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LIONEL PODCAST: You Don’t Know Shi’ite About Lockerbie!

You wanna bet? I’ll bet you that you’ve never heard of Tony Gauci but you’ve most probably heard of Lockerbie (Pan Am Flight 103) and maybe Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, whom you probably know him as the “cancer-stricken” terrorist bomber who was released by the Scottish government from prison for humanitarian reasons. Trust me, and I don’t even know you, if you’ve listened to our MSM sock puppet media solely, you know absolutely bupkis about Lockerbie. Herein, I explain the foundations of our nescience with some background facts that will astound you.

Scottish Sun says “top-secret dossier” from review commission that ordered Megrahi retrial shows Maltese witness Tony Gauci could have been paid to keep up testimony.

Malta Today

The report by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, that looked into the evidence against Libyan suspect Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi and ordered his appeal to go for retrial, has described the key testimony against him by Maltese witness Tony Gauci as “unreliable”. The SCCRC report suspects that this formed part of a cover-up over the trial that saw Megrahi jailed for killing 270 people in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie.

Cancer-stricken Megrahi was released from incarceration in 2009 on humanitarian grounds and is now residing in Libya. The news was broken by Marcello Mega, an investigative journalist who has followed the case closely. According to the SCCRC report, shopkeeper Tony Gauci is described as an “unreliable” witness. The SCCRC said the Crown prosecution suppressed from Megrahi’s defence team statements showing how much Gauci changed his mind about crucial details over the years.

Gauci claimed to have recognised Megrahi as the man who bought clothes in his shop Mary’s House on Tower Road, that were linked to the suitcase carrying the bomb that blew up Pan Am flight 103. The SCCRC said: “The effect of all of these inconsistencies is powerful. The court was left with a distorted and different impression of the witness. In this way Megrahi was denied a fair trial.” The SCCRC also found that police said in evidence they first showed Gauci photos of Megrahi on September 14, 1989 – when he had in fact also been shown them on September 8. The report said: “This was not disclosed to the defence. There is no statement from Gauci produced, no police witness statements produced.” The SCCRC said if Gauci had been shown Megrahi’s pic six days before he picked him out as resembling the buyer at his shop, then that ID was totally undermined.

In its report, the SCCRC challenges the integrity of evidence given by retired Strathclyde detective constable Harry Bell, who had a close bond with Gauci. It reveals Bell, DC John Crawford, a retired Lothian and Borders cop, and an FBI agent all made statements claiming that Gauci had talked of a “striking similarity” between Megrahi and the buyer. But Maltese officers revealed Gauci was unsure, was coached and told to age the photos by ten to 15 years.  The report says: “This is different to DCI Bell’s evidence at trial. It also implies the witness is unclear.” The SCCRC also obtained evidence from police memos that Gauci was made aware from his first contact with investigators that his testimony could be worthmillions: one undisclosed memo reveals the FBI discussed with Scots cops an offer of unlimited cash to Gauci – with “$10,000 available immediately”.

The SCCRC also said that in court Gauci was vague about the exact date on which the clothes were bought. The date was narrowed to either November 23, 1988, when Megrahi was not on Malta, or December 7, 1988, when he was. Gauci said Christmas lights were not set up yet on Tower Road when Megrahi allegedly visited his shop. Police said they could not find out when the lights were switched on. But the SCCRC easily established it was December 6 – a day too early for Megrahi to have been the buyer. The commission’s report says: “It is clear that the police were in no doubt that Gauci was clear in his recollection.” It adds “no reasonable court” could have concluded Megrahi bought the clothes from Gauci’s shop. The commission also noted that early uncertainty on the part of Gauci was never passed over to the defence, nor was the fact that Scots detectives feared he was trying too hard to please them. The fact a senior Maltese detective also considered Gauci to be an unreliable witness was never disclosed to lawyers representing Megrahi.

Million-dollar reward?

