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LIONEL PODCAST: CNN Redefines Sniveling Cowardice Via Fake News and Attempting Fruitlessly the Delegitimizing of Trump

“Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?” M. CICERONIS TULLI ORATIO IN L. CATILINAM PRIMA

What has happened here is rather obvious. It’s been slow, incremental, glacial. The public’s habituated, humiliated and chastened. Slapped and cajoled, conned and convinced . . . told that news isn’t to be true or real or even factual. Shite happens, Sparky. What are you getting upset over? What’s the big deal? Perhaps it’s a generational thing. We dinosaurs remember a time when the idea of a Cronkite getting shitfaced on New Year’s Eve whilst simultaneously pierced made our souls quiver and quake. And throw in the horrid Washington Compost for good measure. No, this isn’t an accident or happenstance. It’s deliberate, targeted and by design. Enjoy. 

LIONEL PODCAST: The Uninformed Electorate and the Duplicitous Media

Ignorance is bliss but who knew it was this fun? This picture is emblematic of what the mainstream media do. They distract. The rather devilish fellow on the right is you, the consumer. The trollop on the left is the mainstream media, detouring and diverting your attention from that which really matters. Whilst the world teeters on war, as surveillance measures cause the 24/7 worldview panopticon to cement and focus on your every move, as your contaminated food remains unlabeled and your family unwarned . . . as the world crumbles, we’re focused on Donald and Hill and Ashley Madison hackers. Congratulations, America, you’ve been had.

But in a spirit of mirth and merriment, a video tutorial for you. You’re welcome.

LIONEL PODCAST: Rodeo Clown Lunacy and the Politics of Media Distraction

In keeping with the cruelty of Photoshop. Our friends at the poor man’s Britannica Wikipedia remind us that Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. Now, on to the podcast.

The Lionel Doctrine. The ad coelum doctrine relates to the common law rule that a land owner owns everything below and above the land, up to the sky and below the earth to its core. Well, how do drones figure into this? This is a case of first impression. But not for me. Now, on to the podcast. Hie!

LIONEL PODCAST: Guns, Critical Thinking & What Do You Not Want to Know You’re Eating

What exactly do you not want to know you’re eating?

As the 2016 presidential race continues to rehash and redeliver over social policy and fiscal responsibility, no one is talking about another key issue: all of the major candidates are in complete, direct and unequivocal opposition to GMO labeling — and many are directly supporting Monsanto’s GE and biotech aspirations.These bought and sold hack, Big Agra whores not mentioned in the least by the equally bought and sold presstitutes. And let me repeat again, Sparky, we’re talking about what you’re eating! EATING! Now keep in mind, these are the same folks who believe whole cloth in such unverified blather as anthropogenic causation models for global warming and climate change. These are the same Boeotians who weep uncontrollably over the prettiest graphic of a cute polar bear club clinging for life to an ice cube that used to be an iceberg. The same folks who rail against antiscience zealotry and who turn to their media darlings Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye for answers to everything ignore the fact that these are the two biggest gate keepers of the lot. With Bill Nye having been bought like a street trollop by Monsanto directly! Look no further then Dr. Oz’s treatment when he dared to question the safety of glyphosate. This is still the biggest story that gets virtually no coverage by a distracted and painfully ignorant news repeaters and incurious public.

And — you guessed it — not a peep from the #MSM, especially when considering how the public is in complete agreement merely as to labeling!

The Second Amendment is an absolute right, not a suggestion. This seemed to slip by the pols and Jurassic ossified mainstream media. With a population of 319 million, the United States seems to be populated by people who for the most part are law abiding. Rough estimates establish the number of firearms in the hands of US civilians at over 310 million. So, think about that. There’s roughly one weapon per person in the United States yet the number of police officers and civilians killed by them is per se de minimis. And never forget this: It is the ultimate goal of every politician for complete and total disarmament. It is the absolute and established desire of every politician and leader to remove the ability for them to fight back and resist. And that’s precisely the goal of the previous Second Amendment, to prevent that.

