Lies, Fear and Retweeted Horror

It was an inside job
By the well-connected
Your little protest
Summarily rejected —  Don Henley/Michael W. Campbell

Friends and patriots, I greet you with the holy word peace, quoth the Prophet Omega.

Please allow me this. Please let me intrude upon this, your valuable moment of the day with this most important message. A critical message. A message for your soul and sanity.

I want to provide the following warning to you and suggest that you follow it to the letter. One of the biggest problems that we face right now is that of misinformation, exaggeration and just plain old make-believe bollocks: made up, deliberately concocted, coined, construed and constructed cocksure cockamamie — manufactured lies. Avoid them. Lies not in the traditional legal sense of a misrepresentation of fact with the intent to deceive but rather the negligent (at best) dissemination of information without any basis in fact or any foundation in science or reality. Pulled out of thin air. Or mindlessly repeated. Thoughtlessly retweeted or reposted. Avoid them. Avoid that intended to scare, to alarm just for the sake of freaking you out. Avoid the incessant texter with the latest death toll. I have a pal who sees fit to text and email me on ventilator horrors, as in the lack of them. He’s almost giddy. “See? Look, we’re all going to die! Bwahaahaha!” What’s the point of these? First, to blame Trump. Second, to be the Larry Flynt of Fear Porn. Avoid these people. Like the plague.

And while these may be facts, haven’t you received the latest email on how Bill Gates patented the virus? Or how Tom Hanks is part of some military unit that has him quarantined. What about Oprah’s arrest for child sacrifice. Or was it trafficking? Anyway, it never happened. And it’s getting out of control. More than anything I could have anticipated ever. Behavioral scientists will be looking at this moment in time for a variety of reasons including how information is transmitted and how quickly. How the bait is taken. What levels of suspicion or skepticism are even used by the consumer of questionable data. How mythology becomes data. “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance)

So we have two vectors here: (1) the disseminator of fact in order to scare the shit out of folks and (2) the bullshit spreader and transmitter. Both guided by the same principle. To . . . freak . . . you . . . out. You biting?

Just today I spoke with and texted and emailed a slew of folks. Doctors, professional types, lawyers, cops, docs, media types, name it. And what I heard was the underground skinny. The blind item. The inside poop from a doctor who knows a cop whose sister works with the Pentagon and . . . (here we go) we are definitely going to have a lockdown, quarantine, isolation, shelter in place, martial law, name it. All of these Cassandras seemed to state that it was provided on some form of good authority that NYC will be under an occupying force of cops, soldiers, National Guardsmen, FEMA Stormtroopers . . . you name the entity, they’re coming.

“So where’d you hear this?”

“Can’t say.”

“How do you know it’s true.”

“I just know.”

“Well, what’s going to happen?”

“Martial law. I think. No, wait. Lockdown, maybe. No, shelter in place.”

“What does that even mean?”

“Not sure exactly.”

“So, why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want to be a big shot. I want to spread dirt and dread and fear. I want to be important. I love pretending I know something even if it’s wrong and even if it scares people needlessly.”

And what’s beyond creepy is the look (or sound or text) of glee as these sick people get their jollies and rocks off scaring the hell out of you or impressing you with how they’ve connected the dots, deciphered the code, read the entrails of the beast and figured it all out while you, some pissant normie, just walk around dumb and dumbfounded. I’ve never seen anything like it. And I’m supposed to be the tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. (Actually, it’s aluminum foil and I’m a conspiracy analyst, à la Gore Vidal.)

This is a unique communications moment where everyone in the world is at this very place in time watching and worrying about the same thing. The same identical thing. Catastrophes and disasters are indeed common (sadly) but they’re not simultaneously experienced within the same time frame. Everyone on the planet is concerned about the China Virus now. And tomorrow. We look to other nations and governments in a universality of focus. Theoretically enemies join hands with enemies to cobble together and cull and collate solutions. The commitment to the expunction and expurgation of this bioterror. Zoonotic, at least at first blush.

Which brings me to this latest iteration of insanity. Calls of Sinophobia in referring to the virus as the China Virus. What utter tripe! Even in the midst of a pandemic, PC shock troops and thought vigilantes are screaming and yelling about phraseology and taxonomy. West Nile Virus, Spanish Flu, Ebola. That’s OK, but China?! How dare you impugn the good name of this benevolent government! Now, can you imagine if this virus originated in Russia? All bets would be off and the Russophobic torch and pitchfork crowd would be in full swing. [For a list of 17 diseases named after places and people, enjoy.]

Stay focused, patriot. We’ll get through this together.







How to Keep Your Mind and Soul Intact During COVID19

I bid you the holy word of peace. And hello. And calm. And sangfroid and equanimity and equipoise.

  • You must relax and focus.
  • Be frightened but don’t panic.
  • Listen and learn.
  • Stock up on data.
  • Fill your larder with facts and information and throw out expired fear.
  • Lose the friends who bring you down for they aren’t friends.
  • Turn off virulent social media.
  • Never spend any time listening to anyone screaming about martial law who spells it Marshall.
  • Ignore anyone who confuses lockdown with quarantine with self-quarantine with isolation.
  • Walk away from those weaving and knitting fantastic yarns and scripts of Bill Gates and Soros and the dread (your favorite here), patented viruses and biowarfare. [It might be true, but not now.]
  • Skip those who want to remind you constantly of how Europe is screaming for a reprieve and release and we’re next.
  • Lose the number of anyone constantly texting you as to the latest death toll.
  • Close your eyes to mindless media admonitions and threats that you’ve heard to the point of exhaustion.
  • Eighty-six the incessant, interminable, insufferable and incomprehensibly soul paralyzing. You’ve seen your fill of empty shelves and know every last toilet paper joke. You’ve seen store runs and folks with the runs (see TP joke references infra). 

