As you most probably know and are beyond mentally saturated over and through and with, the Mueller Report is now dead, buried and the crypt keeper Robert “Lurch” Mueller provided some of the most incomprehensibly incoherent blather masked as rationale for finding President Trump NOT NOT GUILTY. That’s right. He wasn’t found NOT GUILTY (admittedly beyond the province of any Special Counsel report). No, he was found NOT NOT GUILTY. The elusive and illusive and illusory juridical double negative. So does that mean that Trump’s guilty? No, but if Mueller says he’s not in fact not guilty or innocent, why doesn’t that translate to guilty? Great question. Now all we need is a great answer.
What does this all mean? The double, elliptical, desultory, discursive verdict. NOT NOT GUILTY. Translation: It’s not that he’s not guilty, he’s not not guilty. Not guilty but not exonerated. Not guilty but not because there’s no evidence of guilt . . . no, wait . . . not guilty, not because due process requires such . . . no, that’s not it either. No, he was not guilty because after 675 days, 501 witnesses, 2807 subpoenas and a price tag in excess of $38M (double it) there was simply not enough evidence — or no evidence at all of any criminal exposure or liability. You mean he’s innocent, right, Bobby? No, on the contrary he’s not without guilt though he’s without any evidence of that which would suggest or indicate guilt and/or culpability. If this makes any sense to you, congratulations. You’re the only one.
Now that the Mueller Investigation is over it’s time to focus once and for all on the sole, lone and only issue for Election 2020, 519 days from now. But you’d never know it if you listened to the main focus of putatively conservative media and pro-Trump media platforms. If I hear one more mention of Hillary’s BleachBit servers and email systems, I’m going to climb a bell tower. Is there some personal, private contest or drinking game going on to see how many times that spoliation platform can be mentioned? My Gawd, let’s move on to the border.
That’s right what used to be the border. Our border. The American border. Now it’s the sieve, the state lines, the welcome center. “Bienvenido a Los Estados Unidos!” It’s pathetic, unbelievable and happening. That’s the issue. That’s it, plain and simple. Full stop. And yet there’s this preoccupation, this delusion that suggests that somewhere in Main Street USA good Americans are parsing anticipatorily through the intricacies of FISA [DECLAS] drumbeats and the persistent call for Mueller to testify or not, depending on your level of discursion.
I don’t begin to claim to know everything or anything about all that this POTUS faces. I’m sure as are you that when he took to the helm he was invariably told and informed that not everything he had wanted or planned or even promised to do would be necessarily easy or (God forbid) possible. Just look at the amount of time it’s taking to slap the bracelets on the #OvenMittFashionista, the BleachBit Queen (take a shot partiers), the woman who’s flouted and flaunted and flummoxed the system, thumbing her nose at justice and due process and any semblance of juridical certainty. Those of us whose focused crosshair justice has targeted this Chappaqua spoor for far too long and have been most patient in waiting for that celebratory moment when we receive confirmation along with the official (Mao jacket, bunker gear, reptilian exoskeleton backpacked) mugshot that this harridan has finally been nabbed. So we wait. We likewise wait for POTUS to scatter and shatter into smithereens the DOJ and FBI and its warrens of [DS] connivers, cons and conspirators. And wait. These things take time. There’s protocol involved. We wait for the wall. The promised wall. The wall that’s prominently configured in chants and rousing rants: BUILD THAT WALL! BUILD THAT WALL! And we wait. Patiently, ever understanding, always aware that these things take time and coordination and the like. We ingeminate to remind, to asseverate but even that begins to become problematic. Tiring.
But notwithstanding our patience and understanding there comes a feeling of desperation and uncertainty and fear. Fear that somehow, in some way these horrid Dems might just figure a way through connivance and legerdemain to change the numbers, TRULY collude to affect an election and through their incredibly biased and hallucinatory media platforms (that dominate, thank you very much) . . . somehow they might deprive our savior of our Round II. Yes, I said savior.
But, I and we take a deep breath and steel ourselves, unyielding and ever-committed to the fight of a lifetime. A fight for the future of our beloved constitutional republic.

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