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LIONEL PODCAST: Incremental, Random, Disparate, Incongruous, Disordered Thoughts — The Discontinuous Continuum

Legend has it that Bob Dylan contributed a few lines to what became “The Weight.” He added them on the community living room typewriter in the Big Pink, the house he shared with members of The Band in 1967 located at 56 Parnassus Lane in Saugerties, New York. What was born was the following contribution verse: Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog. He said, “I will fix your rack, if you’ll take Jack, my dog.” Wow, man. Groovy.

What always intrigued me about this story was the idea of the typewriter that sat for extended periods of time and how band members would contribute lyrics randomly, intermittently and perhaps incongruously. The resultant patchwork and pastiche would be cobbled together and voila! A song. Maybe even a good one.

My digital recorder sits on my desk. The record pause light blinks incessantly. I love the idea of recording thoughts intermittently. Stopping. And recording anew and again. The seamless recording shows no physical partitions as in sound cracks or breaks. The only way the listener would know that recorded pieces or tracks were in fact different might be the nature and subject matter. If done correctly, one could produce, say, 100 separate conversations that are laid end to end with no formal interstitial connectors. The result is either a blended patchwork wave of thought or a confused and schizophrenic mélange of blather.

I must admit, I’m rather partial to the latter.


LionelMedia. I’m tired of telling people what this is, so why not tell people what this is. Clever in spades I am. For the culturally nescient, LionelMedia is a multi-media content delivery system for a de minimis monthly fee. It will eventually be a multi-channeled one-stop shopping site for all things that interest me. It will feature written word, articles, blogs, vlogs, video, audio, music, performances of all types: the first annual Klezmerpalooza, hip-hop numismatics, fun with shadow puppets, name it. Wait until you hear the mime section, tentatively labeled “mime meme.” Can you see the vision? (Pun intended.) And ultimately it will showcase my farm team: up-an-coming broadcast stars of the future whom I’ll hone and train to blow the talk broadcast world open. Because, friends, as it is right now, it could use some life and originality.

Futuristic and avant-garde, you betcha. Within this audio contribution, I explain the inspiration and genesis of LionelMedia and my association with my long-time friend, the pythonic and vatic Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers Magazine, the industry trade journal. All that I ask (or as they say in Brooklyn, “All’s”) is that you spread the word and then sign up for my podcasts. Ask yourself, “How can I help Lionel?” Well, I’ve the answer.

Gather, children, before me. I’m about to speak.