LIONEL PODCAST: We Know Nothing! Nothing!

We know nothing! Nothing! We don’t ask or question or care. We’re busy. We have our boxing matches and royal births. We have a tissue-thin latticework of policy, ideology and what may pass for history. Our politics are titular and superficial at best. We don’t think, question and will never stray into any field that could in any wise be construed as conspiratorial. Heavens no! We have been duped into thinking that the left/right paradigm exists, that it means something, they represents substance. You have major mainstream cable news networks devoted to brand-name pabulum politics. We have overpaid underwhelming propaganda overlords who are being inched out and marginalized by alternative and foreign media and the Brobdingnagian blogosphere.

  • Take the latest information regarding the Stingray program. It seeks to redefine and simultaneously violate the core notions of the Fourth Amendment.
  • What’s that? That Stingray business. What is it exactly?
  • It’s an IMSI-catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)Stingray. Illegal police surveillance. You know, privacy violations? Surveillance. The feds are trying everything under the sun to justify its existence. They claim you have no reasonable expectation of privacy as to your metadata. They even quibble over whether it’s actually testimonial evidence in nature.
  • Who cares and who knows? If it’s important they’ll tell me. This sounds like one of those crazy conspiracy theories you always talk about. And after all, these are different times with new threats and national security concerns. If we don’t survail and collect data and violate our collective rights, then the terrorists win. Or something.  And after all, I know the news media would have told me if there was something to this alleged monkey business.
  • But they did. Repeatedly. Well, not the ossified and Jurassic and usual Ted Baxter news media but alternative and foreign new systems most certainly did. Many times. Where’ve you been?
  • Whatever. I’m busy. I’m an American.

This podcast’s for you. Trust me on this one. After having been trained in conventional radio stylistics, there’s nothing quite like this for a number reasons. First, no commercials or stop sets or PSA’s or interruptions or studio tours or myriad intermissions. It is one continuous, free flow, free-form, spiritual conversation between you and me. Admittedly one sided, to be sure. It is nonetheless a fabulous platform and delivery system for edutainment.


LIONEL PODCAST: Why Marco Rubio Might Be the Worst Republican Candidate (If That’s Even Possible)

The Rubio version of Watergate.

All day I face the barren waste without the taste of water, cool water. Behold the flanking maneuver crafted by Jeb and his handler. Jeb and Marco are old buddies, having forged a weird bond through a ceremonial sword commemoration in 1998. Read about it on your own time it’s bizarre and telling. Rubio will draw the anti-Jeb vote and ensure that it remain fragmented and disjointed. Clear the swing states so some independent challenger can’t take Jeb out. It’s the stalking horse scenario.

These stalking horse candidates need to be weak enough so that they will structurally and intellectually be incapable of outgrowing their assigned roles and stealing the nomination away from Jeb. But at the same time, they need to be strong enough to lock up 10-15% of the vote and put them in a kind of deep freeze, making sure that their support will never be extended to another candidate capable of defeating Jeb in the race. [Source]

Brilliant. Scott Walker cinches the blue-collar, anti-union vote, Rubio pulls the Latino warmonger clique, neither being able to trounce Jeb, just as Ron Paul did for Mitt Romney. Meanwhile Ted Cruz looks beyond lunatic-like, shores up and brings in the religious right — all to shield Jeb, provided cabinet posts and promises are made. It’s brilliant and calculated and something the confused and strategy-less Dems couldn’t get near. Poor, Hill. Shows up incognito at a Chipotle. Wow.

The greatest President in the history of our republic was assassinated 150 years ago today. I commend to you this look at how the news was reported that day. A mere five days after the end of the Civil War and before North and South had reconciliation, President Abraham Lincoln and the First Lady  attended Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre. “Shots rang out from inside the playhouse, screams ensued and the 16th president of the United States was mortally wounded.” He was but 56.

