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LIONEL PODCAST: The New F-Word — Fake News, Fake Politics and Fake Outrage

A most learned denizen of #LionelNation wrote as follows.

It is a commonplace of espionage novels from the lurid and fanciful to the dark and serious that intelligence agencies run counterintelligence disinformation campaigns against competitor nations and enemies, even against friends.  And everything we know about actual intelligence services supports these fictional stories.  It is well known also that the quality of information that the agencies obtain from many sources ranges from the highly informative to the ludicrous.  And the sources are rewarded or not rewarded accordingly.  All reports and purloined documents, expensive or not, are viewed with deep suspicion, and especially if they are timely or relevant.  As one of John Le Carré’s protagonists says, “topicality is always suspect.”  Information is similarly suspect if it has been solicited.  The prudent spy knows that a source will be tempted to tell him what he wants to know, regardless of whether it resembles reality or not.  In short, spies trust no one, especially their sources, as there is a fair chance that they are either counterespionage agents, fortune seekers, or downright charlatans and fantasists.  Further, the bosses of these spies are skeptical of their own agents, knowing that an agent may be tempted to show success where there is none or where there is even disinformation.  The deception campaigns run by the British in WW2 are celebrated, as are the exploits of Mossad. They were successful, not by being gullible, but by persuading their enemies to be gullible. It is no mean feat.

In addition to “considering the source”, intelligence agencies are at pains to evaluate the materials presented as to their content.  Do they seem plausible?  Do they contradict other verified information? Is their significance inflated?  Are they “chickenfeed” or the “Crown Jewels”*.  If the source is suspect, could the information still be of quality or vice versa?  The spymaster’s lot is not an ‘appy one.

So it is very strange that the recent “dossier” of “information” about President-elect Trump was passed around so many people as if it had been cleared to the highest level by the top of the Department of Central Intelligence and now was fit for secure and confidential dissemination to those who “need to know”.  No.  It somehow came into the hands of John McCain, MI6, CIA, FBI, private parties, President Obama himself, newspapers, and website proprietors and God knows who else.  Has anything like this ever happened to any piece of intelligence that was regarded as sensitive or important?  No. That is not the way things happen.  John McCain himself said that it somehow came into his possession, source undisclosed, and he felt it was his civic duty to pass it on to the FBI.  Any intelligence agency worth its salt would have sent it back with a firm, “no thanks, we do not accept unsourced, unverified materials from anyone not vetted by the agency.  We advise you to destroy all copies of this document as it could be used by our adversaries to subvert our political system. We also advise you not to accept any materials claiming to be sensitive or concerning the country’s defense and to advise the source to bring the material directly to us.”

What did happen, according to his own testimony, is that John McCain took it upon himself to accept this information like he was some sort of volunteer spook, and read it and pass it on to the FBI.  The very fact that he is a publicly known antagonist of Donald Trump should have cautioned any prudent man not to traffic in potentially damaging and potentially false information about a political adversary. Could it be a trap?  Did he imagine himself some septuagenarian James Bond?

And then there is the material itself.  Apart from any considerations of protocol or prudent behavior, if he was going to read the material, could he not gather something from its content?  He is, one would hope, an educated and intelligent man.  Let’s say he was given a secret looking folder with a typed copy of the text of a National Enquirer inside, minus the pictures. The pages contain a story about a dog faced boy, an alien abduction, and the “news” that Pope Francis is really a woman and is now pregnant by Justin Trudeau. Would he have passed this on to the Vatican, on the off chance that they might want to know?  Yet the “story” in the infamous “dossier” is so lurid, so ludicrous, so gratuitously adolescent that I wonder if even the Enquirer would give it the time of day.  What, did he not smell a rat?  Did he ever go back to his source and ask them where he got this crap?  Did he report the source to the FBI as a potential foreign agent trying to disseminate “false news”?  No, sorry, that was not a thing yet.  In the past, apparently all typed documents from questionable sources were truthful until proven false.  What an innocent world that was six months ago.

