President Trump Addresses Our Country: Steadfast Intrepid Commander-In-Chief Stewarding the Helm

Not sure if you saw President Trump’s speech this morning live, but you’ll see it later I trust. Here’s what I saw. Better yet, here’s my video dissection and disquisition. And now this.
Trump, Donald J. 45th President of the United States of America. Reflects intrepidity. Steadfastness. Certitude. Determination. And a #POTUS having the time of his life. Stewarding the helm with an aplomb and exuberance and decisiveness we haven’t seen since . . . well, not sure exactly. And don’t give me that Reagan nonsense; he was acting (though quite effectively). This power was certainly never seen in the last marionette we had. Dear Gawd, Sparky. Remember that feller? The Manchurian Mr. Obama. The obeisant one. The [DS] dimbox. Not the anax andron of Trump. Think of it. Mr. Cool sent $1.7 billion in cool cash to Iran, in unmarked bills. On pallets. PALLETS! Shrink-wrapped. 2003? Sound familiar? Oh, but you’ve heard that. It just never gets old, the shocking horror, that is.
Remember, the Left’s BFF BO made the deal with Iran that no one can imagine or believe even to this day. Especially the Iranians. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’m suggesting Obama was a corrupt, impuissant dolt, a sockpuppet clown and handmaiden to the [DS] globalist gangsters. Precisely. And your point is what exactly?
I will never cease to be amazed by the number of blatant quislings who appear on virtually every #FauxLeft news platform spouting some of the most cosmically incomprehensible drivel ever uttered by a human being or in the annals of drivel uttering. And the reason for this has nothing to do with any attempt on their part to craft a cogent explication as to the Iranian point of view or any careful dissection of Trump’s foreign policy. No, it is [TDS] in full bloom. So incredibly aggressive is this neurological and psychiatric condition that when they see him, think of him or are reminded of him something in the reasoning centers of their executive brain turns off completely. And in the world of collective synchronized histrionics, the one who outdoes the other wins the prize. See that your over-the-top lunacy outplays your deskmate. Why? To beef up your reel and to be invited back. That simple. The autoangelist and pious pukes of the treasonous left take turns portending disaster and lending their vile pessimism porn doomsaying to the unsuspecting crowds who watch their pusillanimous pap. Are you getting the idea that I don’t like them much?
The other day I was watching a YouTube presentation from one Tucker Carlson, the previously bowtied member of the Fox News traveling comedy caravan. And what I heard could best described as a 1990s junior college essay on the evils of Leo Strauss and a textbook denunciation of the horrors of neoconservatism. Holy Norman Podhoretz, Batman! Where’ve I heard this before? Before you knew it the Pavlovian kneejerk went full jerk to a dusting off of the yellowed pages of PNAC and the usual tripe, viz. whom do you fill the vacuum with after regime change? Yes, these are rational points but we see the real reason for this. He wants to create the friction division between himself and his fellow Foxers to impress the Brothers Murdoch to keep him and maybe Judge Nap once Iger pulls the plug on the pretend independence of Ailes’s treasure. But I digress.

Remember, watch OANN if you absolutely have to watch something that looks like network news. And watch me if you want to be cognitively dazzled. Ahem.
So good news, Americans. Iran never knew what hit them or will hit them should they elevate the rhetoric to anything about high-screech bleating and wailing and armchair and amateur moirology.
Thank you, President Trump.
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