February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865


LIONEL PODCAST: The Illusion of Rand Paul

The illusion. Look, he’s got a great policy on smoking dope. Big deal. Look back to Bill Buckley, Milton Friedman and George Schultz — arch-conservative paleocons — and they were for the legalization of all drugs before Rand could make a fist. He’s articulate, seemingly more in touch with reality than Ted Cruz, bt the again so is my Aunt Phoebe, so what!

Listen up, Spicoli, it’s about more than dope. Review and research carefully to what he’s said and not said. Yes, above and beyond his weed policy.

  • He’s waxed neocon with his aggressive stance towards Putin anent Ukraine. Remember these beauts? In a National Review piece entitled “Rand Paul’s Plan for Ukraine: Bizarre and Delusional” Paul the dauphin said the following. “I would reinstitute the missile-defense shields President Obama abandoned in 2009 in Poland and the Czech Republic.” He groused, “The real problem is that Russia’s President is not currently fearful or threatened in any way by America’s President, despite his country’s blatant aggression.” What?! Or this: In an TIME op-ed, Paul wrote: “Putin must be punished for violating the Budapest Memorandum, and Russia must learn that the U.S. will isolate it if it insists on acting like a rogue nation.” [GULP!] Might I direct you to our friends at UFAA and TWSP for a cogent review of the good Senator’s views. I encourage you to search far and wide for everything on everything.
  • He’s flip-flopped on drone use to dispatch Americans on American soil. “If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and fifty dollars in cash. I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him,” he said. Paul also stated in the same interview that “I’ve never argued against any technology being used when you have an imminent threat, an active crime going on.” Apparently, an “imminent threat” is constituted by a liquor store robbery, setting the due process and Constitutional bar for an emergency situation rather low. Wow.
  • His austerity measures à la Mont Pelerin Society would make Draco blush. It’s simply cruel and without merit. As has been said, we’re better than that. We’re the American School of Economics. Not Austrian. Verstehen? It’s factual and historical and essential to the continued and sustained existence of our republic. Look it up, Sparky.
  • His message is devoid of reference to infrastructure and critical government programs and expenditures. Look, it’s part of the mantra, I dig. The shibboleth and bumpsticker ideology that serves him well. As my great friend, Webster Tarpley has endorsed, where’s his message on measures to re-industrialize, build infrastructure, develop science drivers, create jobs, and restore a high-wage economy? But to be fair, no one’s talking about that. Save Dr. T. And speaking of friends, my great pal Alex Jones heartily endorses Rand and I can understand that. He is certainly not without any moment of cognizable sapience, but when stepping back from the mosaic, take a good look as I have. The big picture is what I’m interested in.

What’s a girl to do? Friends, on paper RP sounds significantly better than the other spouters of vapidity. But is he truly any different? No. In terms of actual policy? Nah! And remember that our system allows not the revolutionary. Were he to ever advance past the initial stages of review he would have to pledge fealty to globalist elites and panjandrums. So what to do? Well, I simply don’t vote for any of these folks. Their availability bodes ill in and of itself. I always write my name in and prefer to “throw away my vote” with a greater degree of panache. Unless and until there’s a revolution we can play musical chairs with candidates all day long and nothing will materialize. Nothing will change. Excuse me, better yet — nothing will improve. Remember what a wise man once said, if voting really changed anything it would be illegal.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Revolution Is Already Underway

Betty Cook, a lab assistant at the Stanford Research Institute, is shown taking a “blink test” as part of a project to study smog in Stanford, Calif. April 27, 1949.

What does this picture have to do with anything? Nothing. But neither does the dreck you’re being given that’s passing for news. It’s evident that you’ve exhibited an interest in what’s actually occurring in the world by you’re being here in the first place. The usual and routinized display of news bores you. You never bought it in the first place. You knew it was a con, a diversion. You are a curious and inquisitive citizen who is mature enough to understand and appreciate reality. Do you crave the truth? Absolutely. And yet through labyrinthine deception and obfuscation and confusion and distraction the major issues that impact upon your life are forgotten and overlooked altogether.

