The Eight Rules of BioTyranny

 1. Turn the police and military against the citizens for the slightest of transgressions to let them know that the last vestige of freedom they enjoyed has now been crushed under the bootheel of the statist gendarmerie. 

2. Employ the doctrine of learned helplessness to create in the public the inability to predict and understand clearly what is and is not permitted. Keep them constantly confused and frightened so that they submit completely and totally to the power and fist of the ruling class. 

3. Utilize the corporatist mainstream media to act as spokespersons for ruling class edicts and imprimaturs. Destroy what is left of the notion of journalism as a pesky and unnecessary vestige of meddlesome officiousness. Demand media compliance and use employment as leverage. 

4. Overwhelm the public with fear over the magical and mystical Chinese wondervirus, a putative pandemic that follows no course of logic or reason and has no historic counterpart whatsoever. Use fear as a cudgel and the unknown as your volume toggle. Scare them constantly. 

5. Create the myth that the American public has to ask permission from local bureaucrats to do and perform the simplest of behaviors. Demand that the public ask permission for everything. Reiterate and reinforce submission as the new normal. Strip them of initiative and hope. 

6. Sell the public the vaccine as the magical cure and the key to their freedom from this constraint and restraint. Repeat and reiterate the concept of vaccine as magic, elixir, potion and nostrum. In no time they will be lining up and demanding it, turning on those who question. 

7. The mask is the most important symbol of tyranny the public will mindlessly adopt, never realizing its reference. It represents the emergence of the American citizen as NPC robot and expendable. It destroys individuality and expression and humanity. It erases significance. 

8. Confuse the population by not having a clear delineation and demarcation of jurisdiction as to law and order and enforcement. Make city, county, state and federal jurisdictions and regulations confused and obscured. Obfuscate order and disorient the ability to comply lawfully. 

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