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LIONEL AUDIO: Idiots, You’re Giving Away Your Privacy!

Not wanting to be a Cassandra, I attempt to tread upon this story very carefully. To enter into it without undue hysteria. But I can’t!

You idiots are being softened up to handle and withstand more and more levels of clandestine surveillance and eavesdropping. You’ve become Big Brother. You’ve no idea that every time you accede to ceding another area of privacy by voluntarily snatching up the latest doohickey that employs geotagging or GPS embedding in photos that you later upload(!), you’re a co-conspirator with predator corporate behemoths. You.

I’ve a special video commentary on PIX 11 News that explains this in greater and a more entertaining way as well as a nifty blog tutorial.

I’ve compiled some helpful websites, tools and articles that I hope are effective in impressing upon you that you can still enjoy your toys — as I do — with some minor tweaking. But notwithstanding that, this culture of ours is being habituated and softened up to accept and tolerate more and more surveillance that’s packaged as helpful and utilitarian. Wake up!