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LIONEL PODCAST: Face It, This Country’s Just Stupid. Admit It.

Stop kidding yourselves. It’s OK, just admit it. We’re stupid. Illiterate, untraveled, politically nescient and doltish. Scientifically backward, culturally dimwitted. But that’s OK. Relax. We’ve got great television and great media. Not for news, mind you. But if you want to know anything about Kim Kardashian’s steatopygean ass or her heartbreak of psoriasis, this is the country to be in. We’ve got ADD as to news. But we’re masters of pop culture arcana.

Remember Mohammed Bouazizi? He was the Tunisian feller who in January of this year went Buddhist monk and performed the ultimate in “I’ve had it up to here” symbolism: self-immolation. His death was said to have inspired the great revolution in the Middle East. Young people utilizing their social media yearning for freedom. What happened to that story? Not a peep from anyone, kids. What ever happened to H1N1, West Nile? Mad Cow? Al Gore’s divorce? Dunno. And watch, before you know it the scandal that threatened to bring Murdoch down will be all but forgotten here. But when it comes to certain stories, the American public is insatiable and unrelenting. Had the Casey Anthony trial gone on for two years, we’d have been all over it, never missing a day of testimony with Nancy Grace and her flaring nostrils to guide us. We do have attention spans beyond that of a gnat but for few things.

But don’t feel bad. It’s not because we don’t care. It’s because we’re stupid. And oh, yes, that picture above? It’s our Mt. Rushmore forebears. Hiding.

LIONEL AUDIO: Why I Loathe The Media, Facebook Insanity & 9/11 Mania

America couldn’t care less about the truth, but it loves a party. We love a crazy Flawda preacher feller from Gainesville who wants to burn the Qur’an. We love to talk about an Islamic cultural center that we refer to as a mosque that is to be built at the hallowed site of a Burlington Coat Factory in downtown Manhattan. And the MSM will cover every second of it all the while lamenting that they’re covering it. Tomorrow’s the ninth anniversary of that terrible Tuesday when our country changed for the worse. Forever. And in light of the foregoing, please find this, my latest installment of this thing of ours.