A big mystery surrounding key witness Tony Gauci is whether it was true that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) paid him and his brother Paul $2 million over the course of his testimony. The Herald Scotland had claimed recently discovered papers show Scottish police officers investigating the 1988 bombing were aware the US intelligence service had discussed financial terms and witness protection schemes with Tony Gauci and his brother. It has not been confirmed that the brothers accepted any money, but the fact that an offer was made is directly relevant to the credibility of Tony Gauci, who became the lynchpin of the case. Paul was never called as a witness. The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission found that document, thought to be from the CIA, during its three-year investigation, which concluded that Megrahi should have a fresh appeal.

LIONEL PODCAST: I’ll Vote For Anyone Called Crazy (Preferably Insane)

I don’t care what government folks tell me. I don’t care what politicians have to say either. I call the shots; they work for me. And when I believe that 9/11 first responders deserve medical care and attention for cancers that very well could have been caused by their tenure at and with the toxic foundry of ground zero, I demand they open up our wallets and pay up. After all, if these banksters can hand over trillions to foreign banks for bailouts, they can cough up a few billion for brave Americans. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve come to the realization that the only person I’d ever consider for public office is someone who’s considered nuts or crazy or, preferably, insane. Why? Simple. Because there is such a need and demand for something drastic, over-the-top and mind-boggling in terms of its bold restructuring, and the only person who’d ever consider doing that would be someone the MSM and entrenched establishment would call crazy. We need dynamic, daring and intrepid leadership by and from someone who cares not about convention or business as usual. A person who thrives on risk taking. A person who accepts the challenge. And only some crazy would even attempt it.

As was immortalized in the classic SCTV series as to the candidacy of Vic Hedges for mayor, “Sure he’s crazy, but what if he’s right?”

LIONEL FREE PODCAST: Trillions In Foreign Bank Bailouts And Nothing For 9/11 First Responders?!

“You’ve got to be __ing kidding me!” This perhaps crude but honest reaction sums up perfectly my feelings as to the decision Tuesday by federal officials that there is not enough evidence yet to say whether the dust and smoke clouds at Ground Zero on 9/11 caused cancer. This very simple reaction was the refrain of the day from rational, practical Americans who, in the midst of watching their government futz around over debt ceilings and the threat of insolvency, couldn’t fathom why there was any debate on whether first responders deserved our immediate financial help to reimburse health providers for a multiplicity of treatments required. Treatments for dreadful diseases including cancers that these first responders miraculously contracted after 9/11 when they selflessly gave of themselves after they were assured by their government that the coast was clear.

Starting at the end of 2007 during a 2½ year period, the Federal Reserve gave more than $16T in secret bailouts to banks and other companies around the world. It lost $12B in shrink-wrapped bricks of $100 bills sent to Iraq on C-130’s and our government can’t account for over $2.3T in Pentagon transactions. And don’t forget about the mind-boggling $1 Quadrillion derivatives bubble. That’s 20 times larger than the GDP of the entire world.  It is almost impossible even conceive of 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars. No questions asked. But when asked to pay a de minimis amount by comparison not as a reward or payment but reimbursement for catastrophic injuries sustained by first responders and volunteers, my country balks.

“You’ve got to be __ing kidding me!”

LIONEL PODCAST: The Pom Sot Christopher Hitchens Wouldn’t Be Believed If He Spoke With A Brooklyn Accent

Christopher Hitchens is profoundly full of it. I wish him and everybody a long life free from disease. That being said, he’s a blowhard and one of the biggest cons around who has duped a generation of gullible Americans into buying into that pseudo-intellectual, garbled, mumbled, maundering, Scotch-addled Britspeak prate. He’s a militant atheist and supported our folly in Iraq and Americans can’t get enough of him. Why? His accent. Simple. He makes me sick. A fallen commie-pinko, this guy’s changed his mind more than the Italian Parliament. But this self-styled polemicist is a bloviating windbag who has Americans conned.  Why? His accent.

Argument today lacks critical thinking skills and is broadly personality-based. And irascible phonies like this dude perpetuate the inanity.

And I’ve a few more ideas about others who drive me nuts. And, admittedly, it’s not a very long ride.

LIONEL AUDIO: TSA Tyranny Hits Home. My Wife Gets Groped In The Fight Against Terrorism!


I have been trumpeting the concerns about full body scanners for quite a while. And now, the public is speaking up against them. Finally.