So, did John McCain or anyone else in the entire troupe of people who saw this document, anyone, ask: “what is this trash?“  And then toss it in the shredder in case they got caught possessing it? No. At least I haven’t found any. Rather, they all, with round eyed innocence, said they kept it, waiting to see if the information could be confirmed or denied. To me, this proves conclusively that they were all possessed of a virulent strain of confirmation bias.  Their gut told them beyond a doubt that this document was dreck.  But their political and partisan brain told them to hope, just possibly, maybe, with a bit of luck that it was true.  And so they kept it.  And the fact that they kept it was not a secret.  So when buzzfeed.com went public with the document they knew they had better fess up, not only to seeing the document, but also to not going public with it as it had not been verified. Nice of them. Whom did they expect to verify it. God?  Intelligence agencies are not in the habit of verifying much of anything, and certainly do not randomly publicize juicy information on public figures.  That sort of prize is kept for a rainy day in spy land.  And if they have truly damaging information about suspected criminal behavior, the normal procedure is to hand it over to the FBI for referral for possible arrest, indictment and trial.   As it was, to quote Comey, “no reasonable prosecutor” would take such a case on.  To be blunt, no prosecutor, in his right mind, or tripping on acid would be seen within a mile of this libelous and putrid fabrication. True, information is often leaked.  But this was not leaked; it was apparently a dirt digging report commissioned by someone opposed to Trump and the commission was carried out by a supposedly retired British spy.  Clearly the spy got carried away and provided them and everyone else’s uncle with this fake “intelligence”, this unverified “intelligence”, this patently stupid “intelligence”.

Yet, BuzzFeed, in one of the more egregiously self-destructive moves of this bizarre post election season, saw fit, not only to publish it, but to accompany it with a statement that could be handed to any junior libel lawyer as a fait accompli, as his entire case, as his ticket to the bigtime and to a whopping fee.  And it was signed off with this most incredible flourish, that BuzzFeed had no verification that the document contained any truth whatsoever.  But whatever mad motive BuzzFeed had for doing this, the timing seemed perfect – right before Trump’s first press conference as President Elect.  As we mentioned before, “topicality is always suspect”. But it does not matter to a suicide mission such as this.  When the “information” bomb goes off, the guy with the explosive vest loses all significance.  The target is the thing.  Was it damaged or not?

Unfortunate for all concerned the answer is “not”.  Sure there was a lot of smoke, of hand wringing, and pearl clutching.  But Trump walked away with his dignity intact and his enemies looking sordid, petty and prurient.  True, stench like this, true or not, hangs around.  But to whom does it attach?  Where does it linger?  Around Trump? Not likely. Clapper, that paragon of rectitude and truth-speaking, has already publicly declared the document to be spurious.  It is the dwarfish equivalent of the Donation of Constantine or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Trash.  A blood libel.  A basement dweller’s masturbatory fantasy.  No, the stink, unfortunately for them, hangs around the McCains, the CNN’s and the other “news” outlets that glommed on to this drivel in the off-chance it might be true. The stink even clings to the outgoing President, what’s his name.  Because he saw it also.  And he did not shut it down immediately.  Powerless or unprincipled?  As BuzzFeed said, you decide.

So, another act in the petty drama of the nadir of the queen of deceit, Hillary Clinton, draws to a close. Did she see the document? It really does not matter. The vortex created by her political aspirations going down the drain of history is strong enough to pull many people with her to their perdition.  But they are not without agency, not mere collateral damage.  They made their decisions and they die by them, politically speaking.   Their true misfortune was to encounter the Coriolis effect of Donald Trump. Absent Trump, their mendacity and smallness would have remained concealed.  With Trump they hit a category five hurricane. They may not recover.

* Terms used by John LeCarré in several of his spy novels such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  

LIONEL PODCAST: Trump To CNN at Press Conference — Drop Dead! You’re FAKE NEWS!

This is the long goodbye. The adios. The toodle-oo. To the MSM, party pols and pusillanimous posturing — not to mention excessive alliteration. Trump is the catalyst. The revolutionary cofactor. You’ll see. reluctantly perhaps.

Agonist of Antiestablishment Agitprop. Reporting for duty. 

