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LIONEL PODCAST: Making the Government Eat Its Words

U.K. scientists have examined a tiny metal sphere, and are positing that it might be a microorganism deliberately sent by extraterrestrials to create life on Earth through the mechanism of directed panspermia. And if so, think what this does to tropes, theories and hypotheses advanced by religion.


If it’s not the criminal but the gun, then it’s not the zealot but the belief in God. I’ve always enjoyed the way various proponents of ideologies will use arguments in ways that best suit their immediate purpose. For example, Obama has suggested that ISIS is not a Muslim or Islamic or religious problem but that it represents a group of people who have hijacked religion as a means and method of disseminating  terror. Now, when I have suggested that gun violence is not the problem of the gun but of the criminal I was summarily dismissed by the anti-Second Amendment zealot who opined that it was indeed the gun that caused the problem and not the criminal. In fact, were you to ban guns, you’d eliminate murder and crime. So, were religion to vanish or be banned would terrorism of this ilk disappear as well? The answer, of course is that that’s a specious argument, but if it works for guns, it’ll work for ISIS. Deal?

So, let me have a got at it. So using the theory, I propose the following. It is the religion and not the proponent of the religion that is the problem. The problem with ISIS, I now submit, using the aforementioned twisted logic, is that religion and God promote such sickening and murderous behavior. No, religion, no terrorism. Deal? How can this component be overlooked? In our scaredy-cat mentality we tiptoe over the inconvenient, the uncomfortable, the incredibly sensitive. How is it that the notion of gods existence has become the third rail. Kryptonite. There are more closeted atheists the most could ever imagine. There are those who camouflage themselves as the pathetically feckless agnostic. Or the irreligious. Or the apatheist. After all, the alcoholic has a problem with alcohol. Maybe the religious extremist has a problem with God.

What?! How’d this slip by? I know you missed this. Of course you did. If you’re the usual American caught up in the quotidian media diversion and claptrap. What with all the cold coverage and SNL40 and Bruce Jenner blather, it’s easy to let this one slip by, right? Keep in mind that the primary goal and objective of the mainstream media are to keep you in a perpetual state of cognitive and intellectual anesthesia.

Are you sitting down, Earthing? There are those who believe that life was first brought to Earth from far across the universe and not, therefore, by way of the usual Creationist or religious mechanism. In fact, this week there were headlines aplenty about how British scientists had discovered evidence that extraterrestrials and EBEs may have in effect seeded life on this planet.  Some of the most esteemed minds in science have been promoting this theory for a long time inckuding the mechanism of direct panspermia.

UK scientists have just found some evidence supporting a theory so out of this world it makes others look unimaginative by comparison. A strange, tiny object may suggest that Earth was actually seeded by extra-terrestrials to create life.

It sounds nuts, but first let’s at least look at the findings. Astrobiologist Milton Wainwright and a team of researchers at the University of Buckingham recently discovered a microscopic metal sphere in the dust from the team’s atmospheric balloon. Specifically, the hair-length ball is made of titanium and vanadium with a viscous liquid, and most intriguingly, a biological core.

What on Earth would a ball filled with alien goo be doing, well, on Earth? According to the theory of “directed panspermia,” coined by Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick, such objects may have been used by life forms from outside our Solar System to bring creation to our planet. “One theory is it was sent to Earth by some unknown civilization in order to continue seeding the planet with life,” said Wainwright in an interview while referencing Crick’s work.

The implications are truly awesome, in the truest sense of the actual word. Fear not, my fellow searcher of truth, you and I will join forces along with our brothers and sisters in truth in surgically the  targeting the relevant and critical. Let the masses focus on the de minimis. Bread and circuses, for everyone!