And now a word on toilet paper is in order. Why? Where’d the connection come from? Why toilet paper runs (OUCH! Very punny). Paronomasia aside, have folks confused COVID19 with GI distress? Is this the milk and bread bit that we see during hurricanes and storms? When this finally abates and common sense abides we’ll tackle this one, but not now.
This is going to be tough. Rough. Bad. Serious. But it will not destroy us. Repeat.
It will not destroy us.
It will not destroy us.
It will not destroy us.
It will not destroy us.
But don’t say that to those media clowns looking to burnish the Emmy reel with their latest fear porn installment, live from the bowels of despair. Please, Ted Baxter, more clips of an empty Times Square. More mindless MOS and citizen interviews from the monosyllabic and drooling. More filler, Ted. More hackneyed overdone overplayed overdose over the top.
We will get through this.
We will get through this.
We will get through this.
We will get through this.
Stay the ___ home. Reintroduce yourself to your kids. Read. Play board games. Talk. Laugh. Clean. Clean closets. Drawers. Do stuff. Write. Jot. Draw. Sketch. Call old friends on the phone. Remember the phone? Don’t text them. Call them. Start your own YouTube channel. Video your grandmother (if you’re lucky enough to have her with you) making a favorite delicacy. Interview a grandparent. Learn of his history. (Had I been wise enough to have thought of this earlier.) Watch lectures, learn stupid magic tricks. Play hide the soap. (I’ll get back with you later on that one.)
And #STFU (ask your kids) if you find yourself whining and kvetching. No one cares how you’re put out by this event that is being shared literally by everyone on the planet. And while we’re on the subject, learn the difference between literally and figuratively. Just saying.
But in the meantime. Laugh. Take notes and keep a diary because when this is over (and it will be) you’ll want to remember the finer points of our collective insanity.
And one more thing. Remember something. The election is 230 days away. Joe Biden will most probably be the Democratic nominee even if he has no idea of the year or where he is. He could very well be the nominee and that means he’s malleable and impressionable and is the perfect Manchurian candidate. The Pinocchio to the [DS] Geppetto. The servant of the globalist cabal. The marionette. The sockpuppet. The Potemkin POTUS. Viruses can be contained, systemic corruption and malign corruption can’t. It reproduces and replicates faster than anything imaginable.
Donald Trump must win reelection.
Donald Trump must win reelection.
Donald Trump must win reelection.
Donald Trump must win reelection.
He simply must. Triumphantly. Magnificently. Via landslide. This is not a joke and not a drill. I don’t care if you hate him or his hair or his hands or his ties or his whatever. He is America’s best chance. Its only chance. And if you want these libturd Demoncrats near the accelerator, ready to inflict on this nation the Green New Spiel or Master Beto at the controls of the Second Amendment’s evaporation . . . if you think AOC’s a groovy alternative to reality or if you like the hoary and wizened Bernie, spiting a socialist shit storm of logolalia hidden as dreamy progressiveness, you’re in for the fight of your life. Because after COVID19 goes the way of bygone pandemics (before election day, I add), we’re going to be focused and lasered on MAGA2020 and returning the greatest President in my lifetime back for round two. When the shit will absolutely and completely hit the fan. When the finishing touches are made. Call it the plan, the awakening or plain old justice. Either way, it’s happening. So join the winning team, get out of the way or prepare to be trampled.
Faith, patriots.