In response, I suppose, to their parent’s 60’s libertinism, many vocal millennials have become suffocatingly moralistic, minus a religious basis for it.  Condemnation of sinful acts has extended to sinful speech, and from there to sinful thoughts, to sinful attitudes, to sinful predispositions, to sinful unconscious urges, to sinfulness of skin color, mostly white.  Original sin has returned with a vengeance.  Millennials seek to out-Jesus Jesus, while denying Jesus.  And there is no Adam and Eve to blame it on.  And certainly no redemption.  How shall we be saved from all our sins millennials? What about a new medievalism?  Let’s see.  Bring back delation (look it up). An inquisition would be good; oh sorry we have that in the universities and schools.  We just need to extend it into society at large.  And now I see we have a new asceticism.  Danish wooly socks=xenophobia.  Who would have thought it? So let’s put on the hair shirt, or no shirt and get that good old suffering going.  Well, that’s all very well, but it’s just not good enough to wash away our guilty stains.  Look, let’s try indulgences.  Those really worked. Don’t worry about a backlash.  We’re very capable of doing that ourselves. (A LionelNation denizen)

LIONEL PODCAST: The Myopic and Intellectual Incoherence of the Alt-Left

Myopic modern day liberalism never scared the imperialists. And why should it? The corporate state and statism are the enemies. The infantilized alt-left with its preoccupation with social issues of no consequence like multiculturalism and diversity and transgender bathrooms subverted the argument. It’s not politics. It challenges nothing of consequence. Not neoliberalism, imperialism, globalism, nada. They are the party of not-Trump. They’re defined in the inverse. Corporatocracy, the military and prison industrial complexes remain sacrosanct, inviolate and unchallenged. This is a non-party, a non-movement. A slumgullion of SJWs and societal castoffs, bitchy and whiny trolls doubling as the party and ideological vanguards. Donald Trump poses an existential threat not to them but to the right. They’ve missed the point completely. Intellectuals and liberal panjandrums all but abandoned the chance for mass traction initiatives to help and assist women — feminism is all but dead. The election of the first black POTUS served as a symbolic simulacrum for advance in civil rights. He was the perfect cover for Wall Street ghouls and warmonger imperialists. But don’t blame Barry. Just as you don’t blame Olivier for Hamlet; he’s but the actor handed a script. America is sliding into a new level of McCarthyism wherein alternative and foreign media are victimized. Left, alternative and the now dread “pro-Russian” media vectors are under attack.

Cue taps. The left is moribund, necrotic and dying on the vine. And the right is in no better shape. There are no sides, no parties, no directions. The illusion of the left-right paradigm.

LIONEL PODCAST: The International Laughingstock Called the American Intelligence Community

ODNI Statement on Declassified Intelligence Community Assessment of Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections

Utter and absolute horseshit (and I’m being kind). As is my wont, I read the entire document. I’m still shaking. From laughter. Please tell me that I wrote the intelligence report.  That I’m making everything up. I could tolerate my own incipient insanity rather that have to believe that the peace and freedom of the world is in the hands of the people who say they accept this document as intelligence.   

I. Proem/Prolegomenon
Good God! The mother of own goals. And by the way, there is nothing, I repeat nothing here that a college student with access to the internet couldn’t tell you. A sophomore student. Conclusory, base.
II. A paean to RT.
If you wanted to create a marketing campaign for RT that would highlight their capabilities and the quality of their news reporting and opinion journalism you could not have done any better. I don’t care if you hired the best that Madison Ave. had to offer. This is tops. I have to hand it to the authors of this document. They may be shitty spies, but they have a future in marketing. RT may be calling them with job offers. By pointing out what brilliant propagandists the Russian are, they, well, er, pointed out that the Russians are brilliant propagandists, so there. Putin is giving the boys a New Year’s bonus.
III. If you thought HTC couldn’t be more execrable.
If you wanted to make Hillary Clinton look like a execrable candidate whom the Russians saw through long ago you could not do better than give the job to these guys.
IV. An indictment of US opinion formation.
If you wanted to negatively compare the propaganda competencies of the US government with the Russian government, this is the doc for you. It’s more in line of the indictment. 
V. Maxwell Smart reconstituted.
If you wanted to parade your skills as a competent spook you would be advised to bleach bit the hard drive this was saved on. You would never live it down if somebody got a copy of it. Don’t put this on your resume.
VI. Why was this ever published?
If I were a CEO who commissioned a consultant to provide me with a competent assessment of my competition’s capabilities, and this is what they provided me with, I would terminate the consultant, ask for my money back, refuse to pay any future bills and possibly sue them.
I say all of this with “High Confidence.”
Now, what in the hell were they thinking? Is this what we shovel out billions of dollars for? I wonder if any of the pols that have been panting for this smoking gun are wondering now if it is not a smoking turd? But knowing pols, they will start slinging poo, as is their wont.
And were are the 18 agencies? I only see three here. And did these other 15 do their own research and investigation or did those agency heads just read the report and go “Uh huh. Very nice. But I’m not signing it.” We can do better than this. I think. I hope.
Plus. A eulogium for Mr. Hentoff and false accusations of dyed locks inter alia. 

