racketeering and criminal organization. One person, one underling, some guy or gal who figures they’re not going to be sent up the river indeterminately while some snotty, elitist Hollyweird big shot escapes the long arm of the law. And sings. And, perhaps, composes. And that’s what we’re seeing now. “Sources” say that some of the biggest, and I mean BIGGEST, names in all areas of tech and business and entertainment are belting out the hits. It’s suspected and expected that the feds will show that they’ve been involved in these scams for years and what you’re about to see will be a cosmic juridical bloodbath. And good. ‘Bout time.
Nothing new. Look, college admissions have been skewed, screwed and spewed (no, I don’t know what that means either) when it comes to athletic scholarships and the like. We’ve heard of sports stars have been recruited for college teams, kids who can’t even read their diplomas. And throw into the mix parents who just blatantly buy off the school through under or over the table “contributions” to a host of charities and building funds. Oh, by the by, you’ll love this. “Institutional Advancement” and “Transactional Philanthropy” are two terms of art that crooked colleges, especially the vaunted Ivy League, use to euphemize blatant payoffs and “no show” acceptance. These guys are straight from the LCN. What utter shite!
But this is different. What we saw here in the latest #CollegeAdmissionsScandal defies anything that was even remotely conceivable. Truly Bernie Madoff quality graft and slime here. Monumental in its level of corruption. Not to mention, when have you ever seen such lowlife cons as some of these idiot brats, Numero Uno being Olivia Jade, Loughlin’s spawn? This one reinvents chutzpah, balls and balderdash. No remorse, regret or clue. Look, enough with the obvious. But I’d give anything to be front row for her parents’ sentencing when this little darling’s videos are played. These revealing Kodak moments when these Snowflake dunderheads brag how they gamed and ginned the system. How they really don’t care about school but wanted to just party. Oh, they’ll have plenty of time to party now. The college dorm influencer on house arrest. And, good question, why weren’t they, the adult college students, charged with anything? No, great question.

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