The CoronaVirus Cataclysm, Fear Porn and Fake News Meltdown

People are scared and rightly so. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, folks are panicking as news gets more dire and ominous and foreboding. Schools closed, stock markets tumbling, panic in stores, fights over toilet paper. Mask(ed) hysteria. Store runs on everything with no end in sight. Mindless idiot pols and leaders giving press conferences that say nothing. And no one is more monumentally disconnected rhetorically and practically than New York Governor Andrew “Sollozzo” Cuomo. If you’ve never had the displeasure of hearing him address anything, let me explain. He possesses a cadence and accent pattern that knows no recognizable regionality. It’s a patchwork of awkward lilts, a sputtering delivery and the sincerity of someone in a hostage video. They admonish you to continue to live normally and rationally in the midst of this colossal chaos, this latter day Andromeda Strain, all the while instructing you on how to wash your hands. Seriously. This is the level of nincompoop leadership we’ve dealt with daily here in my state. And don’t get me started with our Mayor. Herr Boeotian.  
I was here in New York on 9/11. You? Hate to pull the experiential card, but you want to talk chaos and being scared shitless? Cataclysmic, catastrophic, existential THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING scary. Let’s talk about that day. Then we’ll merge into the Depression, WWII and we’ll throw in the Civil War and Vietnam just for good measure. The United States of Amnesia, Gore Vidal was right. Sure, this is spooky and your point is . . . ? But let me remind you that each and every year 650K Americans die of heart disease right here in River City, the US. The Number One killer. Bar none. The Number One killer that’s preventable. And not a peep from the masses. Our fright and fear have no historical perspective. No sense of permanency, proportion and persistence. No historical framework. No perspective, position, relativity. Nothing.
It’s hard to describe the level of international worldwide panic that #nCov19 has inspired. And it should. Can you remember anything remotely near it in terms of fervor? And dread? And terror? (9/11 notwithstanding, mind you. That was panic on a different level as I’ve explained.) But admit it, many have never imagined anything quite like this. Panic breeds panic. Mainstream media types have never been so gleeful when they’ve yet another weapon in the fear porn arsenal and quiver to unleash on viewers and listeners. It’s that simple really. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic front and center. The population is presented a problem, panic ensues and a solution is granted kindly by government types. We’ll help you, we being the government. We’ll make you safer: vaccines, quarantines, mandatory shut-downs, restraints on liberty, more control, more constriction and restriction. You’ll love how we’ve taken control and, what’s better, you’ll ask for more. Oh, you want a solution, have we got one for you. And oddly enough, the more Draconian the restriction the more people seem to actually like it.
Fear porn. Fear is exciting. Ask any horror film aficionado. It harkens back to the most primordial and atavistic of all reflexes and responses. A limbic response in unison. Fight or flight. Survival pure and simple. It doesn’t require any deep thought or analysis (and that’s always a plus) and it’s multiplied by virtue of citizen partnering in sharing and inspiring the collective dread. Panic sells. It’s titillating, inspiring and addictive. Fear’s sexy, media portrayal pornographic. And folks will charge and stampede for no earthly reason. Toilet paper runs (odd phraseology, agreed), Purell hoarding, alcohol swab swiping, name it. We see it all the time. In New York it’s guaranteed that the next snow storm will inspire yet again the usual suspects and passels and teams of lunatic consumers who’ll load up on milk and bread. Why? Dunno. No one knows. Nothing like being stuck indoors with a bunch of lactose intolerant flatulent toast-heads waiting for the deluge to abate. Even better’s when tried-and-true snow vets make mad rushes to Home Depot to buy (yet again) more snow shovels. What, do they break? Didn’t they have any before the fall? Panic is profit. Overreaction is gold. And throw in social media loons who will meme and GIF formatted horror through the exaggeration lens and, well, you’ve really got something.
It’s the time for leadership. My unabashed support for this President is evident but he’s missing a political opportunity that rarely comes about this directly and obviously. Let me be blunt. He could own the Corona Crisis with thrice-daily reports to his constituents (aka Americans) via his own unique Trump TV media platform, which he’s yet to construct despite my pleas. Updates and new information, all the while assuaging the fears of a panicked and terrified America. It’s political gold, sorry to be so crass. With 238 days until Election2020 you can’t miss one opportunity, make one mistake or have one unforced error. Optics are critical. The feeling, the view, the impression. Playing golf and partying at Mar-a-Lago along with reviewing blueprints for tennis pavilions do not . . . REPEAT . . . DO NOT resonate with a country and world freaked over something they can’t even comprehend. Trump has a maundering dotard as his presumptive opponent and he could wipe the floor with him using the power of the Presidency, the immane platform of unlimited resources and authorities and new media platforms that he hasn’t come close to exploiting. He was masterful, genius in fact, with how he commandeered Twitter and obliterated the competition by punting over the Fake News Media by directly speaking to the public. It was such a simple idea, but he made it happen, owned it and forever changed the landscape of politics. He’s wasting an opportunity. He has to (again) own the panic. Own the freneticism. Corral the pandemonium. It’s his if he wants it. And, lest we forget, actually do a great job being POTUS and doing his job as he is and has. This man’s communication prowess is like no other. He can connect with the average, usual and ordinary (that’s us, patriots), tethering them/us through his naked verity and candor. He possesses a genius for it. And with that comes the concomitant concern to never squander that connectivity by appearing disconnected, unattached, distant or excluded. Trapped in the bubble. There’s never been a problem with wealth disparity. He’s made no bones about his sick coin and lifestyle and while other phony pols were walking around sporting new flannel wardrobe straight from the package, while HRC was downing boilermakers with Scranton ironworkers, while Barry O was firing gutter ball after gutter ball (literally and figuratively), while Creepy Joe the partialist waxed tricophilic, sniffing and snorting the tresses of the unsuspecting, DJT was just who he was and is. The man’s a master. And with that comes the chance, opportunity and duty to meld true leadership with political opportunism. That simple.

If you read one article, make it this one. COVID-19 Isn’t As Deadly As We Think: Don’t hoard masks and food: Figure out how to help seniors and the immunosuppressed stay healthy. Seriously, stop for a second and give it a read. Jeremy Faust MD details the facts and realities. Perfectly. Here’s the quick takeaway.

  • Look at who is infected and who dies.
  • Look at comorbidity factors, i.e. the presence of more than one disorder in the same person.
  • Look at sample age and whether transmissibility is contingent on or correlated with immune-compromised subjects.
  • Look at China’s geographic and demographic factors when assessing infection rates.
  • Look at nCoV19 vis-à-vis other pathogen and disease platforms, modalities and transmissibility.

Take a deep breath. (At least not in a packed subway.) Is it possible for people to hover around rationality when reviewing alarming news? F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time.” Stated differently, yes, be mindful and vigilant and scared if you must, but don’t lose your mind(s). Repeat: Minds. Apply critical thinking. Peruse carefully and understand that the MSM have no interest in the truth or amelioration or perspective. That simple.