The revolution has commenced and you are already a part of it. As we speak, news and data collection platforms are changing seismically. Alternate and foreign news delivery systems are exploding exponentially. You are a part of the revolution. And critical to this explosion and revolution is the absolute fact that the left-right paradigm is but an illusion, a mystical magical bifurcated separation of nothingness. Cast off the labels, remove the name tags and dissect and parse the issues. The ruling class is counting on your nescience. The only way they can succeed is if you remain unaware. And that’s not going to happen because you are a part of the revolution.

Lafayette, I’ve arrived! You are aware of the lies that have been foist upon you. From the food you eat, to the mystical and magical wars against mystical and magical terrorists, to they hate our freedom – you know the con but you are a part of the revolution. The rudiments, the basics, the fundamentals of our republic is the Constitution. That’s not an expression or some cute shibboleth. It is the template and blueprint of the fundamental rights and protections that you as an American citizen enjoy. And every government elected heretofore and hereafter will do everything it can to destroy and decimate the very protections that it swears to uphold. This isn’t exaggeration or hyperbole. This is not part of the bumper sticker, playbook, echo chamber, cookie-cutter, ossified Jurassic mainstream media. This is the naked truth; pay attention because you are part of the revolution. Amen.

Why You Should Give a Damn About Greece and Syriza

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Syriza

Who? This is Alexis Tsipras, the 40 year-old 186th Prime Minister of Greece since 26 January 2015, and the Leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left also known as Syriza since 2009.

Radical left?! Now, right away when many robotized and media lobotomized Americans hear not only “left” but “radical left” they react predictably patellar, in a hardwired obeisance and hypnotic reflex. The ardent right holds their noses, the professional left claps and bleats like a barking seal. Both seizing upon a morsel of data. A word, a code, a meme. And having not the faintest or foggiest idea why. It’s the script, the playbook. The directional messaging has always been the source of confounded interpretations. American global news referencing is nonexistent. And while I neither endorse nor declaim Syriza, I’m fascinated by what this means for the EU and austerity, in particular.

Well I never been to Spain but I kinda like the music. Gracias, Señor Axton. The anti-austerity movement fortified by Syriza is now seen in Spain’s Podemos (“We can”) movement. Somewhat reminiscent of Sí, se puede, used by that leftie rabble-rouser Cesar Chavez and his equally leftist, crypto-Commie UFW. Oh, yeah, and Barack Obama too. Ahem. Podemos, led by a ponytailed Pablo Iglesias, 36, the movement to reverse austerity and tackle corruption has struck a decisive chord.

Less than a week after Greece elected an aggressively anti-austerity government, the leaders of Spain’s own insurgent force, Podemos (We Can), urged supporters to take to the streets in a show of strength as it embarks on a tumultuous electoral campaign. “Tick tock, tick tock,” chanted thousands as they occupied the broad avenues of central Madrid, counting down to a year packed with municipal, regional and general elections. Just a year since its creation, Podemos has vaulted to the top of opinion polls, threatening to bring an end to the bipartisan political system that has governed Spain since the death of General Francisco Franco in 1975. [Source]

Pablo Iglesias of Podemos

Are you paying attention? No, what this means is something much deeper. A full frontal attack against globalist banksterism and asset-stripping financial terrorism. And that still won’t get folks’ attention. And mention austerity and you’ll get that blank and vapid and comatose look. Austerity is defined quaintly as “official actions taken by the government, during a period of adverse economic conditions, to reduce its budget deficit using a combination of spending cuts or tax rises.” Greek and Spanish austerity opponents would beg to differ and refer you instead to persistent unemployment, evictions and growing inequality and the contamination of systemic corruption. Pay attention. This is happening worldwide. And while we end to think of ourselves as being inoculated from worldwide calamity, we’re anything but. When Europe sneezes, we catch cold, as someone said.

