#45Fest LionelNation Live Chat immediately following the President’s triumphant announcement at 8 PM ET. Join your constitutional brothers and sisters at the Live Chat Portal that will remain open throughout the day so please review and join in the immersive and interactive world of participatory democracy. Talk radio on its best day can’t approximate same. Never could. Never would. Never will. Just can’t. Same reason a Kiwi can’t fly.
#45Fest begins today and mainstream media (MSM) crybabies are in the usual froth. Why, you ask? That’s what they do. It’s who they are and what they stand for. Obstructionist children. Confused and hateful haters hating without focus and surcease. Determined and sworn to destroy everything and everything Trump. Committed to promoting the systematic collapse of our constitutional republic and enlisted in the war against decency, normalcy and convention. If it’s weird, wrong, illegal, disruptive and contrary to anything involving (dare I even utter the phrase) Western ideology it will be ground into the ground by the heel of this seditionist jackbooted ideology. There, how’s that?
MSM news is a threat to our liberty and the continued sustainability of our constitutional republic. Inasmuch as I have sworn never to waste my time on this particular subject again, I must break my vow and say a word or twelve about MSM news and how you must, and I mean must, disconnect from this horror show of misinformation, propaganda and falsity. And I mean all MSM news platforms, every one of them. You must instead scan the available daily offerings from myriad sources as I do, getting a feel for what’s purported and presented as relevant and critical and then home in on that which you want to pursue or reject outright. You decide. Think of these platforms as chalkboard menus in the window as you peregrinate along boulevard looking for a place to dine. Scan the fare, peruse the specials and then decide what looks like pursuing. And if the selections suck, move on. Don’t happen in, sit down and hope that something worthwhile will materialize. When America plops down before the news circus, it’s at the mercy of some PA, assignment editor or per diem slave whose idea of news is the usual guest intensive, endless roulette wheel of the usual subjects thrust upon the masses: apparatchiks, most dull and on the dole, trained seals barking and bleating the usual scripted pabulum and putrescence that ensure the return run. Pull away now. Just say no. And think for yourself. Trust me.
Fueled by anger, buoyed by nescience. These news journo-wannabe rejects are enlisted to present their rote corporate un-American sockpuppet reality to you. Just the look on their faces is enough to inspire emesis. Their expressions alone. The moral certitude. The commitment to a cause they cannot actually explicate much less grasp, all the while trampling over the rights of Americans who deign to opine. Oh, and here’s the best part. They truly believe they’re journalists! Swear to Gawd. Or at least valid analysts. They are monumentally deluded by the self-deception that daily anti-Trump spewings reinforce, so much so that they hardly notice the level of schmaltz, schlock and dreck they sing. They tergiversate with the wind. And you’d think they’d notice the fact that these bastions of news vomit are shuttering daily. One would guess that the man-bunned, neck-tattooed vapid millenioid journo-lite Ted Baxter, ostensibly smart enough to second guess the President of the United States, could see the cards on the table and not bother drawing to an inside straight? Dig?
So stop anon. Cease this folly and you alone determine what you’re going to read, watch or listen to. You be your news director. Take charge. Listen, I haven’t watched network or mainstream media news since October 27 of last year and my life changed. Think of it not as a fast or a diet but quitting cold turkey.
So tell me, why can’t the #DemoRats understand why border security’s critical? Let’s talk irony and hypocrisy simultaneously. There are those who have the hardest time explicating much less understanding the quintessentially obvious rationale over enforcing national borders from being breached by swarms and murmurations of illegal, sometimes diseased, sometimes sex-trafficked, sometimes drug-smuggling “migrants.” At the same time they show this uncanny ability to recognize the most persnickety of rules anent social media violations and the like. Amazing, truly. They can recite every iteration of statutory hate yet can’t see the sapience in and of enforcing a border and protecting national sovereignty. Just think about that for a moment. These trifling blateroons, yammering into the night as to the most inconsequential of nothing, are without the ability to recognize trespassory encroachment as they swipe their door cards suspended from the ubiquitous corporate-issued lanyard so they can seal themselves from the big, bad and awful world they’ve retreated from.  
It’s worse than we thought. Eric Blair warned us of thought police, Stasi-like surveillance predators and freedom assassins, more government than private. But that was then. These days are different. You must understand a simple fact: It’s the private sector I fear most now. The citizen pitchfork and torch wielder. They’ve a ferocity in their disdain for your self-expression and categorization of critical and will stop at nothing to shut you up and down straight away. The numbers and frequency of predatory thought vigilantes are actually the product of a mental health issue, viz. an oblique yet metastatic narcissism that demands the expunction of their rivals’ opinions and viewpoints deemed inconsistent with corporate fascism.
Valedictory. It’s actually a simple thought, but what will the TDS-afflicted and infected do when Trump wins round two and then says adios thereafter? Will they have crafted a cogent message, platform or worldview by then? I seriously doubt it. Seriously.
Mark Your Calendar! LIONEL AT THE CUTTING ROOM. SOUND THE KLAXON! October 5, 2019. Mark your calendars. Lionel returns to and storms the stage of New York’s heralded and lauded and world-famous Cutting Room for an evening of (out)spoken word and bluegrass. This is not standup. This is not your father’s comedy. This is brutal, piquant commentary and analysis. Hie! You know the drill, patriots. Operators are standing by. Here, click!

The Unspeakable Truth of Human Trafficking: The Horror At Your Doorstep. My wife, known in Conspiratorium circles as the Inimitable and Ineffable Mrs. L, has a compelling address that I commend to you as it exposes and confronts a topic that for reasons I shan’t ever understand has been avoided altogether by the usual suspects, the nefarious MSM failures. It’s a compelling interview that I humbly request you forward to colleagues and friends to spread the word and illuminate this subject.

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