Bellicose When Appropriate, Strategic By Design: A Brilliant Take and Tack

So long, Solemaini. See ya. Adios. Sayonara. Have a nice day. The dispatch of Qasem Soleimani, also spelled Qassem Suleimani or Qassim Soleimani or S-P-L-A-T. Look, I’m not one to ghoulishly snarl and yip and howl over the taking of innocent life and that’s why it’s perfectly fine here to react accordingly because the surgical ablation of this purulent fungating boil of fallen humanity is not in that category, so here goes. He was zeroed in on, sighted, pinpointed and dispatched instanter. Like that. Poof! Vaporized. Nullified with extreme prejudice. “Taking out the architect of the Islamic Republic’s decades-long active campaign of violence against the United States and its allies, especially Israel, represents a tectonic shift in Middle Eastern politics,” wrote Michael Doran, defense expert and analyst. In the New York Times, no less. Translation for those playing along at home: As was Corn Pop, Solemaini was a bad dude. And virtually unknown to anyone, certainly in the [DS] corporatist apparatchik #FakeNewsMedia typing pool. Watching as much as I could of these intellectual bantamweight pseudologists made me retch. The faux wailers, compensated moirologists. Trained mynahs. Howling on cue. Paid to lie and spew loud lachrymations to some feller they’ve never heard of before ordered. Are you getting the sense I’m not found of them?
Blame Israel, the MIC, everyone but the bad guy. You expected it. You knew it was coming. The same old tune, the same old refrain. And it goes something like this. The US is fighting Israel’s battles. They set it up, we pulled the trigger. It’s all about the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street and stocks and ____ (Your Choice Here). Notwithstanding the fact of history. And reality. And realpolitik. But you expected them and that. It’s the way it always is. And with free speech comes it, this rather Pavlovian obeisance to the refrain. But, suffice it to say, Israel benefits when the strategic terror planning conductor is expurgated. As do we, the world and civilized humanity. That simple. Oh, and, yes, Sparky, defense stocks enjoy a spike. Does this surprise you? Ever hear of the Butterfly Effect? Nonlinear cause and effect. It’s in their disinformation packet to be memorized and regurgitated. And it’s getting old and forgotten. Remember, today’s Monday. A new news cycle. Impeachment, Super Bowl’s approaching. General O Sole Mio’s already in the rearview mirror.
These are the days of the neoteric. Scrap the usual take, Sparky. We’re thinking new. Novel. Unorthodox and unique. Forget political parties and Walter Cronkite. We’ve a new generation of voters, born in captivity with nary a clue as to what the hell’s going on. We live in the Twitterverse where maladjusted misanthropes covered in Cheeto dust hunch over a laptop in the ‘rent’s basement and bark at the moon. You want to explain Reaganomics to these folks? Good luck. It’s a new world and a new POTUS who had the vision and the foresight to hook up to the masses in ways and platforms brand new to the asylum. That’s right, DJT hacked the combination, appended brilliance with an “@” and changed the course of American politics. Forever.
Harvey’s going to double down on the Sicilian flu this week. Weinstein, that is. The man will portray Oscar-caliber (when that actually meant something) incapacitation as his trial commenced today. Hobbled and sidelined by accelerated senescence, this dotard in the role of his life will foot drag, shake, pulse, heave (and ho) and slide along with walker in hand, appearing (if it’s possible) more ugly, disgusting and emesis-inducing than ever. And the case is off to a great start as his new lawyer seeking brass-ring media stardom announces that she’s going to take on #MeToo full force, full frontal, full contact and full Monty. Full metal hack it. And CourtTV’s going balls-to-the-wall, hoping this will be their new OJ, their new shot in the arm. Imagine what Harvey’s thinking after Epstein took the dirt nap through murder-induced suicide. #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself
Memory [Jizz]laine: We’re coming for you. Remember her. Ghislaine Maxwell, the “socialite,” public enemy numero uno, is in the crosshairs. Look, Bill Barr, we don’t know exactly what you’ve been up to heretofore but it looks like plenty of nothing. You’ve essentially announced [CRICKETS]. No big shakes on MS-13, fentanyl traffickers, opioid mills, puppy mills, Hayley Mills. Nothing. Nada. Bupkis. The big goose egg, my bagpiper friend. And remember, as the saying goes: “A true gentleman is a man who can play the bagpipes, but doesn’t.” Bill, don’t just stand there. Indict someone. Anyone.
Dems. Deez Dems. Nuts. Blecch. Yuck. Ick. I absolutely despise this certain batch of faux Democrats. And you do too. Not all but most, a lot, a significant number. I mean I really detest them. This bunch. These faux Dems, these demented libturds and their cosmically and cosmetically disjointed view of the world. Yes, I know. I’m cautious to avoid the word hate, as that’s been the target of these morons. You can’t hate as that’s been criminalized unless the hate is for Trump and then that hate’s exalted and transpositioned into righteous protest and indignation. You earn your bones, your badge if you hate Trump for everything and anything. The more diffuse the hate the better.
This tribe of obstructionists. I loathe them. They’re like an impacted bezoar. Some huge wad of intestinal wax that allegedly sidelined and felled Elvis and the Duke. (You’ve heard those weekend radio ads, right? But I digress.) I detest them with a fury and a passion that’s inexplicable and heretofore never experienced. I was never elevated to such despising. Until now. They make me seethe and rail. I wax emetic. Vesuvius, baby. Nancy Pelosi is Brunhildë, Nadler, an experiment gone bad. And Schiff . . . well, that’s too easy. This group of un-American mutineers are at the very heart and base of turning my New York City into some dystopian beta-test.

