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Yes we're gonna have a wingding A summer smoker underground It's just a dugout that my dad built In case
This morning at around 10:30 AM ET my wife and I looked out our window and there was the magnificent
Friends seen an' unseen...to you that are ridin' along In your automobile...to you that are sitting at you table I
  The level of panic and misdirection are off the bloody charts. Here in New York we’re being warned about
https://youtu.be/Yg-xg62qYXw “There’s a reason you separate the military and the police. One fights the enemy of the state, the other
The Hill-Burton Act (The Act hereinafter) signed into law by President Harry S (N.B. No period after S) Truman on
It was an inside job By the well-connected Your little protest Summarily rejected —  Don Henley/Michael W. Campbell Friends and
I bid you the holy word of peace. And hello. And calm. And sangfroid and equanimity and equipoise. You must
https://youtu.be/hS-xemJsNu8 People are scared and rightly so. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, folks are panicking as
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