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LIONEL PODCAST: Stop Questioning God, Country and Official History. Do As You’re Told.

We need a new word for lie. Why do you believe anything anyone on news commentary shows says? My favorite is the idea that MSDNC with everyone’s favorite neo-sage Ms. Maddow is somehow immune from bias. You’ve got to be kidding me. Just once I’d love to have her address just why and how I’m supposed to overlook the fact that she’s the rodeo clown for GE, a defense contractor and major recipient of TARP money. Immelt was in bed with Barry O but we’re not so sure now. I chortle hyena-like when she gives me that stern, knitted brown thing and actually thinks that I don’t get the fraud. She’s a nice enough person, sure, but come on, Rachel. You’re a shill for 44 and just once I wish you’d stop leaning forward and come clean. And what ever happened to that “lean forward” shite?

Control and order. Friday was the 13th. Remember, triskaidekaphobia means nothing. But every news monkey will make some reference to it now and then and especially when the news is slow and for reasons we’ll never know. But it’s no more ridiculous than any other belief in a control system that exists externally. As Deepak Chopra would say . . . oh, for Chrissakes, who the hell cares what Deep Pocket says. And if you’re in need of random, baseless cosmic consciousness blather here’s your own Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator.

LIONEL FREE PODCAST: Trillions In Foreign Bank Bailouts And Nothing For 9/11 First Responders?!

“You’ve got to be __ing kidding me!” This perhaps crude but honest reaction sums up perfectly my feelings as to the decision Tuesday by federal officials that there is not enough evidence yet to say whether the dust and smoke clouds at Ground Zero on 9/11 caused cancer. This very simple reaction was the refrain of the day from rational, practical Americans who, in the midst of watching their government futz around over debt ceilings and the threat of insolvency, couldn’t fathom why there was any debate on whether first responders deserved our immediate financial help to reimburse health providers for a multiplicity of treatments required. Treatments for dreadful diseases including cancers that these first responders miraculously contracted after 9/11 when they selflessly gave of themselves after they were assured by their government that the coast was clear.

Starting at the end of 2007 during a 2½ year period, the Federal Reserve gave more than $16T in secret bailouts to banks and other companies around the world. It lost $12B in shrink-wrapped bricks of $100 bills sent to Iraq on C-130’s and our government can’t account for over $2.3T in Pentagon transactions. And don’t forget about the mind-boggling $1 Quadrillion derivatives bubble. That’s 20 times larger than the GDP of the entire world.  It is almost impossible even conceive of 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars. No questions asked. But when asked to pay a de minimis amount by comparison not as a reward or payment but reimbursement for catastrophic injuries sustained by first responders and volunteers, my country balks.

“You’ve got to be __ing kidding me!”