And it really hit home when my wife was groped Sunday by a TSA goon at the Tampa Airport after she was singled out for a “random” yet compulsory pass through the radiation field and nude body porno scanner. She was never given a chance to walk through the magnetometer like everybody else. Was never offered to be wanded. No, it was the porno radiation chamber or being felt up by a blue-gloved TSA thug. She suffered the latter.

I commented on this harrowing experience during my PIX 11 Commentary.

There’s a groundswell of objections to this rogue group of mindless authority junkies who are encouraged from the bottom down. here seems to be no rationality. No connection between doing what’s necessary but reasonably. This mindless Pavlovian obeisance to anything the government orders is per se un-American.

  • Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is pushing full body scanners because he happens to be the company’s lobbyist. Coincidence? What is rarely mentioned is that the Chertoff Group, his security consulting agency, represents a manufacturer of the machines. Remember, this scanning program is brought to you via a $735 Million gift from taxpayers. You’re paying for this! [Source]
  • This is a systematic method to soften up American sheeple and get them acclimated to greater and more intrusive privacy violations.
  • A TSA employee reportedly admitted pat-down involving touching of genitals meant to intimidate people into using body scanners. [Source]
  • Officials and experts from various disciplines have called into question the safety of the radio employed. They say that the low level beam does deliver a small dose of radiation to the body but because the beam concentrates on the skin — one of the most radiation-sensitive organs of the human body — that dose may be up to 20 times higher than first estimated. [Source] And the more the government swears to its safety, the more suspect I am. Remember, I don’t believe anything until it’s officially denied.
  • And if you think you’ve heard it all, watch this. Remember, this is America. I think.

LIONEL AUDIO: Weekend Review, Film, Obama’s Impuissance, “Mosqueteers,” Hitchens’s Big C, Facebook Illiteracy & Heartbroken Lefties

The week has proved most fascinating for me. So many subjects, so little time. In this screed the following are discussed in no particular order.

  • Film reviews. This week’s favorite is “The Sicilian Girl.” It’s a dramatic retelling of the story of Rita Atria: “how a 17-year-old Sicilian whose father and brother were both Mafia members (and victims) breaks the vow of silence that enshrouds that world, and gives evidence to famed anti-Mafia judge [Paolo] Borsellino.” [Source] When you compare it to the American film drivel à la The Sopranos, you appreciate the historical underpinnings of La Mafia Siciliana that are never even addressed in America’s basic thug films.
  • Christopher Hitchens’s esophageal cancer and the absolutely ridiculous questions posed by some who wonder if he’ll now “convert” as death is imminent. It’s insane. If Hitch lost the Brit brogue, nobody’d give him the time of day. We’ve a British fetish. We attribute great cerebration to “limey lingua.”
  • Facebook illiteracy. Nothing exposes better just how illiterate we are than Facebook. Just read some of the rambling, maundering prattle of folks. It’s a sad statement. What’s worse is how adults still don’t get the fact that it’s not a private communication medium.
  • The chagrined left, chided by White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, and how their boyfriend Barry hurt their feelings. Obama’s as much a “progressive” as I’m center for the Knicks. And how Obama had to reexplain his New York mosque position. Not good if you have to explain what you’ve explained.

LIONEL AUDIO: Nude Body Scanners, Kiddie Porn & We The Sheeple Nodding in Pavlovian Obeisance

New York airports will now have full body scanners the media report. There are cancer concerns over the devices as the Telegraph reports.

Dr David Brenner, head of the centre for radiological research at Columbia University in New York, said Government scientists had not taken into account the concentration of the radiation on the skin. He said it raised concerns about a potentially greater risk of cancer than previously realised.

And the vast majority of Americans are per usual nescient, clueless and with nary a concern. All that has to be mentioned is the shibboleth “9/11” and We the Sheeple go into a trance signing over full control to our government who, of course, has nothing but our best interest in mind. And guess what, Cochise, scanner images through an inversion process can be colorized to provide a pretty spiffy nudie shot. Wallet size available. See infra.

LIONEL AUDIO: Nude Body Scanners, Kiddie Porn & We The Sheeple Nodding in Pavlovian Obeisance (16:12)

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