The degree of incoherence. It’s easy at first impression to believe that #FakeNewsMedia is just acting incompetently by virtue of their schizoid coverage and treatment of #nCoV19. True. It’s easy because in great part it’s true. But in view of the foregoing and averments cited, be thoughtful, careful, wise, learned, educated and circumspect. And brush up on Farr’s Law of Epidemics, first promulgated in 1840 and later resurrected by Brownlee in the early 1900s. It states that epidemics tend to rise and fall in a roughly symmetrical pattern that can be approximated by a normal bell-shaped curve. Remember, this isn’t our first rodeo. Our as in us as in the world. Now, carry on.
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America is witnessing an information renaissance. Never before have our country and the world had such access to so much information and political data while exhibiting in some cases a concomitant profound ignorance. Is it too much data? Too much information to process and digest? Nope, LIONEL believes that the best and only way to understand what’s happening is through the absurdist lens. If you don’t find what’s occurring before your eyes hysterically funny, you’re missing the point. And LIONEL will bedazzle you with a wit and perspective that will inspire howls and painful cachinnation and snorting chortles. Please join us.
Anyone who’s followed LIONEL knows he’s never hidden his support of and for President Trump. And that has certainly earned him his share of detractors from political sinistrality. LIONEL loves controversy. He thrives on it. After all, you only catch flak when you’re over the target. And baby, we’re over the target.
LIONEL’s been in the business of show for over 32 years and loves the adventure of platform innovation. When talk radio was at its zenith LIONEL was there. Talkers Magazine voted him in the pantheon “HEAVIEST HUNDRED: The 100 most important radio talk show hosts of all time.” He was podcasting before anyone knew what it was and again was honored by Talkers with inclusion in “Talkers Frontier Fifty,” celebrating pioneering podcasters. He’s hit the standup circuit with, what he calls, (Out)spoken Word. And now, Pop-Up Guerilla Thought Entertainment. Are you in? 
Dig this. F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” That’s you, patriot. That’s us. Are you with us?
For TICKETS and information CLICK HERE.
DISCLAIMER: LIONEL is an unabashed supporter of President Trump. Those unaccustomed to such unapologetic fealty and admiration for this man’s political genius or who suffer from chronic TDS may experience uncontrollable dyspepsia, teeth-gnashing and spiritual disquietude. Please consult your physician if necessary. See you there and God Bless America.


How do I follow this Lionel feller? TwitterFacebookInstagram, the Lionel Media website and browse the merchandise, memorabilia and marketing available at the Official Lionel Nation Gear Store and above all, the Lionel Nation YouTube Channel where we engage in immersive, totally interactive live stream broadcasts twice daily. It leaves antediluvian talk radio in the dust. Where it shall remain. And when it comes to the moiety of the team, Mrs. L can be followed thusly on Twitter. Please also refer to Mrs. L’s Focus on Human Trafficking channel. Please, watch her video with an emergency room pediatrician; it’s simply chilling.

The Revolution Is Underway Full Tilt

Chugging through America’s atherosclerotic rail artery. As I tap this Mrs. L and I are all aboard the Amtrak regional to the sump pump of the swamp, Washington DC. We just pulled out of Penn Station, the most antiquated and anachronistic and antediluvian and ossified and concretized shithole of shitholes. A virtual human detritus arcade. The tabernacle of the psychiatrically bereft. The cathedral of Black Belt crackers. An assault on the olfactories. My God, what have I done! (Echoing Byrne.) Shoeless, toothless, senseless, reality-less urchins and spent souls, tattered and distraught while discarded. Mumbling nonsensical threats and belches through teeth like piano keys, a 10-year-old scruff, watery eyes and breath that could smelt ore. God’s children perhaps but transient nightmares. The travelers’ trauma. The commuters’ Cuckoo’s Nest. And Amtrak “police” do nothing, these fat sloths and tenterbellied oafs grazing about waiting to retire. Every conceivable loon and batshit crazy ambulatory schiz scaring the shit out of the innocent tourist is here. You can always tell the hardcore New Yorker who will not so much as shift a smidgeon of their atomic footprint, not one molecule or neuron firing recognition or acknowledgement as some demented vagrant voice-farts something about a dollar, coffee or Edward Witten’s hypotheses on supersymmetry. Ah, New York. Meanwhile the meanest, nastiest, rudest Amtrak . . . get this . . . CUSTOMER SERVICE agent greets us. CUSTOMER SERVICE?! Bwahahaha! This guy makes Ed Gein look like Robert Q. Lewis and, no, I have no idea what that means. Ah, Penn Station. The depot time forgot. The posterchild of the decline of infrastructure. While China and virtually every developmentally relevant society rolls out the latest in locomotion from Maglev to HyperSpace to InterDimensional whatever we’ve got Floyd Smoot and the Cannonball. But when you have to peregrinate to Swamp City DC, it’s the best ticket in town. Amtrak, Hunter Biden’s quarry and Creepy Joe’s mark. Amtrak, the apex of American locomotion and travel. And have you ever been in a Club Acela? Egad! You can luxuriate in a place that’s a cross between an ICE Detention Center and a Super 8 lobby. To be sure, they don’t let just anyone greet Acela dupes conned into this First Class dreamscape, no siree, Bob. Nope, they get the best to man the front desk. Think rejects from a Tilt-A-Whirl midway concession in Dothan. We’re talking rough. Enough with that, now the critical data.
Donald Trump is a genius. Not just a stable one. Just a bona fide genius. There appears to be in fact and on display a Trump Doctrine. And with 292 days until the election this is not good news for the intellectually disaffected Dems, Never Trumpers and terminally-afflicted TDS livestock. This is the worst of news for these miserable naysayers without a plan, hope, vision, dream . . . name it. These are very bad times. The worst of times. His latest brilliance was on full display last eve in Milwaukee, site of the Demoncratic National Convention in July. From the moment he hit the stage until he walked off 90 minutes later (with no water sippage, no can breaks . . . is he running a Foley, for Chrissake?) he had them in the palm of his hand and he was again masterful and how this must gripe their arse, those rancid Dems.
‘O Sole Mio’s dead and no one gives a shit. You know it’s true. Casey Kasem Salami was surgically dispatched and evaporated over a flame, hit by a missile with a precision that knows no equal. Meanwhile, Iranian geniuses blew out of the sky innocent passengers on a Ukrainian flight. Whoops. And have you heard this tack? While this story was being reported those quisling bastards at NPR went overtime reminding the world of how American error blew out of the sky an Iranian passenger plane in 1988. Can you believe these vermin? Stick to the point, Ayatollah Assahollah. Focus on your own Iranian numbnuts (cf. Deez Nuts) and targeting morons who are confounded by innocents on regulated flight paths. And here’s the best part, Demoncrats, unable still to even approximate a message, are now demanding to know the particular bases of definitional parameters of the imminent (not eminent) threat POTUS employed in assessing the threat posture of this (now) grease spot. They’re simply unbelievable.
Rerun of Season One. Have you heard the latest iteration of Russia, Russia, Russia, the Russophobic Kremlin-bashing redbaiting Cold War carping, bleating, barking seal circus act and feigned histrionics? Oh, you did, huh? Then explain it. Go ahead, we’ll wait. But let me save you some time. It’s in fact what is blatantly, nakedly and obviously a limited hangout in preparation for and anticipation of something tastily nasty from perhaps the illegally confined Assange and his merry band of WikiLeaker prankster journos laying the groundwork to expose and (if there’s a Gawd) indict Creepy Joe et fils. Remember, the Ukrainian subject model will prove to be the most incomprehensibly stupid move when Poor Ol’ Pelosi allowed her misfits to run roughshod: So where are they now? At what stage do they enjoy? Reruns. Season One. Back to the drawing board. The impeachment, fraud, Ukraine and Obstruction of Whatever slumgullion gumbo accusation they’ve mixed together yet again. If it weren’t so tragic and pathetic, it would be (as the kids say) hilarious. And look at who’s pushing this yarn. Yep, the usual suspects. Seriously, no need to even comment here. Trust me.
What the hell happened to these folks, Sparky? #FoxNews has become museum quality paleoconservatism without the paleo or the conservatism. It’s maundering populism couched in celebratory echolalia. Tried, spent and prime for displacement by the new, bold and fearless truth warrior. Think I’m kidding? These folks keep regurgitating the same rote presentation with a ball-less vim, scaredy-cat approximations of real critical news that would wow the masses and (as we say in West Tampa say) KNOCK THEIR D-CK IN THE DIRT. Why must news be so boring? Trite and manicured and trimmed and leveled and beveled to fit in a nice carrying case, free of the sharp edges that excite and incite and invite. Will someone please tell me! My colleagues from heritage talk radio are like the Japanese soldier who doesn’t know the war’s over. It’s not 1988. No more Rush wannabes. No more headline rippers. Please, not for our sake but for yours, wake up and grow up. This is serious bidness, Sparky.
There’s a simple reason why #Megxzit captivates me. Because I love to see these inbred homozygotes fail, screw up and plummet to dirt where they belong. Harry turned out to redefine schmuckhood when he hooked up with this viper, Double-M. Dear Gawd, terminally p-whipped. Maybe it was part and parcel of his self-destructive tack perhaps over the fact that he never bought the fantasy that his Mum was killed in a tragic “accident.” Especially with beady-eyed amphibian (not full-reptile yet) Phil lurking in the background. Watch. After a short spell, he’ll divorce MM and crawl back to the Royals, shorn, shot and shat on.
Lionel’s Pop-Up Road Show Invades Again. Take note. On January 22, Wednesday, 2020 CE from 6-8:30 PM ET in Amenia, NY, as in Dutchess County, I’ll be laying out the groundwork to the success and triumph of this noble republic via my blockbuster, sui generis, nonpareil and simply off-the-chain (out)spoken word presentation (others would call it “stand up,” never I) as spellbound diners howl with delight. The place is Monte’s Local Kitchen & Tap Room. Here are the details. But arrange now your schedule. Hie! Seats are limited and fire marshal rules limit human cacophonies in extreme. TICKETS HERE
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President Trump Addresses Our Country: Steadfast Intrepid Commander-In-Chief Stewarding the Helm

