America Naively Thinks Ricky Gervais “Nailed It!” — He’s A Limited Hangout

I knew America was gullible but never this much. Seriously. The level of naiveté is cosmic. And from those who fancy themselves as connected and [WOKE] or variations thereof.
Forgive me for doubling my newsletter efforts. I just laid one on you yesterday but I couldn’t let this go. If I hear one more person gasp at Ricky Gervais’s faux courage I swear I’ll puke. If you’re one of the twelve people who never bought this utter shite, forgive me and this. If you’re not, I’ve one question: How bloody gullible are you?
Ricky Gervais (RG) is a Pedowood [DS] shill who was handed a script that was written for him by a team of writers (though he most certainly provided adequate tweakage with his own unique slant and take). But think not that this sole intrepid comic took on Tinseltown single-handedly. It’s a work, Sparky. A con. A con that repeats itself yearly as America falls for this bit every time.
That script after crafting was then placed in the teleprompter whereupon it was read by RG, directors, camera people, AD’s, TD’s, line producers, cleaning ladies, receptionists . . .  everybody! After that, camera positions had to be blocked and arranged so that when the bad boy of slash and burn references De Niro or Baby Yoda, they had to be at the ready. Which means they knew and were poised. Prepared and standing by for the choreographed moment of brilliant skewering. When Tom Hanks was allowed his series of aghast takes, that had to be scripted in advance. You see, the director had to be standing by, camera positioned and targeted. Impromptu, my arse!
These sick people are so monumentally demented that they’d feel left out if they weren’t insulted. It’s somewhat akin to a Don Rickles engagement. “Why didn’t he mention me?” and not only did they want to be skewered but so did NBC, the Golden Globers, agents, managers, the whole lot.
But here’s the kicker. While you feel RG skewered so-and-so, he/she/it was laughing at your mindless innocence in thinking anyone cares. Because nothing will be done regarding anything that was mentioned. Nothing about Leo’s underage dates, Apple’s use of sweatshops and slave labor, nothing. Even the Felicity Huffman joke was most probably negotiated by her agent orchestrating the big post-pen return. Notice how Lori Loughlin wasn’t mentioned. As well as transgender jokes. Or Oprah skewering, James Gunn pedo tweets, Disney. Nothing. Nada. RG can get ballsy to a point but no further. Ah, yes, RG the bad boy of scripted and contrived would never deign to cross that line.
limited hangout is the deliberate and controlled revelation of someinformation (e.g. something scandalous or even criminal) to try to confuse and/or prevent discovery of other information or to provide the impression and belief that this is the full extent of the subject matter. So in this instance Hollyweird pretends to be shocked and embarrassed over RG’s shocking scripted and previously approved jokes, jabs and jibes hoping you’ll move on thinking that’s the extent of the attack. Did you notice how the Catholic Church was included in the pedo joke while a glowering Bergoglio doppelgänger, Jonathan Pryce, feigned absolute mortification as his The Two Popes gets lumped into the gag? Brilliant. See, there’s always time to slash Christianity, especially Catholicism.
Remember, these folks are actors. At least on paper. And they live in a world that you and I will never visit or even approximate (GOOD!) and as such they’ve no sense of reality or believability. These are cons. Freakish pervo pedo cons. Rapists, paraphiles, debauchers, troilists and demented sexual predators. And such has been the way since Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle. Since Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, name it. These sickos have no appreciation for normalcy and goodness and as of late they realize the gig just might be up. So what to do? This.
That’s right. Create the image and fantasy that the actual reality of their sordidness has been found out by none other than Hollyweird outsider and Brit outlier RG. What blinding bilge! Especially now, especially with Jeffrey Epstein in the news. Thanks to another limited hangout. Let me explain.
Sunday night’s 60 Minutes highlighted preeminent forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden in his brutal TV deposition that Epstein was dispatched, whacked and offed via ligature-obvious strangulation and homicide. #EpsteinDidntKillHimself live and in color. And what that did was again via limited hangout show the world that this dastard’s elimination has been exposed. Therefore, case closed and nothing to see here. Meanwhile Ghislaine Maxwell’s on the lam unindicted and unscathed. You see, they tell you, they show you. They admit exactly what you know to be true because (1) they don’t care what you think and (2) they know you’ll do absolutely nothing.
Now, any questions?
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