Memorial Day is over. In fact, it was over before it even started. Most media types and Americans confuse it with Veterans Day as the two are sadly referenced interchangeably. Nevertheless, America swears it supports its military and veterans (until they need something other than lip service), insists it funds veterans (to a point) and adamantly represents that it supports them in war (so long as the war’s not complicated or messy or prolonged). Other than that, no problem. When it comes to militarism and the hyper-fetishism of the uniform and warfare, nobody beats the good ol’ US of A. And what’s even better is that we swear that through some convoluted reasoning, brave soldiers, sailors and Marines must have every military exercise or mission applauded and supported lest we turn our backs on our brave centurions. America must once and for all realize that over 165K of our troops are deployed and assigned in over 150 countries, roughly 70% of the world. [Source] Why? Stop clapping like trained seals whenever a deployment is announced but instead ask how we’re actually using our cherished generation of military and why.
Too many folks squirm when the subject is broached. Too bad. This must be addressed and too bad it so often incurs the wrath and ire of a number of “historians.” Remember what Tolstoy said: History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true. Not every military deployment, war, casualty, battle or engagement ensures or guaranteed or had anything to do with securing your freedoms. No Vietnamese contingent ever threatened Cleveland or kept anyone from voicing objections to governmental inaction or overreach. Not one fallen or wounded American military personnel ever protected you by protecting American business interests or some Deep State property interest in any country. Vietnam destroyed lives, relationships and divided a nation. “Love it or leave” became the patellar response to any question as to its validity. Over 58K Americans died during that exercise for what exactly? And never forget the Korean War with over 34K Americans killed in three years in conditions of horror that are incomprehensible and inexplicable. Please, tell me again what individual freedoms did their deaths guarantee (not including the horrors experienced by the wounded, missing and those who were ravaged through PTSD and attendant suicide).
WITH THE EXCEPTION OF WWII. Let’s immediately remove WWII from this equation. Hitler and WWII are in a category of their own and no explanation is required nor is one given.
But let me say, state and repeat: In no wise am I suggesting the abolition of the military or dismissing American bravery but what I am calling into serious question is their necessity in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and Vietnam among others. I’m further attempting to disabuse the nescient American of connecting the freedom to vote, speak and live with the death of an American soldier. The people trying to destroy my Constitutional freedoms are in Washington and they’re called the Democratic Party. Ahem.
Consider the following, first appearing in 2011. Since the United States was founded in 1776, the it been at war during 214 out of her 235 calendar years of existence. Stated differently, there were only 21 calendar years in which the U.S. did not wage any wars. Keep this in mind when “I Am the Walrus” Bolton yet again calls for more war and military intervention in, of all places, Venezuela?! Why again? Well, because they’re socialist and evil and mean and, oh yes, happen to be sitting on immane crude reserves. And what’s a little “boots on the ground” on behalf of [DS] Jed Clampetts. The same folks who through manipulation and World Bank and IMF shenanigans ginned up off-the-charts hyperinflation inter alia, but that’s for later.
If President Trump finally lays waste to [DS] jackals once and for all along with their attendant media quislings and apparatchiks, one of his critical objectives must be to slice to ribbons this demented belief that American military personnel are the personal enforcers and the [DS] Luca Brasi, able to be dispatched and deposited whenever and wherever they can spread more anti-American hostility, destroy more sovereign governments and snatch more natural resources under the name of freedom or some manufactured international or domestic threat of whatever can be thought up on the fly and off the cuff. Let me remind you that iron, copper, gold, cobalt, and lithium are plentiful in the region. And as Gerald Celente once opined: What do you think the chances would have been of our invading Iraq if their main export was broccoli?
And as to the issue of the military keeping us free, well, are you? Are you free? Free to say what you want, use whatever medical or health applications and regimens you desire? May you say what you want on social media? Are you free from governmental surveillance and privacy invasions? Are you free from having mysterious substances sprayed in our once blue skies? Are you free from geoengineering, solar radiation management and climate engineering? Are you free from being listened to your appliances, laptops, mobile phones and myriad electronics? Are you free from GMOs which have replaced real and natural food? Are you free to imbibe in whatever substances you like without threat of incarceration? Are you free as a parent to decide what immunization schedules your children will be subjected to? Do you feel free with a US prison population that would be among the 10th largest cities in terms of size? Do you feel free with a corporate MSM news platform that hides, shields, obfuscates and distorts all news anent Trump? Do you feel free knowing that Deep State [DS] and Intel State operatives conspired and confederated to remove this duly elected President? Does carter Page feel free?
Shall I go on?
So, what’s this freedom everyone’s talking about? And are they suggesting that no other country enjoys the ability to speak openly or vote? I’m not sure.
But let me perorate succinctly I trust, our brave military deserves our respect and support. Natch. But enough with syrupy corny songs, “Support Our Troops” ribbons on the back of SUVs and conflating NFL games with jingoism, hypermilitarism and daring and deigning to care whether some idiot takes a knee versus standing dutifully while the national anthem is played. We have reduced patriotism and support for the military into the most base and simplistic exhibitions of bumper sticker fealty. Americans are fed up with twits like Mayor Buttigiggitygiggity claiming some clandestine, hyper-secret involvement in Afghanistan, doing something that has yet to be chronicled, defined or understood all the while claiming that America’s commander-in-chief was a draft dodger and thus lacks military experience after being THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF FOR ALMOST TWO-AND-A-HALF-YEARS! Now just think about that one.
America must stop waving military service around like a fashion accessory and political gimmick. Stop sending men and women to die for causes you can’t explain and absolving your responsibility by muttering the axiomatic rote “support our troops” mantra. Stop sending them to die so that some asset-stripping globalist jackal can secure geopolitical superiority in an area that has absolutely nothing to do with protecting American freedom. Unless you accompany them on the next mission, tour or war. Am I clear?
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