Not sure if you saw President Trump’s speech this morning live, but you’ll see it later I trust. Here’s what I saw. Better yet, here’s my video dissection and disquisition. And now this.
Trump, Donald J. 45th President of the United States of America. Reflects intrepidity. Steadfastness. Certitude. Determination. And a #POTUS having the time of his life. Stewarding the helm with an aplomb and exuberance and decisiveness we haven’t seen since . . . well, not sure exactly. And don’t give me that Reagan nonsense; he was acting (though quite effectively). This power was certainly never seen in the last marionette we had. Dear Gawd, Sparky. Remember that feller? The Manchurian Mr. Obama. The obeisant one. The [DS] dimbox. Not the anax andron of Trump. Think of it. Mr. Cool sent $1.7 billion in cool cash to Iran, in unmarked bills. On pallets. PALLETS! Shrink-wrapped. 2003? Sound familiar? Oh, but you’ve heard that. It just never gets old, the shocking horror, that is.
Remember, the Left’s BFF BO made the deal with Iran that no one can imagine or believe even to this day. Especially the Iranians. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’m suggesting Obama was a corrupt, impuissant dolt, a sockpuppet clown and handmaiden to the [DS] globalist gangsters. Precisely. And your point is what exactly?
I will never cease to be amazed by the number of blatant quislings who appear on virtually every #FauxLeft news platform spouting some of the most cosmically incomprehensible drivel ever uttered by a human being or in the annals of drivel uttering. And the reason for this has nothing to do with any attempt on their part to craft a cogent explication as to the Iranian point of view or any careful dissection of Trump’s foreign policy. No, it is [TDS] in full bloom. So incredibly aggressive is this neurological and psychiatric condition that when they see him, think of him or are reminded of him something in the reasoning centers of their executive brain turns off completely. And in the world of collective synchronized histrionics, the one who outdoes the other wins the prize. See that your over-the-top lunacy outplays your deskmate. Why? To beef up your reel and to be invited back. That simple. The autoangelist and pious pukes of the treasonous left take turns portending disaster and lending their vile pessimism porn doomsaying to the unsuspecting crowds who watch their pusillanimous pap. Are you getting the idea that I don’t like them much?
The other day I was watching a YouTube presentation from one Tucker Carlson, the previously bowtied member of the Fox News traveling comedy caravan. And what I heard could best described as a 1990s junior college essay on the evils of Leo Strauss and a textbook denunciation of the horrors of neoconservatism. Holy Norman Podhoretz, Batman! Where’ve I heard this before? Before you knew it the Pavlovian kneejerk went full jerk to a dusting off of the yellowed pages of PNAC and the usual tripe, viz. whom do you fill the vacuum with after regime change? Yes, these are rational points but we see the real reason for this. He wants to create the friction division between himself and his fellow Foxers to impress the Brothers Murdoch to keep him and maybe Judge Nap once Iger pulls the plug on the pretend independence of Ailes’s treasure. But I digress.

