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LIONEL PODCAST: Something Horrible Is About To Happen. Mark My Words.

Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London, March 1925

Hauntingly seductive. The Madame Tussaud’s fire was quite the story and originally published in the Manchester Guardian on 19 March 1925. How creepy is this? You thought these were real at first, be honest. Especially the heads strewn about on the floor. Shades of ISIS, right? Look how realistic these look. And look how easy it is to create the illusion of disaster. And using 1925 standards, no less. The symbolism of beheading transcends anything that the garden variety terrorist can invoke or convey. Much of what you see is illusion, I’m sorry to say. And illusion doesn’t necessarily connote creating something that’s really not there. It also represents exaggerating something into an imagery that fuels a heightened horror exaggeratedly.

Is POTUS safe? Are there not-so-veiled messages being given as to dissatisfaction with this administration. I’m not alone in asking this question. Foreign media, in particular. In my lifetime I saw a President struck down in broad daylight before the world. These incidents should shock this country to its core. Wake up. And now, after the umpteenth breach of the President’s security perimeter, our feckless and impuissant mainstream media stand around sucking their thumb and scratching their arse.

Rogue networks and dark forces lie within the recesses of government. They exist because we look the other way. We care not to wax conspiratorial or embrace the psycopathy of the ruling class. That’s scary and icky and it destroys the tissue thin veneer of our self-imposed delusion. I’m tired of coups, in my country. No more. No mas.

Watch my Twitter feed this week for more updates on this in particular. And pay attention. I fear the worst, if history means anything. Expose the internecine plotters. Open your eyes. This isn’t Game of Thrones. It’s even more medieval, more Machiavellian, more Venetian in its sinister basis.

The Corbett Report. I had a wonderful time visiting with the inimitable James Corbett of the eponymous report. I commend you to his site here. The subject was fascinating: Little Brother. But watch the twist, two ways to take and understand the concept. Most fascinating. James Corbett also references “suevaillance,” the means of attacking and addressing impermissible surveillance through the art of litigation. Pithy, eh?