Complexity is painful. Europe and the world and the EU in particular are beta tests for a new world configuration. Let me try to be clear(er). My friend, Webser Tarpley, makes this point and I want you to imagine anything like it being made or published in our MSM. Especially his reference to the “Troika of International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank/Bundesbank, and the Juncker-Moscovici European Commission.” And imagine the reference being sandwiched between the latest viral video of a duck playing the piano and Bruce Jenner’s sex change operation. Oh, I almost forgot, and The Stupid Bowl. And remember, anything with foreign names proves soporific. Unless, of course, it’s the latest man-made and manufactured terrorist group. And while we’re at it, RT has been exemplary in its coverage of the Greek elections. Truly superb. Now, as for Mr. Tarpley … .

The ability of Alexis Tsipras and Syriza to win an election and form a government within hours has stunned the Berlin neo-Brüning austerity clique dominated by the vindictive German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, Merkel’s grey eminence.

Tsipras has wisely formed a principled coalition with the conservative anti-austerity Independent Greeks of Panos Kammenos, who is now Defense Minister, showing that he is not a prisoner of the absurd left-right schema, and does not intend to let ethnocultural wedge issues block the immediate measures for economic recovery without which no problems can be solved. According to Athens political observer Michael Chiotinis, Tsipras would now be well advised to back another conservative, Kostas Karamanlis, for President of Greece — as another step towards a de facto national unity government to strengthen the hand of Athens in the coming clashes with the infamous Troika of International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank/Bundesbank, and the Juncker-Moscovici European Commission. [Source]

“If it’s not about American Sniper or Bruce Jenner or DeflateGate, I’m not interested.” I fully expect the following to be absolutely and completely missed in toto by the usual suspects but I love a challenge. What is so significant about Greece and Syriza is the following.

  • The movement involves a mass-traction economic policy. Not the vague platitudes and incoherent policy prattle of the hashtag activist dupes and dolts.
  • It’s seen as pro-worker, pro-labor and pro-infrastructure. Wow, how’s that for subversive?
  • It destroys completely the myth of the left-right paradigm and for that reason alone, sadly, will remain most cryptic and beyond the reach of many.
  • It doesn’t waste time with silly arguments about the pseudoscientific fraud of anthropogenic global warming and climate change which do more to harm the worker than anything can imagine.
  • It is not as one commentator suggested, the OWS of Greece. It’s anything but that. In fact, it’s the opposite. Antipodal.
  • It’s New Deal in spades. (When was the last time you heard that term used remotely favorably?)
  • It’s fundamentally anti-Malthusian.
  • It builds upon the notion of principled alliances.
  • It provides a firm focus on power, which (again), runs counter to the incoherent and synthetic argument of the hipster anarchist.
  • And you have two global charismatic leaders, 40 and 36 years old, respectively. While we keep rehashing and recirculating the same sorry, sallow faces.

This is know joke. Greece and Spain and anti-austerity measures and the like are not parlor talk for the Europhile or practitioner of global obscurantism. This is not to be dismissed as a rehash of the new world order argument. And, incidentally, why NWO mention inspires the eye-roll is beyond me. No, this is about a world depression resulting in large art from reckless deregulated and globalized financial speculation, especially the $1.5 quadrillion! world derivatives bubble. Greece and Spain are models, templates and indicia of a worldwide condition that you must be conversant with.

After, of course, you tackle Bruce Jenner’s transsexualism and download that “hilarious” viral video of that duck playing the piano.

LIONEL PODCAST: Progressives Will Always Lose Until They Learn How to Repeat Vague and Meaningless Slogans Like the Republicans

What the hell is a progressive anyway? For the life of me I have no idea and neither do you. It’s a vague, ossified, spineless, impuissant and squishy label that was seized after any vitality in “liberal” was dessicated and sucked bone dry. If these mealy-mouthed losers ever want to get ahead they must learn from their right wing brethren and seize coherent and palpable imagery and semiotics and forge ahead. And who cares if no one but no one has an earthly clue as to what they seek to connote, convey or connect. This is politics, Sparky. And politics by nature means lying. And it’s better to lie with a misleading symbol and image than without one.