Remember, watch OANN if you absolutely have to watch something that looks like network news. And watch me if you want to be cognitively dazzled. Ahem.
So good news, Americans. Iran never knew what hit them or will hit them should they elevate the rhetoric to anything about high-screech bleating and wailing and armchair and amateur moirology.
Thank you, President Trump.
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America Naively Thinks Ricky Gervais “Nailed It!” — He’s A Limited Hangout

I knew America was gullible but never this much. Seriously. The level of naiveté is cosmic. And from those who fancy themselves as connected and [WOKE] or variations thereof.
Forgive me for doubling my newsletter efforts. I just laid one on you yesterday but I couldn’t let this go. If I hear one more person gasp at Ricky Gervais’s faux courage I swear I’ll puke. If you’re one of the twelve people who never bought this utter shite, forgive me and this. If you’re not, I’ve one question: How bloody gullible are you?
Ricky Gervais (RG) is a Pedowood [DS] shill who was handed a script that was written for him by a team of writers (though he most certainly provided adequate tweakage with his own unique slant and take). But think not that this sole intrepid comic took on Tinseltown single-handedly. It’s a work, Sparky. A con. A con that repeats itself yearly as America falls for this bit every time.
That script after crafting was then placed in the teleprompter whereupon it was read by RG, directors, camera people, AD’s, TD’s, line producers, cleaning ladies, receptionists . . .  everybody! After that, camera positions had to be blocked and arranged so that when the bad boy of slash and burn references De Niro or Baby Yoda, they had to be at the ready. Which means they knew and were poised. Prepared and standing by for the choreographed moment of brilliant skewering. When Tom Hanks was allowed his series of aghast takes, that had to be scripted in advance. You see, the director had to be standing by, camera positioned and targeted. Impromptu, my arse!
These sick people are so monumentally demented that they’d feel left out if they weren’t insulted. It’s somewhat akin to a Don Rickles engagement. “Why didn’t he mention me?” and not only did they want to be skewered but so did NBC, the Golden Globers, agents, managers, the whole lot.
But here’s the kicker. While you feel RG skewered so-and-so, he/she/it was laughing at your mindless innocence in thinking anyone cares. Because nothing will be done regarding anything that was mentioned. Nothing about Leo’s underage dates, Apple’s use of sweatshops and slave labor, nothing. Even the Felicity Huffman joke was most probably negotiated by her agent orchestrating the big post-pen return. Notice how Lori Loughlin wasn’t mentioned. As well as transgender jokes. Or Oprah skewering, James Gunn pedo tweets, Disney. Nothing. Nada. RG can get ballsy to a point but no further. Ah, yes, RG the bad boy of scripted and contrived would never deign to cross that line.
limited hangout is the deliberate and controlled revelation of someinformation (e.g. something scandalous or even criminal) to try to confuse and/or prevent discovery of other information or to provide the impression and belief that this is the full extent of the subject matter. So in this instance Hollyweird pretends to be shocked and embarrassed over RG’s shocking scripted and previously approved jokes, jabs and jibes hoping you’ll move on thinking that’s the extent of the attack. Did you notice how the Catholic Church was included in the pedo joke while a glowering Bergoglio doppelgänger, Jonathan Pryce, feigned absolute mortification as his The Two Popes gets lumped into the gag? Brilliant. See, there’s always time to slash Christianity, especially Catholicism.
Remember, these folks are actors. At least on paper. And they live in a world that you and I will never visit or even approximate (GOOD!) and as such they’ve no sense of reality or believability. These are cons. Freakish pervo pedo cons. Rapists, paraphiles, debauchers, troilists and demented sexual predators. And such has been the way since Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle. Since Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, name it. These sickos have no appreciation for normalcy and goodness and as of late they realize the gig just might be up. So what to do? This.
That’s right. Create the image and fantasy that the actual reality of their sordidness has been found out by none other than Hollyweird outsider and Brit outlier RG. What blinding bilge! Especially now, especially with Jeffrey Epstein in the news. Thanks to another limited hangout. Let me explain.
Sunday night’s 60 Minutes highlighted preeminent forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden in his brutal TV deposition that Epstein was dispatched, whacked and offed via ligature-obvious strangulation and homicide. #EpsteinDidntKillHimself live and in color. And what that did was again via limited hangout show the world that this dastard’s elimination has been exposed. Therefore, case closed and nothing to see here. Meanwhile Ghislaine Maxwell’s on the lam unindicted and unscathed. You see, they tell you, they show you. They admit exactly what you know to be true because (1) they don’t care what you think and (2) they know you’ll do absolutely nothing.
Now, any questions?
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Bellicose When Appropriate, Strategic By Design: A Brilliant Take and Tack

