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LIONEL PODCAST: I’m Back. Post-Irene Musings, Climate Fraud, Loving Cheney And When the Sh*t Hits The Reporter.

After Irene, a busted iMac and a host of life’s gremlins, I’m back and with a vengeance.

This picture supra will forever be identified with the plight of Irene and a symbolic reminder of life as we know it.

Seen here is WTTG Fox D.C. reporter Tucker Barnes, known from now on as the human metaphor, braving the gusts of Irene at the beach at Ocean City, Maryland to give a live report. Barnes unlike other intrepid journalists weathered neither rain nor sleet (dark of night, maybe), but what he called “sea foam,” which Fox later explained was “probably the remnants of raw sewage.” Sea foam. How quaint. For he was bathed in the feculent, fetid organic broth known world wide by many names. Scheiße. Merde. Mierda. Hitsay.

He further explained that what was engulfing him didn’t “taste” or “smell” great and had — get this — a “sandy consistency.” That’s putting it mildly. The descriptions were horribly hysterical. Inadvertently, one must admit, viz. “some sort of organic batter.” I read that at first as “butter.” Far more poetic. On one occasion, Barnes mostly disappeared under the organic and fetid foam. An off the cuff statement was made to the effect that what had doused him was “often a toxic mix of pollution and cyanobacteria.” Let the mindless 20 year-old beauty queen from a small town remember the intrepid Barnes and his egesta bath.

That being said, sit back and enjoy this, my mind.

LIONEL AUDIO: Miscellany Intented To Addict

Nothing sums up the argument for anthropogenic causation models for global warming and climate change like this: a polar bear crying for his mommy on a melting berg. I’m reminded of this imagery while I’ve been forced to endure the constipated traffic patterns of the city while the U.N. meets this week. The U.N. is the epicenter and locus of control of climate legislation. It’s the ideological ground zero of global warming. And what I emphasize herein is that the center of my suspicions as to anthropogenic causation models involves those who will benefit financially. See, if these models are incorrect, no one can carbon tax folks when humankind is not responsible for resultant CO2 causation indices as to global warming in climate change. So there you have it.

And since Virginia strapped down Teresa Lewis last night and legally killed her for having illegally killed another, I discuss the interesting point that Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes, viz. you give us grief over threatening to stone to death an Iranian woman for adultery, yet you kill an American woman for murder that others committed, the triggermen getting life. You know, he makes a hell of a point. I explain.