In the blink of an eye. It’s 427 days until the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, 469 days until the Republican National Convention in Charlotte (can you say pro forma?) and 539 days until November 3, 2020, and President Donald Trump’s colossal, immane, mind-blowingly staggering, Brobdingnagian and historic landslide victory. I say that with caution and trepidation and am a tad chary as to waxing vatic and pythonic, especially when I know how horribly treacherous this current iteration of Dems is and how they’ve at this point no path or direction or platform to speak of . . . cogently. Yet despite his superiority as to message and focus, there’s not a Dem in sight with a clue as to what needs to be done. But, I pray, in no wise should you let that dampen your perfervid dedication to ensuring Round II. I wouldn’t put anything past these bastards nor should you.

And there’s one thing that must be done. First. And that’s the wall and border security. No issue comes close to it. I don’t care about Venezuela, Iran, Syria, FISA, HRC, nothing! UNTIL the issue of sovereignty is addressed. Sovereignty. James Monroe spake thusly: “It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty.” This is an existential concern whose cruciality is without peer. It was the subject of the resounding political war chants and celebratory exclamations of countless crowds that punctuated Trump’s gatherings. It’s PRIORITY NUMBER ONE and yet as we speak, we can’t clearly and cogently point to exactly and precisely what’s been done and is being done to stanch this border bleeding. Hemorrhaging versus mere extravasation.
Psephology is the examination and statistical analysis of elections. Let me repeat: ELECTIONS. And elections involve the heartless, brutal and laser science of matching human behavior with polling protocol and the mighty lever or stylus or shadowed circle. Voting matters. Not Fox News or MSLSD or TV news’s answer to the pilonidal cyst, CNN. People react via the vote. They focus on fear and hope and concerns and dreams and care nothing about some shill’s scripted corporatespeak. The American voter doesn’t own a pussy hat or even know what one is. They don’t buy in to HRC hagiographies or the apotheosis of Barry Obama et ux., the Oprah wannabe Michelle, who recently “penned” a book of such profound intellectual incontinence it warranted spiritual Depend(s). American voters are simple, basic and at their core good. They respond to that which makes eminent sense. And nothing makes more sense than border security.
In the pantheon of colossal greats. Look, I’ve never been more supportive of any President in my conscious adult life than Mr. Trump. It goes without saying, he ain’t poyfect but he’s the best there is. Just the disruption he’s caused to Deep State corporate sockpuppet blathering news vagrants and skells is worth the price of admission. He’s redefined the art of campaigning and speaks with a candor that’s nonpareil. On his worst day (if that’s possible) this billionaire can connect with every facet and aspect of our collective electorate humanity with a wit and candor that Joe Biden on his best day (if that’s ever been seen) could even dream of approximating. And while that’s an attribute to be sure, he must take that talent and direct it accordingly to the masses, highlighting and spearheading issues that grab at the gut, the heart and the soul. And border security is it.

Let no one dare utter its name. CHILD TRAFFICKING. HUMAN TRAFFICKING. SLAVERY. This is happening before our very eyes as we speak with a ferocity and frequency that are unimaginable. McLuhan said that only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity. And that’s what’s seen anent the horror subject of child trafficking. Look at it this way. A drug smuggler or weapons trafficker can only sell a batch of dope or a Kalashnikov once. That’s it. He must replenish the load for the next sale deducting the costs of production, importation, bribery and attendant miscellany. In the case of a child, she can be sold five to ten times a day, daily, weekly, monthly until the child is no longer functional, marketable or until he or she is no more. Period. And the trafficker and slavemaster keep all the profit. Do the math. And let me remind you, it’s he and she, the victims. To fully grasp the levels of these horrors most are unable and unwilling to accept that fellow humans, whom we ostensibly share DNA with, could deliberately profit from the knowing horrors to our most precious. Throw into the mix that parents themselves act as pimps and agents in the sale and delivery of human chattel and you start to see the complexity and unimaginable horror of this behavior that could be significantly curtailed if not eliminated altogether were we to join forces against such by first closing our borders. And if you can stand brutality in statistic form: The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America.

The Roseanne Barr Interviews. I prefer to call them sessions. America’s sweetheart, America’s mom. TV pioneer and visionary and now the inadvertent posterchild for fascistic censorship over the most insignificant of tweet bleats in the annals of recorded history. Please click here for INTERVIEW ONE and INTERVIEW TWO. But make sure you’re sitting down and that family members and caretakers are standing by once the paroxysms of laughing fits hit.

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