So long, Solemaini. See ya. Adios. Sayonara. Have a nice day. The dispatch of Qasem Soleimani, also spelled Qassem Suleimani or Qassim Soleimani or S-P-L-A-T. Look, I’m not one to ghoulishly snarl and yip and howl over the taking of innocent life and that’s why it’s perfectly fine here to react accordingly because the surgical ablation of this purulent fungating boil of fallen humanity is not in that category, so here goes. He was zeroed in on, sighted, pinpointed and dispatched instanter. Like that. Poof! Vaporized. Nullified with extreme prejudice. “Taking out the architect of the Islamic Republic’s decades-long active campaign of violence against the United States and its allies, especially Israel, represents a tectonic shift in Middle Eastern politics,” wrote Michael Doran, defense expert and analyst. In the New York Times, no less. Translation for those playing along at home: As was Corn Pop, Solemaini was a bad dude. And virtually unknown to anyone, certainly in the [DS] corporatist apparatchik #FakeNewsMedia typing pool. Watching as much as I could of these intellectual bantamweight pseudologists made me retch. The faux wailers, compensated moirologists. Trained mynahs. Howling on cue. Paid to lie and spew loud lachrymations to some feller they’ve never heard of before ordered. Are you getting the sense I’m not found of them?
Blame Israel, the MIC, everyone but the bad guy. You expected it. You knew it was coming. The same old tune, the same old refrain. And it goes something like this. The US is fighting Israel’s battles. They set it up, we pulled the trigger. It’s all about the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street and stocks and ____ (Your Choice Here). Notwithstanding the fact of history. And reality. And realpolitik. But you expected them and that. It’s the way it always is. And with free speech comes it, this rather Pavlovian obeisance to the refrain. But, suffice it to say, Israel benefits when the strategic terror planning conductor is expurgated. As do we, the world and civilized humanity. That simple. Oh, and, yes, Sparky, defense stocks enjoy a spike. Does this surprise you? Ever hear of the Butterfly Effect? Nonlinear cause and effect. It’s in their disinformation packet to be memorized and regurgitated. And it’s getting old and forgotten. Remember, today’s Monday. A new news cycle. Impeachment, Super Bowl’s approaching. General O Sole Mio’s already in the rearview mirror.
These are the days of the neoteric. Scrap the usual take, Sparky. We’re thinking new. Novel. Unorthodox and unique. Forget political parties and Walter Cronkite. We’ve a new generation of voters, born in captivity with nary a clue as to what the hell’s going on. We live in the Twitterverse where maladjusted misanthropes covered in Cheeto dust hunch over a laptop in the ‘rent’s basement and bark at the moon. You want to explain Reaganomics to these folks? Good luck. It’s a new world and a new POTUS who had the vision and the foresight to hook up to the masses in ways and platforms brand new to the asylum. That’s right, DJT hacked the combination, appended brilliance with an “@” and changed the course of American politics. Forever.
Harvey’s going to double down on the Sicilian flu this week. Weinstein, that is. The man will portray Oscar-caliber (when that actually meant something) incapacitation as his trial commenced today. Hobbled and sidelined by accelerated senescence, this dotard in the role of his life will foot drag, shake, pulse, heave (and ho) and slide along with walker in hand, appearing (if it’s possible) more ugly, disgusting and emesis-inducing than ever. And the case is off to a great start as his new lawyer seeking brass-ring media stardom announces that she’s going to take on #MeToo full force, full frontal, full contact and full Monty. Full metal hack it. And CourtTV’s going balls-to-the-wall, hoping this will be their new OJ, their new shot in the arm. Imagine what Harvey’s thinking after Epstein took the dirt nap through murder-induced suicide. #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself
Memory [Jizz]laine: We’re coming for you. Remember her. Ghislaine Maxwell, the “socialite,” public enemy numero uno, is in the crosshairs. Look, Bill Barr, we don’t know exactly what you’ve been up to heretofore but it looks like plenty of nothing. You’ve essentially announced [CRICKETS]. No big shakes on MS-13, fentanyl traffickers, opioid mills, puppy mills, Hayley Mills. Nothing. Nada. Bupkis. The big goose egg, my bagpiper friend. And remember, as the saying goes: “A true gentleman is a man who can play the bagpipes, but doesn’t.” Bill, don’t just stand there. Indict someone. Anyone.
Dems. Deez Dems. Nuts. Blecch. Yuck. Ick. I absolutely despise this certain batch of faux Democrats. And you do too. Not all but most, a lot, a significant number. I mean I really detest them. This bunch. These faux Dems, these demented libturds and their cosmically and cosmetically disjointed view of the world. Yes, I know. I’m cautious to avoid the word hate, as that’s been the target of these morons. You can’t hate as that’s been criminalized unless the hate is for Trump and then that hate’s exalted and transpositioned into righteous protest and indignation. You earn your bones, your badge if you hate Trump for everything and anything. The more diffuse the hate the better.
This tribe of obstructionists. I loathe them. They’re like an impacted bezoar. Some huge wad of intestinal wax that allegedly sidelined and felled Elvis and the Duke. (You’ve heard those weekend radio ads, right? But I digress.) I detest them with a fury and a passion that’s inexplicable and heretofore never experienced. I was never elevated to such despising. Until now. They make me seethe and rail. I wax emetic. Vesuvius, baby. Nancy Pelosi is Brunhildë, Nadler, an experiment gone bad. And Schiff . . . well, that’s too easy. This group of un-American mutineers are at the very heart and base of turning my New York City into some dystopian beta-test.

We’re gonna reelect that motherf*cker! Sound familiar? January 3, 2019, hours after she was sworn in the Michigander termagant Rashida Tlaib, who’s to rational electioneering what Al Martino was to microsurgery, this vile charter member of the Squad Furies uttered this now famous and prescient classless profanity. “[W]e’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!” To be correct, the entire quote was presented thusly.

“When your son looks at you and said ‘Mamma, look, you won — bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!’”