LIONEL PODCAST: The Myth of the Russian Hack | Media Echo Chamber Pavlovian Obeisance

They were the voice of a generation.

Imagine what that must feel like. Hillary forced to watch yet another inauguration she was promised by the Gods. It must be horrible though I can’t exactly sympathize. The thought of her being at the helm is more than a tender mind can handle. Look at what’s been said anent the imaginary and illusive Russian hack. The constant refrain of contamination and attack without so much as a shred and ort of evidence. Details, details, m’boy. Enjoy. Or not. It’s your call. 

LIONEL PODCAST: CNN Redefines Sniveling Cowardice Via Fake News and Attempting Fruitlessly the Delegitimizing of Trump

“Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?” M. CICERONIS TULLI ORATIO IN L. CATILINAM PRIMA

What has happened here is rather obvious. It’s been slow, incremental, glacial. The public’s habituated, humiliated and chastened. Slapped and cajoled, conned and convinced . . . told that news isn’t to be true or real or even factual. Shite happens, Sparky. What are you getting upset over? What’s the big deal? Perhaps it’s a generational thing. We dinosaurs remember a time when the idea of a Cronkite getting shitfaced on New Year’s Eve whilst simultaneously pierced made our souls quiver and quake. And throw in the horrid Washington Compost for good measure. No, this isn’t an accident or happenstance. It’s deliberate, targeted and by design. Enjoy. 

LIONEL PODCAST: Social Media Virtual FEMA Camps | Destruction of Human Interaction | RFID Chips Implantation Prisons

Obama’s Annus Horribilis.

  • “Obama proved himself to be an arbitrary person who happened to lead the United States.”
  • “Obama, like a bad tenant, is trying to ruin everything in the apartment he no longer rents.”
  • “Obama’s goal was simply to create new problems for President-elect Donald Trump —more obstacles in building better relations with Russia.”
  • “The whole world, from stalls to the gallery, had been watching the crashing blow to the prestige of America and to its leadership, caused by Barak Obama and his illiterate foreign policy team that opened to the world her biggest secret — exclusiveness was a mask for helplessness. And no enemy of the United States could have done worse damage.”
  • You are only allowed to read this out loud if you do it in a good Liam Neeson voice.  For those of you from Florida, this is a Ballymena accent.
  • David Brooks, the PBS/NYT house conservative, accused Trump today of consorting with foreign governments against a sitting president.  Does he really want people looking at Obama’s relationship with Valerie Jarrett (Iranophile) and Huma’s background with the Muslim Brotherhood to be scrutinized?  I guess he doesn’t have much to work with so this is the best he can do.
  • The unaccountable, metastasizing federal bureaucracy.
  • The nerve of the man! Zumwalt suggests we think logically about Obama allegedly allowing the Russians to hack the DNC on his watch.
  • He makes exiting first family Clintons look classy. All the Bush’s had to do was replace the furniture and silverware.

The Gift of 2016

The ghosts of Hearst and Pulitzer must be banging their heads against the spectral bars of their infernal cages at the terminal stupidity of their modern counterparts. Assuming they get 24/7 CNN in hell. Which is a fair assumption, since no greater torture could be imagined. Anyone delayed in Atlanta Airport can attest to this.

