The Constitution Is Under Attack . . . Again

Verity. Let me start by saying (as I am wont to do) that Americans are essentially and organically good people for the most part, by and large. And let’s be a tad universalist as well and throw in the notion of mankind sharing in said goodness. As in worldwide. As in internationally. True. Humans are indeed preternaturally (to some) naturally hardworking, honest and, I daresay, patriotic when it comes to abecedarian concepts of no shite, elemental, basic and rudimentary love of country and order. Let me even throw nationalism into the mix versus nativism and certainly versus white nationalism or supremacy for that matter (terms I’ve yet to figure and truly grasp and master). That being said, this is still a lazy lot nonetheless with nary a clue as to fundamental issues, and a fortiori the essential concept that the #FakeNewsMedia are corporatist statist fascist operatives and apparatchiks designed and employed to spread drivel, dreck and disinformation to the fat and happy slobs who’ve never grasped the fact that their beloved liberties can be taken away in the snap of a finger. Too harsh? I’m just getting started.
Today’s #FakeNewsMedia is the AIDS of informational breakdown. Why? What’s AIDS primarily? It’s marked by the breakdown of the immune system. Those infected, inflicted and affected suffer from opportunistic diseases caused by the body’s radar system having been shut down. That’s what’s happening today with our news and information media. Look at it this way. What’s worse: Knowing the wrong thing or not knowing anything? I submit the latter. And if you’re allowed to wallow in this retched information and news septic tank what you’ll invariably learn is nothing. As in the absence of something. Something of matter. Something of note. The dearth, paucity and nonexistence of the critical.
We’re at war. And the enemy is internecine, embedded and from within. A dormant pathogen called nescience and ennui that uses intellectual torpor as the base or medium of spreading vile misinformation and propaganda. Am I getting through, Sparky? Blink once for yes.
I don’t care if you like Trump, voted for him, hate him, love him, that’s not the issue.  The issue is the Constitution. And it’s under attack. Why? Let me tell you. (1) The extraordinary measure of impeachment is now used as an amputation technique to interrupt and short-circuit the franchise. To reverse the vote. To remove the victorious, the duly elected, the winner. To ablate the victor. To dissect the quiddity of the representative process. Ask Jimmy Madison or Tommy Boy Jefferson what they’d think about using the emergency brake of impeachment to right election misdirection and they would most probably swear you were joking. (2) #FakeNewsers think you’re stupid. That you’re incurious, uneducated. Prove them wrong. (3) Refer to Nos. 1 and 2 supra.

The Deep State [DS] is real and here and deadly and must be stopped at all cost. There are slews of attempted definitions as to [DS] but let’s see if we can narrow it down. [DS] is a for the most part a clandestine, occult and quasi-secret network and labyrinth of especially and essentially nonelected government and tangentially governmental officials and private entities operating extralegally and without the conventional bounds of government to influence and enact government policy. As David Rockefeller famously intoned, “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” This is not some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, Sparky. This is as serious and as real as it gets. Besides, we haven’t worn tinfoil in years; it’s aluminum.

I’m not a conservative, a Republican, a right-winger. I’m just right. This has nothing to do with Trump. But it has everything to do with a man who dared to challenge the status quo, dared to push [DS] special interests aside and dare to do it his way. Shattering Biden’s prototypical nepotism scam into smithereens. And remember, if there’s one thing that [DS] colluders and miscreants hold inviolate, sacred and sacrosanct it’s the colossal scams and networks and warrens of corruption that nepotism circuits represent. How? When Nancy Pelosi is reported to be worth a Gazillion smackers, how does she explicate such? By claiming it’s her husband who’s the business genius. Right. When Maxine Waters, who — by all metrics and medical science variables is a bona fide cretin and a submental, subliterate, daft blowtop — is a millionairess, is asked to explain her riches . . . well, come to think of it, she never is. Look at how her family benefits mightily. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Will Trump be impeached? Yep. Without a doubt. But not removed. How do I know? It’s all they have and all they’ve got and nothing will get in their way. That simple. That basic.

How do you spell pathetic? As of today, there are 397 days left until #Election2020. Think about that for a minute. Barely over a year and the Dems have yet to craft a coherent policy save for the surgical extraction of a duly-elected POTUS, their opponent. The message is occluded, muddled, distorted and distracted. Irresolute, dissolute and of disrepute to boot. Incoherent, logolalic, logorrhea-laden. The bases of the blateroons. Energumens fixated on impeachment. Determined to concoct and construct wild yarns of enlisting Ukrainian prosecutors to investigate . . . wait for it . . . crimes committed in Ukraine! Imagine that. The diabolical genius of Trump attempting to enlist the help of a country in seeing that it investigate and prosecute if need be its victimization. You can’t make this up.

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