Rashida out of luck. This is the low rent, base and classless claptrap that we’ve had to endure. Well, that changes now. Bigly. With 301 days to the election, here we come. All of us. The lot. The passel. And where there’s one of us, there’s all of us. (And where have I heard that before?)­­ RT took on DT. For the match of her life. So, let’s see what she and the rest of Der Squad do as POTUS45 locomotes towards reelection. In 301 days.
Start spreading the news. New York’s looking like the set of Death Wishmeets Night of the Living Dead. Through and as the result of catastrophic, cataclysmic and catatonic criminal justice and bail reforms, New York’s most insane, dangerous and criminally derelict are caught and released for whatever they do for reasons NO RATIONAL PERSON CAN UNDERSTAND. Did I say rational? That may explain it. My guess is that it is part of a [DS] masterplan to subvert and destroy every vestige of rational order that our society enjoys. Everything. And every thing. It’s part of the new calamity protocol. You’ve read of LA and Frisco now the proud owners of 20 pound bags o’ poop strewn about the landscape. Why? Disorder and destabilization. [DS] evildoers can’t prosper in order. And calm. They advance exponentially when everything’s amiss and askew. I ask you. Jews in NYC are under attack from the A-Team of loons. Who in particular? Miscellaneous haters spewing such incomprehensible gibberish that no one can remotely decipher what’s being said. Malists, NYC is the place for you. It’s become full-tilt, full-throttle nuts. And dangerous. And soon unlivable, thus perhaps explicating the exodus taking place at clips heretofore never seen.
Mass hysteria as spectator sport. This is an ochlocracy: perfect, pure and simple. Swarms and mobs, gaggles, flocks and passels, herds and schools — murmurations and formations of the easily moved (and paid Soros-style). All swept up in the moment and the frenzy and the communal siren call of publicity. A giant LOOK AT ME! moment forever captured, catalogued and memorialized. An incoherent moment, mind you. But a moment nonetheless. And they provided invaluable and priceless B-roll fodder for Trump media armies. “Is this the America you want?” It was that simple. If you want to see what mayhem looks like, here’s Exhibit A. Bravo, DNC. You stepped in it again. Just think what the critical Independent vote thinks after watching this freak show. As Cruise’s Jack Reacher noted: “Remember, you wanted this.”
The etiology of TDS tantrums. But where did these people get the idea they could terrorize innocent victims aka Trump supporters or staff? Does this ring a bell? “If you think we’re rallying now you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, told supporters at a rally in Los Angeles this past June. “If you see anybody from that (Trump) Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Can you say “incitement,” Ms. Waters? I can. The Wig may have finally lost it.
And speaking of Maxine. Some were most taken aback when POTUS slammed the ostensible paucity of Maxine’s intellectuality. Low IQ Maxine. Harsh? Mean? Perhaps. But oh, so accurate. If you haven’t heard this testament to comedy genius may I lay this beaut on you. Mad Maxine trolled, punk’d and scammed yet again by this troupe of Russian wiseguys. Listen to this woman. Listen to the inarticulation, the tenuous grasp, the perilous connection to what’s happening. The cosmic gullibility. The incomprehensible daftness of this delirious dolt. And she wants to be briefed on military targeting?! I still attribute the whole pathetic mess to wig constriction. Plain and simple. Bless her heart.
Enough. We must move on.
#MAGA2020. It’s been 1665 days since President Donald Trump announced he was running for President, 1154 days since he was elected, 1080 days since he was inaugurated and it’s only 301 days to the 2020 reelection where he will be again resoundingly swept back into office via landslide, taking the electoral and popular vote. And during the aforementioned periods and in view of the last, what has been the Democrats’ message? Tell me. What are their hopes, goals, intentions, wishes, dreams, platforms, plans, programs, ideas, vision? Anyone? Anybody? Hello?
Read this carefully. Pay particular note. Donald Trump is the greatest President in my lifetime. How this man has been able to captivate, motivate and scintillate huge swaths of Americans is nothing sort of astounding. He devastated the best and (sorta) brightest of the GOP contenders, wiping the floor with them. Bernie was obliterated through the Oven Mitt Fashionista herself after being apparently threatened and/or aggressively persuaded to cease and desist instanter. And speaking of Shillary, who brought back the Mao jacket and reptilian exoskeleton back brace as fashion accessory, her disintegration and implosion are ones for the history books. POTUS’s HRC target now is obtainable through Huber or Sessions, viz. to have her indicted for any of the series of possible charges that are available. She has flouted the law and her responsibility for too long. #OvenMitt4Git
This is my 32nd year in professional political and legal commentary and analysis. I have never enjoyed it more than now and cannot even imagine it getting better. But something tells me it will. Thank you for sharing this with me. Admit it, you’ve never felt more alive.

God bless America.
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Vatic Pythonic Prescience You’ll Never Soon See Again

Lionel Breaks Down Why Schiff’s Limited Scope of Impeachment Inquiry Questions Will Ultimately Fail

The three (3) essential areas of focus initially suggested and advanced by Adam Schiff and his Intel Star Chamber will comprise the following areas of focus, reviewed and analyzed herein. 

  1. Did President Trump request that a President Volodymyr Zelensky initiate investigations that would ultimately benefit POTUS’s own personal political and partisan interests in the US, including inter alia an investigation anent the President’s political rival and potential opponent in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Joe Biden et fils?
  2. Did President Trump, either directly or by and through agents, seek and endeavor to use the power of the Office of the President and other resources of the federal government in myriad ways to apply considerable pressure on Zelensky and the government of Ukraine to advance the President’s personal political interests, including in effect leveraging an Oval Office meeting desired by Zelensky or by withholding U.S. military assistance to Ukraine?
  3. Did President Trump and his Administration seek to obstruct, obfuscate, conceal, suppress or cover up information to conceal from the Congress and the American people evidence about the President’s actions and conduct?

And the ultimate question to be reviewed and considered is presented thusly: Assuming arguendo any of the aforementioned are answered and proved in the affirmative, is it enough to reverse and subvert the franchise by extricating a duly-elected President? Especially when the election is a mere 360 days away from this moment?