QUESTION: Ignorance or stupidity, what’s worse? Take your time and think about this one. But don’t take too much time.
Time’s up. The latter, of course. Ignorance can be cured via knowledge. Organic trumps everything. One more: What’s worse: A lack of learning (ignorance again) or critical thinking? Again, the latter. The inability to understand how to evaluate the issues of the world through a systematic analysis will result in, yet again, most people unable to grasp and handle the issues that citizens face daily. The former can be corrected via . . . well, learning. And what you’ll see by way of this installment of thought, I trust, is that we suffer from a fundamentally tragic and horrid lack of being able to apply issue analysis and evaluation as to critical issues. Stated differently, we are a country of profound idiots and Boeotians, loudmouths and bullshit artists contaminated by an inability to grasp the most basic of concepts yet possessed with the most overdeveloped senses of self-importance and delusions of grandeur. Ahem.
Take abortion. Please.
Recently this buzzkill issue of intellectual discourse hit the headlines with Alabama joining a wave of states seeking to reverse, dismantle and dilute Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973). You remember Roe, the hideously written 1973 SCOTUS decision that “legalized” abortion nationwide. Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi and Ohio and have likewise approved bans on abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, theoretically possible as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. As you can imagine this has inspired the usual rancor, anger and incoherent screams of whatever from teams and passels and legions of the seriously concerned, the absolutely confused and the constitutionally nescient.
First, calm down. Take a deep breath and take it easy. Are you ready? Good. Now listen. A woman’s “right” to an abortion will never be repealed under any circumstances. Ever. Repeat. EVER. The notion of America returning to the clothes hanger, back alley days of horror will not be revisited. Roe is safe via stare decisis, especially after it withstood and was emboldened by Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833 (1992). Remember, infanticide’s another story.
Full disclosure. I’m pro-choice. Whatever that means. I don’t believe a woman or her physician should ever face the lunacy of arrest and incarceration over a pregnancy termination procedure. And yes, it’s murder. Well, not murder per se as murder involves the unlawful taking and cessation of a life. But it’s a human life and this is different. And, yes, AGAIN it’s a human life. It’s not a duck or quasi-human or an almost a human or an undeveloped human, it’s a human nonetheless. And this human falls within a category of existence and standing that might not be readily identifiable using the usual taxonomy and morphological or developmental nomenclature. It’s a human. Whether a clump of cells, blastocyst, embryo or fetus. It’s a human. But a human that’s growing within its host mother. A mother with concomitant “rights.” Now, if you can’t get your head around that, sorry. It’s the law, it’s science, it’s reality and all the newsletters and yammering won’t change that. But that human status does not preclude, sadly, its obliteration. Within limitations, that is. Call it what you want, that’s what we’re talking about.
You can euphemize abortion all you want just as we do war when we call it collateral damage, friendly fire or even engaging the enemy. It’s still war and death and abortion is the destruction of a human life that will remain legal. Period. Within certain circumstances.
Now let’s return to the Constitution and what it actually says, Roenotwithstanding. There’s no “right” to an abortion. Did you hear me? No right. The XIV Amendment proscribes and prohibits the deprivation of life, liberty and property without due process of law. Therefore it states clearly that said deprivations are legal and allowable and permissible constitutionally so long asthey are performed via a process that is due, viz. notice and the opportunity to be heard. The underlying theory of Roe was a convoluted reading of Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965), and Douglas’s “penumbras” and “emanations.” This is the basis and the gravamen of the argument that states that substantive due process is a fiction, illogical and without merit. Stated differently, legislate it away or mandate it through legislation, name it. But the idea that the Constitution guarantees the right to abort, marry, have sex, smoke weed, whatever, is simply insane, wrong, specious and without merit.
That being said, nobody asked me or you because the case is moot. That’s the law and that’s the law that shall remain as such.
But remember. A woman’s “right” to an abortion will never be repealed under any circumstances. Ever. Repeat. EVER.
Now, ninth month infanticide is another story. A story we’ll address later.

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