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“Everything excellent is as difficult as it is rare.”
     ― Baruch Spinoza 

Join us. As we’ve now been ordered homebound and shut in, sheltered in place, locked down, quarantined, buttoned up and on the verge of stir-crazy, remote viewing takes on an entirely new concept. And I’ll bet you’ve heard every importuning and entreating invitation to join the latest iteration in humanity via Zoom (be careful, patriots), Skype and the like. Well, one more’s not going to kill you. Thrice daily we meet in our YouTube LiveStream to chat and conviviate and I invite you to join us anon! Forthwith and instanter. You needn’t say anything. You can just read the streams and screams and comments and analyses that sometimes resemble nothing cognizable in the real world. But it’s addictive. Seriously. And just what the doctor ordered.
So follow these basics to join.

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I host, post, toast and roast for the most but’ll never coast, yes, boast, double-dosed as ghost. And no, I have no earthly idea what this means. But you’re invited to watch the number of real time, drive time, live time, live feed citizens from all over the world (literally) move in, stand up and weigh in on more topics and views that you could never possibly imagine.

This ain’t you’re father’s talk radio. In fact, talk radio is to this what Al Martino is to microsurgery.

You’re welcome.
It’s war. From the COVID bowels of NYC I write you. Pick the area of focus and be wowed and cowed. Never have so many heretofore-thought fundamental American rights been under attack and in question as they are now. The most basic and elemental Constitutional provisions will soon go the way of the spittoon unless courts, who are on suspended animation recess, speak up and strike down laws and rules which may traverse basic rights. In the UK there’s now talk of going into homes and removing forcibly family members who are showing COVID19  symptoms in “fear” that they’ll infect innocent family members. Think about that. And remember, whatever they do as in the UK, we’re next.  
But wait, there’s more. And on top of the aforesaid ConLaw questions and concerns there’s the monumentally dreary, dire and dour world of New York City COVID19 recapture (as in normalcy). Say what you want, call it what you desire, this is the most unbelievable manifestation of existence right now. The feelings are inexplicable and indefinable and no one knows what’s going to happen next. Or who’s in charge. Outside our window is the USNS Comfort berthed with either few or no patients. Try about 60. Why? Then the Javits Center down the road boasted 1100+ hospital beds and equipment and no one’s sure how many are even there, if at all. (Maybe 225.) Yet we’re hit with pictures of refrigerated trucks to cart away the dearly departed. Then there are the drone shots of prisoners digging tombs for the death overflow.
Meanwhile mainstream media are spinning their wheels and teetering between either scaring people inconceivably to ignoring the entire event through fluff and nonchalance. This case is ripe for cogent, serious and tough analysis and discussion.

And that’s why we invite you to the LionelNation YouTube Channel LiveStream.

Until the morrow.

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