Why did they do it, these modern geniuses of mass media? What depths of despair brought about this mistake, this irreversible move into checkmate, this fatal kick of an own goal, this “Wrong Way Corrigan”? Can so many people be so foolish all at the same time? Or, at the first leap of a demonized Gadarene sow over the cliff could they see no other destiny but to follow to their demise?

2016 has brought the world many marvelous gifts, from the delation and hoped for banishment of the Clinton Cartel, to the exposure of Obama as a puppet, to the rise of Trump (whatever is in that mysterious gift), to the hopeful signs for the benighted people of Syria. It has truly been an annus mirabilis, for many, but certainly not for all. Fortune passes everywhere.

But perhaps the greatest gift was this: fake news.  Not the news itself, but the concept. Of course, cranky old buggers throughout all history have regarded “news” with a jaundiced eye. Most religions are a species of the conspiracy theory. For religion, there is what is going on in the world, illusion and falsehood, and what goes on in their version of heaven, reality and truth. That the king tells lies is an idea as old as history itself. That history is written by the victors is no surprise to anyone who has thought about it for a moment.

They, the media, were not content to let it be, however.  Here was their unforced error.  By uttering the term, “fake news” the mass media in the western world and the governments that run them brought down the temple on themselves. It was horrible to see. Even that old cynic, Pontius Pilate, declined to make a statement, but merely asked the provocative question, “what is truth”?  The modern media, on the other hand, in their fanaticism and subsequent lack of moderation, dared to look directly at the camera.  And wink. The spell was broken. Suspension of disbelief dissipated. If some news is fake news how will we tell what is true news? Who has it? Do they protest too much?  Even the crooked polls cannot mask the destruction of credibility that has occurred. Even the most purblind consumer of infotainment is now on sullen guard against being hoodwinked. False certainty is forever lost. Fact checking, like fortune, passes everywhere. The world has changed. We are now forced to “pay attention to the man behind the curtain,” whether we like it or not. [Anonymous]

LIONEL PODCAST: 2016 In Review – The Brutal Facts

I loved 2016. It was the year that changed everything. The evil queen’s been dispatched, there’s a revolution in the works and you and I look excitedly to 2017. Thank you for your payronage and faith and Happy New Year to you and yours.

LIONEL PODCAST: RED ALERT — Obama Silently Signs a Propaganda Bill Federalizing the Media

#LionelNation in Northern Ireland

The world mourns yet another celebrity who dies prematurely over and lifestyles, decisions and deadly habits. Enter automourn. 

AUTOMOURN: A tribal, collective and mass exhibition of feigned grief, lugubrious mass hysteria and excessive expressions of inexplicable sadness or loss typically over any celebrity or sports figure usually and typically seen in social media fora and platforms. The goal is to out-mourn and out-grieve other proponents of such in order to show that the sense of loss to you is greater than that of the world in keeping with a pathologically solipsistic worldview and frame of reference. 

Meanwhile, these stories have been overlooked altogether and completely. I mean, by the Ted Baxter, sock puppet, cookie cutter playbook, echo chamber mainstream media repeaters and not reporters, corporate whores and company slatterns and info-trollops.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Xmas Edition 2016 CE

The greatest Xmas lyrics ever. Bar none. Thank you, Mr. Lake. (10 November 1947 – 7 December 2016)

I Believe In Father Christmas

Written by Greg Lake, Peter John Sinfield, Serge Prokofieff

They said there’ll be snow at Christmas
They said there’ll be peace on earth
But instead it just kept on raining
A veil of tears for the virgin birth
I remember one Christmas morning
A winter’s light and a distant choir
And the peal of a bell and that Christmas tree smell
And their eyes full of tinsel and fire

They sold me a dream of Christmas
They sold me a silent night
And they told me a fairy story
‘Till I believed in the Israelite
And I believed in father Christmas
And I looked to the sky with excited eyes
‘Till I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
And I saw him and through his disguise

I wish you a hopeful Christmas
I wish you a brave new year
All anguish, pain and sadness
Leave your heart and let your road be clear
They said there’ll be snow at Christmas
They said there’ll be peace on earth
Hallelujah, Noel be it heaven or hell
The Christmas we get we deserve