We’re gonna reelect that motherf*cker! Sound familiar? January 3, 2019, hours after she was sworn in the Michigander termagant Rashida Tlaib, who’s to rational electioneering what Al Martino was to microsurgery, this vile charter member of the Squad Furies uttered this now famous and prescient classless profanity. “[W]e’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!” To be correct, the entire quote was presented thusly.

“When your son looks at you and said ‘Mamma, look, you won — bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!’”

Rashida out of luck. This is the low rent, base and classless claptrap that we’ve had to endure. Well, that changes now. Bigly. With 301 days to the election, here we come. All of us. The lot. The passel. And where there’s one of us, there’s all of us. (And where have I heard that before?)­­ RT took on DT. For the match of her life. So, let’s see what she and the rest of Der Squad do as POTUS45 locomotes towards reelection. In 301 days.
Start spreading the news. New York’s looking like the set of Death Wishmeets Night of the Living Dead. Through and as the result of catastrophic, cataclysmic and catatonic criminal justice and bail reforms, New York’s most insane, dangerous and criminally derelict are caught and released for whatever they do for reasons NO RATIONAL PERSON CAN UNDERSTAND. Did I say rational? That may explain it. My guess is that it is part of a [DS] masterplan to subvert and destroy every vestige of rational order that our society enjoys. Everything. And every thing. It’s part of the new calamity protocol. You’ve read of LA and Frisco now the proud owners of 20 pound bags o’ poop strewn about the landscape. Why? Disorder and destabilization. [DS] evildoers can’t prosper in order. And calm. They advance exponentially when everything’s amiss and askew. I ask you. Jews in NYC are under attack from the A-Team of loons. Who in particular? Miscellaneous haters spewing such incomprehensible gibberish that no one can remotely decipher what’s being said. Malists, NYC is the place for you. It’s become full-tilt, full-throttle nuts. And dangerous. And soon unlivable, thus perhaps explicating the exodus taking place at clips heretofore never seen.
Mass hysteria as spectator sport. This is an ochlocracy: perfect, pure and simple. Swarms and mobs, gaggles, flocks and passels, herds and schools — murmurations and formations of the easily moved (and paid Soros-style). All swept up in the moment and the frenzy and the communal siren call of publicity. A giant LOOK AT ME! moment forever captured, catalogued and memorialized. An incoherent moment, mind you. But a moment nonetheless. And they provided invaluable and priceless B-roll fodder for Trump media armies. “Is this the America you want?” It was that simple. If you want to see what mayhem looks like, here’s Exhibit A. Bravo, DNC. You stepped in it again. Just think what the critical Independent vote thinks after watching this freak show. As Cruise’s Jack Reacher noted: “Remember, you wanted this.”
The etiology of TDS tantrums. But where did these people get the idea they could terrorize innocent victims aka Trump supporters or staff? Does this ring a bell? “If you think we’re rallying now you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, told supporters at a rally in Los Angeles this past June. “If you see anybody from that (Trump) Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Can you say “incitement,” Ms. Waters? I can. The Wig may have finally lost it.
And speaking of Maxine. Some were most taken aback when POTUS slammed the ostensible paucity of Maxine’s intellectuality. Low IQ Maxine. Harsh? Mean? Perhaps. But oh, so accurate. If you haven’t heard this testament to comedy genius may I lay this beaut on you. Mad Maxine trolled, punk’d and scammed yet again by this troupe of Russian wiseguys. Listen to this woman. Listen to the inarticulation, the tenuous grasp, the perilous connection to what’s happening. The cosmic gullibility. The incomprehensible daftness of this delirious dolt. And she wants to be briefed on military targeting?! I still attribute the whole pathetic mess to wig constriction. Plain and simple. Bless her heart.
Enough. We must move on.
#MAGA2020. It’s been 1665 days since President Donald Trump announced he was running for President, 1154 days since he was elected, 1080 days since he was inaugurated and it’s only 301 days to the 2020 reelection where he will be again resoundingly swept back into office via landslide, taking the electoral and popular vote. And during the aforementioned periods and in view of the last, what has been the Democrats’ message? Tell me. What are their hopes, goals, intentions, wishes, dreams, platforms, plans, programs, ideas, vision? Anyone? Anybody? Hello?
Read this carefully. Pay particular note. Donald Trump is the greatest President in my lifetime. How this man has been able to captivate, motivate and scintillate huge swaths of Americans is nothing sort of astounding. He devastated the best and (sorta) brightest of the GOP contenders, wiping the floor with them. Bernie was obliterated through the Oven Mitt Fashionista herself after being apparently threatened and/or aggressively persuaded to cease and desist instanter. And speaking of Shillary, who brought back the Mao jacket and reptilian exoskeleton back brace as fashion accessory, her disintegration and implosion are ones for the history books. POTUS’s HRC target now is obtainable through Huber or Sessions, viz. to have her indicted for any of the series of possible charges that are available. She has flouted the law and her responsibility for too long. #OvenMitt4Git
This is my 32nd year in professional political and legal commentary and analysis. I have never enjoyed it more than now and cannot even imagine it getting better. But something tells me it will. Thank you for sharing this with me. Admit it, you’ve never felt more alive.

God bless America.
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